Is 'The Fourth Kind' Real or Another 'Blair Witch' Fake Out?

Milla Jovovich in The Fourth Kind
Photo: Universal Pictures

I saw The Fourth Kind last night and while I'm not allowed to review it until this coming Friday, I did want to talk about it a little bit beforehand and share with you what little information I know.

I hadn't watched a trailer before going into the film so my only knowledge was that it was about alien abduction in some form or another. I have since watched the trailer (watch it to the right) and the footage of Milla Jovovich explaining what you are about to watch is included at the front of the film and extended. Jovovich portrays psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler and the film includes what is said to be "actual video footage" featuring Tyler's sessions with patients she places under hypnosis to help them remember things their minds have forced them to forget.

The film is set in Nome, Alaska in the year 2000 and points to several real-life disappearances and attempts to provide evidence to convince you they are as a result of alien abduction. But is the evidence real?

Prior to writing this article I emailed a pair of Universal publicists asking for production notes for The Fourth Kind seeing how none were available online that I could find at either of my official Universal publicity asset locations. Unfortunately neither one of them even bothered to reply. All that is available is something of a one-page fact sheet giving me the following information:

In October 2004, filmmaker Olatunde Osunsanmi had wrapped principal photography on his thriller The Cavern and traveled to North Carolina for postproduction. While there, a chance dinner conversation sparked an interest that would be the genesis of The Fourth Kind.

A colleague told him of a psychologist living in the Carolinas who relocated from a remote town along the Bering Sea. In Alaska, she had conducted a sleep disorder study that revealed terrifying data. What Osunsanmi heard fascinated him...all the more because it was heavily documented. Through his contact, he tracked her down. After some reluctance, she shared her story.

In Fall 2000, the therapist’s patients, under hypnosis, exhibited behaviors that suggested encounters with non humans. Before sleep, every person recalled a white owl outside his or her window. They woke up paralyzed, hearing horrific noises from beyond their doors just before an unknown assailant pulled them screaming from their rooms. Subsequent memories went dark.

As the doctor investigated the phenomenon, she discovered a history of missing people and bizarre activity from the region, dating back to the 1960s. The more she dug, the more she believed the unbelievable: Her patients’ stories were not false memories, but comprehensive evidence of alien abductions.

The "history of missing people" referred to in the final paragraph above is actually addressed in a 2006 article at the Anchorage Daily News saying, "A string of disappearances and mysterious deaths of Native villagers visiting Nome was not the work of a serial killer... An FBI study of 24 missing persons and suspicious death cases assembled by Nome police said excessive alcohol consumption and a harsh winter climate were common ties in many of the cases. In nine of the cases, where no bodies were ever found, state and local investigators said they will continue to search for new leads."

Of course, it's the cases where "no bodies were ever found" that Fourth Kind filmmakers are going to point their fingers at, and a similar article from a year earlier does raise some suspicious eyebrows.

The 2005 article comes as a result of the disappearance of Eric Apatiki, 21, and quotes from Delbert Pungowiyi, a tribal council member from Savoonga who had been pushing for an investigation since 1998, and believes more than one person is preying on Natives in Nome.

"People disappear over there and where are the bodies going? Where are the remains going?" Pungowiyi said before calling Nome "a bone yard for the region because there are so many remains there that have never been found. We're in 2004, 2005 -- and it's still happening."

As a result of the Apatiki disappearance a prominent Native organization in Nome released a list of 20 such suspicious cases in 2005, along with offers of a reward, in an effort to get help from the public. However, this list has also bubbled back to the surface with the pending release of The Fourth Kind as mentioned at All Business:

No one has heard of the psychologist [Dr. Abigail Tyler], including the state licensing board and president of the state psychologists association. And while there have indeed been disappearances in Nome -- mainly people traveling to the hub city from smaller surrounding Inupiat and Siberian Yupik villages -- blaming a real-life tragedy on alien abduction is not sitting well with the nonprofit that pushed the cases into the open.

"The movie looks ridiculous," said Kawerak Inc. Vice President Melanie Edwards, who watched the trailer online Monday. "It's insensitive to family members of people who have gone missing in Nome over the years."

Photo: Universal Pictures

The All Business article even quotes the previously mentioned Delbert Pungowiyi when asked about the story told in The Fourth Kind saying, "Oh my god, that is ridiculous."

