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Is 'Kiss of the Damned' Essentially an R-Rated 'Twilight'?

Human and vampire love tale mixed with actual blood

Joséphine de La Baume in Kiss of the Damned
Joséphine de La Baume in Kiss of the Damned
Photo: Magnet Releasing

Magnet has released the following red band trailer for Kiss of the Damned, an upcoming vampire feature set for release On Demand on March 28 and in theaters on May 3 from writer/director Xan Cassavetes.

The film stars Joséphine de La Baume, Roxane Mesquida and Milo Ventimiglia with a story that centers on the vampire Djuna (de La Baume) tries to resist the advances of the handsome, human screenwriter Paolo (Ventimiglia), but eventually gives in to their passion. When her troublemaker sister Mimi (Mesquida) unexpectedly comes to visit, Djuna's love story is threatened, and the whole vampire community becomes endangered...

Just skimming through the trailer this simply looks like an R-rated version of Twilight and as superficial as it may be, the font used for the trailer makes it look really cheap, unless they were going for an old school, '70s grindhouse vibe.

Magnet typically has decent taste in horror so I'm willing to give it a chance, but I can't say I'm thrilled about it.

Kiss of the Damned poster
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  • Aleonardis

    This makes the vampire look sexy again. Looks like a heap of fun as well.

  • Good Grief

    It looks like a porno with a budget. I'm not entirely sure why the trailer switched in tone (with accompanying musical shifts) eighty five times but I can't say it helped with what little anticipation I had as soon as I clicked PLAY.

  • Drew sandoval

    Cool poster