Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored for Marvel's Doctor Strange

It's going to come to a point where I don't recognize a single character Marvel brings to the big screen as today's hot rumor involves Marvel suits eying Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role of Doctor Strange in the all-but guaranteed Third Wave of their cinematic world of films.

LatinoReview has the rumor, but take note this isn't even a story involving Levitt having a meeting as Vin Diesel recently did (supposedly to play a character called Vision), this is simply people at Marvel believing Levitt fits the mold for the character. The site adds, "Levitt and his team are probably unaware."

Justin Theroux's name was previously linked to the role as a possibility, but with Levitt, whose fanboy cred is much higher with his involvement with Rian Johnson and roles in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises and Inception, they're getting a much flashier name.

Anyone in the audience know anything about this Doctor Strange? Wikipedia tells me he's "a former neurosurgeon, a practicing sorcerer, and serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats." Sounds like quite the chap. Here's a pic of the guy for reference...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored for Marvel's Doctor Strange
  • Jonathan

    Strange is one of the bigger names in Marvel comics. Master of the Mystic Arts, any of their magical storylines in the comics seem to revolve around him. He's also very much a major player in the Infinity Gauntlet mini that they seem to be shooting for with Avengers 2 or 3 (Thanos, introduced in the mid-credits scene of the first Avengers film, is the main villain in that)

  • Matt

    I don't remember much about the character, but he was my dad's favorite superhero and we read a lot of his comics together when I was a kid. But superhero fatigue is finally catching up to me. At this point I'm only interested in seeing Marvel films if they are directed by Joss Whedon.

    • Jake17

      Ditto. If my friends drag me to the theater, I'll go, but I don't really care about these silly comic book movies. JGL won't do this, anyways.

  • BishopSummers

    I'll probably watch just about any film with JGL. I haven't seen a role of his that I haven't liked yet. I'm sure superhero fatigue is starting to wear then. But I think this character can be handled a lot differently than other Marvel movies. I am hoping for something a little more edgy and dark.

    • Ian

      Edgy and dark? From Disney? Forget it. Hopefully JGL stays away from this; he seems to be interested in more complex stuff.

      • BishopSummers

        Sadly you are probably right :(

      • Sir Trey

        Eh don't sell Disney so short, the first Pirates of the Caribbean film is surprisingly dark at times while still maintaining that Disney style. Plus, it's carried by excellent acting, something Gordon-Levitt is more than capable of. If anyone deserves massive stardom right now, it's JGL.

        • Sir Trey

          With that said, the role should probably be played by someone older, but there aren't just Robert Downey Jrs running around. Then again, since nobody listened to the brilliant suggestion of Jon Hamm as Superman, maybe he could fit in here. Vincent Cassel (mentioned below) is another good choice.

        • Sila Con

          I agree, and if this happens, let's hope Disney does a much better job with subsequent installments than they've done with all the subsequent POCs.

          JGL has been doing great work for ages, but has been underserved the last couple years by roles that don't show off his depth and range. It's time he gets some choice, high-profile roles.

          He'd make a great Dr. Strange (remember his quasi-mystical, goateed sociopath in Hesher?), but I kind of doubt he'd take this role if offered, mainly because it'd be a long-term commitment. His career is taking off as an actor and about to pick up as a director, too. A franchise might hamper him. OTOH it'd be great to see him carry some big movies.

  • The Jackal

    Kevin Feige (studio head of Marvel) has stated in interviews that he'd like to develop some of the comics which deal with the issue of magic and whatnot. I'd be surprised if this film didn't get greenlit in the next year or so. I can see Gordon-Levitt in this role. He would've made for a cool Nightwing over at DC.

    Thems the facts

  • Brockabye

    You can watch the animated feature on Netflix. It's just over an hour. It would be interesting to see where Dr. Strange fits in with the current world that Marvel has created, as in Thor they explained that magic and science were very similar, though I would say the magic Dr. Strange uses is def on the mystical side of the coin. I think that there may even be some reference to relics that Dr. Strange uses in the weapons vault in Thor. I think JGL would make a great Dr. Strange and the character would bring something different to the superhero genre.

  • lokipei

    Dr Strange is probably the only major Marvel Character from the 60's that wasn't co-created by Stan Lee. Stan Lee has admitted that he was all Steve Ditko's (co-creator of Spider-man) creation. The Steve Ditko comics run is one of the best things marvel did in the 60's.
    Check out this mind fuck (and really really bad) TV pilot from the 70's.

  • andyluvsfilms

    i sincerely hope is doesn't play Dr. Strange, I always imagined someone in their forties or even fifties, at least that would be an interesting way to go. Remember he is a master of the mystic arts and not your normal athletic costumed superhero. I've never understood the JGL love, i quite liked him in 50/50 but other than that i find him terribly bland, sorry JGL.

  • Winchester

    Well, the Latino Review guy seems enthusiastic at least.

    I can't get overly excited, I'm not that big on JGL. It depends on the film (Looper - great. Premium Rush - garbage) more than him specifically as an actor. But this is the equivalent of an eavesdropped conversation turned into more than it is just now really.

    I don't know just how far Marvel are thinking ahead though and how and where they bring in new characters to the MCU. They at some point have to phase out RDJ and Tony Stark the longer it goes and then some of the other characters as well.

  • Movie Fan

    I think doctor strange has to be someone older and personally i would like guy pearce for the role

    • andyluvsfilms

      I agree, definitely older. Guy Pearce is a pretty decent shout but i'd love to see Vincent Cassel in the role, the right blend of charisma, age and menace

  • B Smith

    I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt but I don't think he's good for this role. It just doesn't fit with the other roles he's taken. He doesn't really strike me as a superhero type. Then again, neither did Robert Downey, Jr. so who knows.

    • Sila Con

      It's funny, because I think JGL has persistently *eluded* being a type. He's played a Sam Spade-ish detective, a singing and dancing romantic, a gay hustler, a hard-nosed con man, a mystical metalhead sociopath (the role of his that I think is most like Dr. Strange), a cancer survivor, a brain-damaged ex-jock, Robert Lincoln, Bruce Willis, and Cobra Commander, among other things. Next he's going to be an Italian-American guido. He cannot be typecast, and playing a superhero would not be any more of a stretch than these other roles he's done.

      But I doubt he'd take the role if offered. He's already turned down the role of Star Lord for Guardians of the Galaxy, and I can imagine him not wanting to be locked into a long franchise at this point in his career. But like you said, who knows?

  • Ryan Beck

    I really don't want to knock you down Brad but this article could have been written with a little more class and some solid research and information to back up some of your comments. Either you don't really care about what you're reporting or this "Superhero Fatigue" has set in a little too soon and drastically for you as a journalist. All I can suggest is to try a little harder.

  • Silrian

    Still pro Justin Thereoux. Also would be okay with Johnny Depp (non-crazy) or Jim Caviezel.

    And I dare say, in some weird universe where he'd (still?) be a guy taking his job (and life) seriously, Charlie Sheen would be awesome for this.