There does seem to be the scantest of evidence to support the story despite the fact All Business sources state licensing examiner Jan Mays saying she can't find records of an Abigail Tyler. A website, which appears to have not paid for its domain name, can still be viewed via Google's caching services citing an article announcing the death of Dr. William Tyler, Abigail's husband and one of the catalysts for the story behind The Fourth Kind.

Of course, like the fuzzy "archived" video in the film, the fact this article is actually no longer officially available at a now defunct website paints a pretty sketchy picture, along with a presumed bio for Abigail Tyler at the Alaska Psychiatry Journal whose homepage now reads the following: "This webpage is currently unavailable." Isn't it always the way when alien abductions or ghost stories are talked about that something has to go wrong pretty much ruining the entire story?

However, The Fourth Kind isn't trying to tell you it's true as much as it's asking whether you believe. The film's tagline is their way out reading "It's Up to You to Decide." This makes it no different than any ghost story or unexplained phenomenon you may see on The History or Discovery Channels, and how often do you walk away from those believing they're real?

The Fourth Kind hits theaters this Friday, November 6 and I will have a review early that morning. For now, you can get more on the feature by clicking here.

  • Bri-Man

    Interesting article, films (that aren't bio-pics) claiming to be based on true events often do disappoint when you look into them but I also got the feeling from the trailer that the film is more asking you to examine the possibility of aliens than this exact story.

  • Joshua G

    I saw an advanced screening of "The Fourth Kind" last night and it really freaked me out. I don't remember ever being so unnerved after seeing a movie. Some of the "actual" video footage looked staged and fake but the possibility of it being real was terrifying. I am hoping the video footage is fake because if it is real, we are dealing with a menacing entity that can not be tracked or explained.

  • m1

    I hope critics like it!

  • peter

    It's real the U.S admitted there was a Roswell incident.

  • Ray

    I think this is true.. it's happened before.

  • Colin

    Didn't Texas Chainsaw Masacre take a similar approach with how they marketed the film as a "true story ?" I wouldn't doubt if The Fourth Kind is "loosley inspired" by actual events.

  • Dylan

    ok, there WAS a roswell incident, granted, alright? however it has never been said that 'aliens' landed there. now the 'incidents' in this story are 100% staged by amature actors who only wanted a small chance at fame because they had been couped up in a small town their whole lives. notice how both roswell and nome are both small towns that no one had ever heard of until the 'alien incidents'. do you know what else was inspired by a 'true story'? The Haunting in Connecticuit. Dr. Abigail Tyler IS NOT A REAL PERSON. she was a made-up character put in place for the movie and the interview was obviously faked (if the woman did not want her story to be told, why would she agree to an interview?) now you may or may not agree with me on the evidence i've put in this small paragraph, but at least think about it. oh and one more thing before i sign off, how could aliens 'reach' us through telekenisis if WE can't even figure it out? from another planet or not, they don't have super powers

    • Masha

      What evidence have you put in that me it sounds like YOUR opinion.

      • jack

        Exactly, there is no evidence, and so what if we can't do telekinesis? They are from a DIFFERENT planet, so they are diferent.

  • Dylan

    @Colin: colin, the Texas Chainsaw Massecre was a true story, it just didn't take place in Texas. I should know, i live here

    • Dumethre

      Then why is it called the ''Texas'' chainsaw massecre??

    • Tes

      It did not take place in Texas. It is actually based on this psychopath from the mid west who killed women. Google it.

  • Jessica

    Dylan, how many aliens do you know? Probably just as many as I do...ZERO. So, how do you know for a fact that they don't have super powers? If they have the power and technology to reach earth, that says something about their intelligence, doesn't it? After all, how long have we humans been trying to locate extra terrestrials?

  • Chloe

    Regarding Dr. Tyler's presumed bio:
    These guys got a chance to read through it before it was taken down. Check out their comments.

  • Chloe


    I found the bio page useless webpage after reading lamarzulli's comments, and apparently so have you. Thought you might be interested.

    Also, I was not able to access the cache for Dr. Tyler's husband.

    That name could be false in order to preserve her true identity.

