'Jaws' Meets 'Contagion' Meets 'Paranormal Activity' in Trailer for 'The Bay'

The Bay posterIt's a bit of a weird thing to write an article promoting an upcoming found footage thriller from the folks that produced Paranormal Activity and Insidious and to cap it off by saying it's directed by the Oscar-winning director of Rain Man, but that's exactly what you get with The Bay.

Barry Levinson directs this upcoming thriller, which has a place here at the Toronto Film Festival and will hit theaters and Apple iTunes on November 2.

The film is set in the seaside town of Chesapeake Bay, a place where water serves as the lifeblood of the community. When two biological researchers from France find a staggering level of toxicity in the water, they attempt to alert the mayor, but he refuses to create a panic in the docile town. As a result, a deadly plague is unleashed, turning the people of Chesapeake Bay into hosts for a mutant breed of parasites that take control of their minds, and eventually their bodies.

Knowing it's a found footage film with the credentials it has, obviously Paranormal Activity comes to mind. The fact it's a viral thriller could call to memory films such as Contagion or 28 Days Later and the setting and description totally makes me think of Jaws. I say this without having watched the trailer, but now with a little more insight I'm definitely thinking I will be sure and check this one out here in Toronto on Wednesday, September 12.

Roadside Attractions is handling the film's domestic release. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Aleonardis/ Aleonardis

    The beginning of this trailer started off adequately and then the ending happened...

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/IcicleM/ IcicleM

    This is really weird, haha. I'm actually FROM Maryland. The premise of the movie I think actually comes from the very real threat of disease and plague in the Chesapeake Bay. In the last few years, there was an incident where dead fish were showing up on the shore of the bay, and it was talked about heavily on the news, and environmental activists were CONTINUING to call for a change in how we treat the Bay, but it soon faded out of the news with no real "answer" as to why the fish were dieing. Now, because of this "in and out of the news" circumstance, I think some really clever film makers in Maryland took that as an opportunity to make a "the government doesn't want you to see this" movie. Who knows? It might be "How Did This Get Made" campy fun, too haha. I don't live there anymore, I'm in Florida, thank God. Don't get me wrong, Maryland is pretty, but this movie will show you just how average and "meh" every setting is. I WILL say, the "old town main street" look at the end of the trailer? That's still VERY popular in many parts of Maryland.

    Oh, PS Brad, the movie takes place ON The Chesapeake Bay, but the actual name of the town in the movie is "Claridge" (which isn't a Town or City in Maryland. The closest thing I could pin it to would be that it's named after a housing complex in Silver Spring, Maryland. Silver Spring isn't listed as a "city", it's actually a "census designated place" or CDP). "Baltimore Pictures/Haunted Movies" is listed as the production company, in the credits. I hadn't really heard of them before, and I was an actor in the Maryland/Virginia/Pennsylvania area, but I did have a friend who was a sound technician and boom-mic operator, and he made horror movies with a company "in the area".

  • cineJAB

    this looks dreadful.