It's Called 'Twilight: The Musical' and It's a Real Thing


On March 13 the Internet will witness what may be a brief moment of insanity or an inspired moment of parody as Twilight: The Musical will debut Act One online at Thanks to Cleolinda we get this following bit of info she received from the musical's creators:

In June of 2008, a group that later came to call themselves Gliff Productions came up with the idea to produce a musical based on the first Twilight novel. Now, months later, Twilight the Musical consists of an original script parodying Twilight and 12 original songs plus original score. It is filmed in HD and contains studio recordings of the various musical tracks.

At this point in production, the running time is estimated to be one hour. With in-character behind-the-scenes featurettes included between episodes, the actual time of the entire production could be up to half an hour longer.

The first episode will be released Friday, March 13th. It will be available for free on our website at:

OME! March 13 is tomorrow! Squeeeeee!

If you head to the musical's site you will be taken aback at the use of the word "masterpiece" but let's hold judgment until tomorrow. Who knows what will happen.

  • Josh

    Hmmm would they maybe get in trouble for this since they don't own the rights to make a movie from this?

    • Rhiannon

      No, they don't. They are protected under the Parody act. I have heard a rumor that Stephanie Meyer did contact them through her lawyer and ask them to stop, but that was about all she could do. It's the same law that protects shows like Robot Chicken and South Park from copyright infringement too

  • Nessie

    please, please, please do not make twilight into a musical-it would giver haters yet another reason to hate us fans and the book, and the movie. The movie was a big leap so making a musical seems annoying and down right stupid! People get annoyed when people bust into song as is, why ruin twilight with it?

  • Hannah

    sometimes i think people go a little to far sometimes things should just be left alone the twilight books are one of those things there should be no musical or even movies why can't a book just stay a book no matter how good or popular they are

  • Sam

    This musical is excellent. The creators of it like twilight, but are more than willing to make fun of it! I think it's a great parody with amazing original music, and is absolutely hilarious. They aren't making a feature film or anything, it's all on YouTube, and is SOOO FUNNY!!!!

  • emsie


    They cannot bring out Twiolight the musical!

    Dats absoulutly stupid!

    Twilight is serious! not some quirky musical!

    It will be the next High school Musical!

    no WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steph

    @ Nessie: I, personally, lean towards the Twilight-hating side, but I don't really see this as anything to mock the fans for.

  • Juju

    what do you mean harry potter fans haven't gone this far?! hasn't anyone here seen A Very Potter Musical?
    Not saying that the twilight musical is a bad thing (in fact it's hilarious) but harry potter fans HAVE gone that far. just clarifying.

    • Kell

      They probably mean that when the article was written HP fans hadn't gone that far.

      The twilight musical was made a few months before A Very Potter Musical. :)

      • Juju

        That's actually impossible to know. The harry potter fans probably spent a lot more time preparing and rehearsing it because they had to perform it live. So the harry potter fans probably started earlier.
        But yeah, the article was written before A Very Potter Musical was put on youtube so pretty much everything I've said can be completely ignored. =D