    • Eli Porter

      I'm not sure if anyone said this yet, but the movie clearly states that the names used in the movie were aliases, and they also omitted any names said that were from the actual footage to protect the identities of those involved. I find it kind of funny that when people are presented with information or evidence of something they can't understand or comprehend, they vehemently try to deny it and will go to any lengths to try and "debunk" it. If you saw the movie you know the names were aliases, so why would you search a name that you know is an alias to try and find "the real story?" This is not directed toward you Chloe just more so humankind. My opinion is that these were not aliens, rather demonic entities that are trying to lead people astray. The fact that "Dr. Abigail" said they were the most terrifying thing ever, and that they tried to claim to be God and Savior, is to me, obvious evidence of the work of Satan. If you agree with me on this, there is a interesting website called ce4research that has a lot of information, research, and testimonies that back my position. God Bless

      • Nate

        Actually, the word "Satan" is derived from the Latin root "S'tn" meaning "oneself". I respect your beliefs, however, pointing out that Satan is the Devil is false. What the Bible means when it speaks of the temptations of Satan, is that Christains must avoid the temptations of themselves, because temptations are what drive us to commit acts of evil or hatred. Therefore, there's no way Satan could be an entity oter than one's own selfish desires.

      • manderson

        Yes "aliens" are in fact demons. Satan wants to be and claims to be a God. He loves confusion also.
        legally the movie makers,directors,etc could not claim "actual" if it was not. There are laws do some homework.
        And yes all the names involved were aliases. This "website" that is going around was independently made and poorly at that.
        The only part im even skeptical of is the saucer above the house but im not one to limit evil's power or abilities. Dont you think if it was as easy as saying or even implying that fiction is really fact that just about everyone would be doing it? Please.
        If you give evil the opportunity there's NOTHING its not capable of. Ive seen evil up close and personal whomever made the video(s) have seen real evil themselves and despite the implications involved in attempting to fool anyone im stating if they video was not real.
        Ignorance is indeed bliss, and evil lives off of it.
        The point you SHOULD be getting from any of this is, there is no innocent when it comes to this level of evil. The evil was invited, my question is, what were,are these people doing to bring on this kind of evil on themselves?

  • Chloe

    One more thing...what did the death certificate site as cause of death?

  • Gab

    From what I'd heard about this movie, I really wanted to be pulled into a believable story and mood. The enterprise was an interesting concept, but the delivery ultimately both overwrought yet unengaging. Debating the possibility of authenticity, or the marketing ploy of lying about it, is the most fun part! See me do so with my gal-pal, at:

  • brandon

    Ok, I just saw The Fourth kind and I'm not sure on whether or not i believe it, but the fact is, we are all alone in this world and we can only rely on our past to guide us in the future. Eventually, we will make contact with another life. It doesn't matter if you believe this or not because.. In the end, we all are just animals.. Anoher species..

    • buddy wakefield

      hell yes!!!

  • 116seeker

    I just saw the movie today too. I do accept the "possiblity" of alien life and albeit there is a lot of controversy surrounding the validity of the story and the names given, one question is obviously evident, as it has been proposed by other critics---that the movie provokes the question of are we all alone in this world or universe? So how can u jump to conclusions by stating that "we are all alone in this world?" If u want to rely on "our history" to guide us into the future---then why dont u question it rather than making boldfaced comments? One thing about history, is that we can present it based on a certain perspective w/o understanding the aspects and even biases that shape that perspective. Im not a alien-loony, I just think ppl. should look into stuff w/o beleiving bullcrap and if u want answers, look for it.

  • Alyssa

    i understand that aliens might be able to figure out telekinises and powers such as to be able to wipe our memory, im not going to try to explain something that i couldnt understand. i do believe there is life in space. so many suns there is no way there isnt any. it may not be intelligent it may just be cells and insects or basic life forms like that, but it does exist. as for intelligent ones that can cme across space, well ill accept that, but why, for any reason, i cannot think why they would travel light years across space to take the same people out of their beds time and time again and study them, and then put them safely back int heir beds just for the scare factor???? If they wanted to study us fine, i understand dissapearences and people never coming back. if they studied our bodies they would kill us. its as simple as that. they would have NO REASOn to put us safely back in our bed simply confused or with our memories erased. even if they did for some reason put us back with our memories erased, why would they ever need to study the same person againa nd again? what universe would humans go to another planet and freak the people there out just because they could? its unnesisaary, and stupid, and really a waste of time. yes, thousands of aliens are flying around waiting for us to fall asleep so they can scare us. they do not need to do that. with their technology they could easily beam us all up into the sky and kill us, or take over our planet. this is the only thing that does not make sense to me.

