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'Jumanji' Remake Finds Scribe, Shyamalan's 'Reincarnate' Moves Forward and Mario for 'Wreck-it Ralph 2'

Plus Kyle Chandler's thoughts on a 'Friday Night Lights' movie

Mario1.) John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman both seem pretty sure a sequel to Wreck-it Ralph will be made in talking to Moviehole about the subject. In fact, director Rich Moore is so confident Disney will want a sequel that he's already discussing adding a huge star to the cast. "We'll really come up with something good for Mario to do [in the next film]," Moore said, noting that the only reason he wasn't in the first film was because he couldn't fit him into the story, not because Nintendo refused him.

2.) While I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of remaking a 17-year-old movie everyone has seen on cable multiple times over the years, Columbia is moving full-speed ahead with its remake of Jumanji. Zach Helm (Stranger than Fiction) has been hired to write the script for the project, which Sony has described as "an update for the present," you know, since it's hard to imagine a more dated film than one released in 1995. I'd offer a quick synopsis of the original Robin Williams family adventure, but again, I think we're all pretty familiar with the story. [THR]

3.) Remember when Devil was released and it was supposed to be the first film in a series of M. Night Shyamalan productions dubbed "The Night Chronicles?" Well, it sounds like work on the second film will finally get underway soon with Shyamalan tweeting "the 2nd Night Chronicles movie will be shot in 2013." The film is called Reincarnate and centers on a jury discussing a case dealing with the supernatural. At last check, Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism) was attached to direct a script from Chris Sparling (Buried). [/Film]

Kyle Chandler in Friday Night Lights4.) Kyle Chandler, who played Coach Taylor on the "Friday Night Lights" TV show, doesn't seem keen on the proposed Friday Night Lights movie starring the cast of the show's cast. "My general attitude about Friday Night Lights is that it as a great movie with Billy Bob Thornton. And it was a great TV show," he told MTV News. "They ended it at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way." As a huge fan of the show, I can't deny I'd be first in line if Peter Berg decides to go through with the film. But I tend to agree with Chandler and would be afraid of a letdown after the series finale ended things on such a high note.

5.) Pixar, apparently determined to get back into my good graces, has enlisted in metal band Mastodon to record a new song for Monsters University. If that's the last thing you thought you'd ever hear, keep in mind this isn't Mastodon's first foray into the world of film. Their score for Jonah Hex was one of the film's many parts greater than their sum, while the band also made a memorable appearance in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. There's no word yet on how the song might be used in the film. [Metal Injection]

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  • G-Man

    Jumanji = Childhood classic. While it's not a movie where I'm completely psyched for the remake, I'll check it out.

    Sequel to "Wreck-It Ralph"...yes please.

  • PMCM18

    I thought a Wreck-it-Ralph sequel would be better off focusing on a set of new characters, seeing as the movie ended so perfectly, but I have faith in the director.

  • Topy

    I hope Wreck-it-Ralph won't be the next Shrek. The first one was great it'll be sad to see the franchise (if there will be a sequel) end badly.