  • Carthur

    I'm from Alaska and I can say for certain, that people go missing 'all' the time due to bad weather, bad decisions, and accidents that go unexplained. If you look at how the people live in Alaska and what they do on a day to day basis, it leaves a lot of room for these 'unexplained dissapearances' to take place.

  • anynomes

    here's the truth

    estimated 25 people know the truth

    we're all sheep

  • John Richards

    People who do not believe in this Alien Theory are the ones who are dumb. Everytime something like this comes out, whether it be Ghost or Aliens or Bigfoot, people with the highest authority make sure to cover up any facts or proof of anything before people who are doubters get too scared. People, we are just a small planet in the entire Universe. You really do not think thier are not other life forms? You ought to be dumb, or crazy... We travel to the Moon so why couldn't a different life form travel to Earth just as easy. We are as intelligent as you think. Humans are just animals and we are just another Species. Take it for what its worth, but just becauuse Religion followers are scared of this fact that we are not alone, doesn't make it false. By the way, an Alien Abduction is no different than humans taking some tyoe of animals and experiementing with it. We may not feel much remorse for something as small as a little mouse or something like that when we do tests, but have you ever thought thats what Aliens may take us as? Just an experiment? Think about it. Quit trying to talk yourself out of possibly more in the Universe... Because there is... It will be proven soon. Trust me-

  • John Richards

    Looks like Carthur, an Alaska resident is a little scared... Of the truth....

    Over 11 million UFO sightings around the world and thier is nothing right? Wish you were a bit more educated and not so faithful to your own religion which makes you believe you are the only planet with human life...

    Better lock your doors Carthur...

  • cher

    check out Dr. John Mack, or Youtube him. Real case studies of abductions

  • cody

    @Dylan: You don't know what your talking about kid.

  • john

    its all a cover up this shit is real. the last time i heard from my friend was 2000. she was a resident of Anchorage. One day I called and her parents picked up, I asked them if she was around and her mom replied in tears telling me she had no idea and that she had been missing for days and that the last time they saw her was in her room, they woke up the next day her bed was a mess and she was just gone. no emails from her nothing oh and just some info this shit was never on the news but if you had talked to a local you would have heard some stories.

  • RationalistResponder

    Well, all I have to say is… “Duhhhh!”.

    I mean, folks, really. This is a movie. It’s not real. None of it is real. It is made by a MOVIE STUDIO and WRITERS.

    Both of the “Dr Tyler” characters are played by actresses. Again, “Duhhhh”. And Please do at least a little bit of research into what the conclusions are to the FBI investigations into the disappearances in Alaska.

    Isn’t it kind of funny that they all appear to have had alcohol involved? And isn’t it kind of funny that frigid temperatures can kind of contribute to oh, say, FREEZING TO DEATH AFTER PASSING OUT OUTSIDE? And isn’t it kind of obvious that the indigenous creatures of Alaska would want to drag off and eat any nice, fresh meat they find laying around, whether it’s human, animal, or any other type of meat?

    And maybe there are some murders involved. Definitely possible. But isn’t it also kind of funny that we are talking about a period of over 40 years, and that seems like it could also be the time period of a serial killer’s tenure in any given area?

    For some people, the most plausible and obvious explanations are the most suspicious… because when you are a conspiracy believer, you are locked into a closed belief system, and any evidence against the conspiracy simply becomes part of the “vast coverup”.

    Ask yourself… “What evidence would convince me that there is no conspiracy here?”. If your answer is “there is no evidence, because it’s all part of the coverup”, you are hopelessly lost in a world of silliness, paranoia, and anomaly hunting. And that’s a really sad place to be. People who believe in grand conspiracies are incredibly closed-minded. It’s the only way that they can validate their wacky logic processes.

    In regards to this stupid movie (remember, folks, it is a MOVIE, just like the Blair Witch Project was), all of the “actual footage” was staged, portrayed by actors, and digitally enhanced. And I wouldn’t consider any of it to be “evidence” even if it was “actual footage”. It’s so suspicious to me that every time some alien visitation video is presented, it always JUST SO HAPPENS to go all fuzzy or jerky or grainy juuuuuuust at the moment that something compelling would present itself. Let’s also remember that with the advent of photo and video manipulation software that is available to anyone with a computer, these types of “evidence” are being reduced to unacceptable forms of proof of anything… But especially when it comes from a MOVIE STUDIO. Please, people, THINK for just a moment. Please. Just take a deep breath, and THINK.

    I believe that alien visitation is completely plausible, even given the tremendous travel limitations that would be presented by sheer distance and the Theory (LAW) of Relativity. Although I haven’t figured out why any species would travel over a hundred thousand years to get here so that they can hide and core out the anuses of cattle and make pretty patterns in crops (don’t even get me started on how silly crop circle believers are).

    Absolutely all of the “evidence” that a lot of people are willing to accept as “proof” of such phenomena is pure garbage. And 1 million pieces of garbage don’t add up to “evidence”. They just add up to a pile of garbage a million pieces high.

    Thanks for thinking. Or at least trying.

  • cueball

    The movie is fake from start to finish, and after having seen it and carefully anlayzing the film from every possible angle, I'd like to offer several obvious pieces of evidence to support that assertion. Spoiler alert.

    To begin with, in the movie we are presented with supposedly compelling evidence of alien abductions in the form of "actual archival footage". Now I don't know what the Alaska Board of Psychiatry thinks about licensed psychotherapists releasing privately taped therapy sessions to Hollywood film makers without a court order or the consent of the patient and their doctor, but I'm certain they frown upon such practices. And since nowhere in the credits is it stated expressly that consent was ever given, one has to assume that no laws were actually broken, because no actual footage was ever taped in an actual doctors office.

    Secondly, the filmakers go to great lengths to dramatize the events, complete with split screens often depicting the "actual footage" alongside the dramatized version, playing in real time. The first question that comes to mind is,"why is this even necessary, if the actual footage is so convincing?". The question is then answered in the reckless use of props and locations. According to the filmakers, the movie was shot on location in Europe, and the film crew never once set foot in Nome, the purported setting of the actual events. Why? Perhaps because they knew no one in Nome, Alaska would be willing to assist in subtantiating their outrageous claims, and that it would do more to damage the credibility of the filmakers and subvert their viral campaign efforts if they did.

    Thirdly, check out the scene in the movie where a dash mounted camera in a police car supposedly catches footage of a guy going nuts and killing his whole family. Now aside from the fact that the house in the footage just happens to be the exact same house depicted in the dramatzised version, (remember, you're supposed to believe this is actual footage taken at a residence in Nome, Alaska, not Europe) do you really think the family members of those victims, much less members of law enforcement would give their consent to have such a gruesome scene released into the custody of a bunch of Hollywood film makers? Not even for millions.

    Oh, and the good doctors house that was supposedly captured on the police units dash mounted camera during an abduction sequence, JUST HAPPENS TO BE THE EXACT SAME HOUSE SHOWN IN THE DRAMATIZED VERSION.

    • http://none bebeguez

      You do realize film makers "dress the set"... they take any set (event people houses in different cities and towns, and paint them and add fake things to make them look they way the need for the movie. they do this in every stage, whether its a car, aninterior or exterior sceen. They will paint a house and add a plywood faced to complete a look. It's called dressing the set!

      If I knew this was real, I would never go NEAR Nome Alaska... maybe that's why the movie wasn't shot there. Im sure some of the people on that crew were scared out of their minds about the possibility of filming on site, in Nome. Maybe its hard to get film equipment up there. Mayeb its cheaper to film in Europe and not in Alaska. There can be a numerous amount of reasons why they did not film there.

      Last, the footage was not property of the Alaskan Board of Psychiatry, but of "Dr. Abigail" (by the way that is her alias so of course you can't find her registration info). So they dont need to approve of any of the footage she taped released. I would be curious about the cop vehicle footage... If they were ever released on a new network , they have become public record and connot be denied to be reshown, that's a legal battle that can easily be won with a good lawyer and money.

      The film may definetly be a Hollywood fake. But the story and the possibility of everything the movie suggests may not be. It really is up to someone's personal experience. Just like some people say they have talked to God, and know he is real, or just like some people say they have seen and felt ghosts, and know they are real... Aliens will be exactly the same, until YOU individually and personally, dont see evidence, you will never believe what you dont understand. It's human nature.

      On a different note, think of the way human scientist research and test animals and plants in nature. WE take them, plant a tracking divice and return them to their natural environments. WE watch them from a distance, trying not to disturb them, trying not to be seen... to experiment on them, even test drugs, and other medical procedures on animals before we test it on ourselves... what's to say there is not another species doing the same thing to us.

  • eman

    i think it is real oh my god

  • iman

    yes i think its real
    but they r not god couse im sure about it

  • Shazaam

    These people (Dr. Abby & Husband) definitely read Sitchin. I don't know what this means if this is real? The origins of humanity, some parallel lines of events through out history and religion come into play and are of serious question if this "real footage" is in fact real. Because not to many main media sources are questioning this I don't know weather to believe media is just not interested, has a cover up agenda or knows that something is wrong with the footage and it is fake?

    Fake footage or not? ...what does this movie say about the human psyche even if the events are not true?

    I am not an expert just a curious man. I believe some of the footage is real, some of the facts are likely real but the movie was put together as a movie to entertain and frighten (does a good job). I think because of this woman's damaged psyche the truth about this particular case will never be known. It scares me that her husband was a psychiatrist and she is a clinical psychologist and something like this took a foothold on their lives, sent them spinning out of control and things got to this point. Something that had this much effect on their lives the must be real. They were disciplined enough and intelligent enough to go through years of school and become professionals in their respected fields.

    I have read von Däniken's Chariots of the gods, Some of Sitchin's stuff about Sumerian alien connection and the old testament of the bible all out of interest in spirituality and the human connection to the greater when I was a teenager and early 20's. This "real" footage frightens me and puts me in a place of questioning again what are we?, Why are we here? what is spirituality, soul and the human condition about?

  • Liz Laird

    Jamie Maclaren is scared of this movie.

  • DaTruth

    UNDENIABLE PROOF THIS MOVIES FAKE and im disappointed bc it was very convincing.

    this movie takes place in the SAME EXACT HOUSE AS "WICKED LITTLE THINGS" dont believe me?

    open new tab, go to youtube, search "the fourth kind trailer", choose video with owl face, pause at 2:05, open new tab, go to youtube look up "wicked little things trailer," and pause at 1:07, and compare.

    • Tes

      I knew I recognized that house lol

    • Katelyn

      Absolutely the same house!!

    • Joan

      Joan Totally different houses. the one on "the fourth kind trailer" has stairs in the front. The one in "wicked little things trailer" HAS NO STAIRS IN THE FRONT please make a comment with strong support, DON'T MAKE US LOSE TIME.

  • Luke

    I just want to say its a very interesting movie that really hinges on the authenticity of the footage. I think a lot of this is possible as I have an open mind and like to think for myself and not just believe what others say. If its real footage it is a very scary day indeed but who knows? - mean I could see the video footage of the hypnosis but I would think the camera should get all screwy when its just the victims and the doctor, assuming the footage would be altered as a result of like electromagnetics or something like that from a supposed alien craft. I dnt pretend to know how a craft like that would work but could understand on the scene where the daughter is abducted but it doesn't make sense when its just the doctor and her patient in my belief. And to the person who said its the same house as in another movie, so what? Not every house on the planet is the only one like it. There is a house accross the street from my moms that looks exactly like this house does that mean it was filmed in Iowa? I think not. Is it just possible that some houses were a popular design at a certain time and mabye reproduced? Ever seen a model home? In case ya haven't its where they show you a design and then they build a house for you exactly like the one they showed you from a set of plans. I know its something new too like since we started building stone homes instead of huts but mabye look into that.I just think we need to find out for sure from the people who made the film whether or not the footage is real or staged, if they tell us its not then fine good movie its made pretty scary and obviosly has stirred up a bit of controversy, but if its real tell us, your obviously trying to say it is just release the footage and be done with it and you have effectivly changed the world. We'll have to wait and see I guess.

  • iman

    its real guys beacuse in this world we have alot of things that we dont know about them

  • Fillanthropee

    I just can't believe that you americans are so detached from reality and so lost and enamored in the world of the TV in the corner of your room that you could actually watch something so hilariously bad and hokey as this fourth kind movie..

    And actually walk away thinking it might be real..

    In other news I have a bridge in san fransisco that I'd like to sell to the highest bidder, please contact me at

    • Samantha

      Kudos... I have to say that the email address made me laugh my a$$ off!

  • Tod

    Okay. So the footage and accompanying story more than likely is a fabrication. But, what about the long list of recorded police calls during credits?

  • http://? alisha

    this movie is real. the story is real. i know she told the truth. because aliens are real. and i should know...

  • Deprived

    At first, the fact that Milla Jovovich says that the movie was totally true, made me believe that it might be. I thought to myself that a known actress like that, using her real name to say something false for a marketing ploy could damage her career.

    After viewing all the movie, I read the names of the actors scrolling down at the end of the movies. They tell us that the names used are all aliases, but they claim to show the real Dr. Abigail Tyler during the interview at Chapman University with the producer of the movie. You can see the name of Milla Jovovich next to Dr. Abigail Tyler's. The place where there's a glitch, is under Nome Residents, you can see the name of Christine Milchard.

    I went to see the official site of the actress, and it is written nowhere that she played in the movie. But I can tell 100% sure, after viewing her picture portfolio, that she is the one playing the real Dr. Abigail Tyler in the movie.

    On various forums all over the internet, I saw her name come up as being the actress involved, and many comments said that there wasn't any real proof that the two of them were the same person. So I watched the movie again, and nowhere in the movie, does this actress play a Nome resident.

    On top of that, why would they put her in the cast at the end of the movie under Nome Resident, when in fact she was playing Dr Abigail Tyler.

    To me, and I believe anybody out there with a tiny bit of a scientific mind, it is obvious that this whole thing about it's being "real actual footage" used was only a marketing ploy. It was pretty much the same scheme used by the producers of The Blair Witch Project who claimed that the camera used was really found in the woods, and that they wanted to show it to the world. What a surprise when the supposedly "victims" of the movie showed up on stage to get an award later in the year of the movie release.

    You can either believe me or not, but what I'm invoquing here are, what I consider as being, facts. To say the truth, I'm a little bit dissapointed to have been manipulated by Milla Jovovich herself as she clearly states the truth of the movie at it's beginning...

  • Deprived

    Regarding my last post, I'm sorry but I made a mistake in the name of the actress playing Dr.Abigail Tyler

    I wrote Christine Milchard, but in fact the real name is

    Sorry about that.

    • Austin

      hah check this out
      so i was lookin up charlotte milchard right and i was lookin up her biography seein if it said anything about the fouthkind but what i found was a picture of her as a kid

      which turns out to be the same picture that they showed at the end of the movie of her "missing daughter"

      so yea just sayin

  • C-Doug

    i believe that its all fake and they r just trying to make us believe so that we buy more movies that are like that soooooo they can get money out of us well i say no.....don't watch something that isn't real.also we don't know exactly if its true or not because how do we know it's true could be fake.i mean that is why they call them editors am i right?i say stop wasting your time because the are just trying to scare you.whet a waste...... :P

  • emo-ah etw^ |waf edl Powell

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    this is best for you

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  • paulina

    i think it is true because i culdnt sleep for a whole weeek and wen i see scary movies with true stories it reminds about that

  • Mi

    it sounds staged. I you read the page, they just say heavily documented, it never says film was exchanged or involved, it never says what kind of documentation, if you read it carefully, they never really say there was any real footage, they just say it was 'based' they just word it to lead you to believe they had solid information to back this movie up.

  • thor

    i've read many articles and comments posted on the net,for and aginst, and im not really satisfied with any of it yet.
    In the end, theres no real evidence to support anything agianst being true, until then... keep your eyes in the skies - WITH A LOADED 50 BMG and a DESERT EAGLE :}

  • josh

    hey man think about this, if the movie really is true why would the super smart aliens just let everyone go around saying it is true? huh huh think about it, that would ruin their plans, all i know is i got all my shot guns fully loaded with buck shot, no owl is taking me. maybe you should do the same?

    • joe

      haha josh likewise

  • Random thought

    Ok so have been looking at a fair amount of review's and forum discussion's on this movie.Now in nearly all of them including this one they talk about Dr Abigail tyler not existing in Nome alaska.So ok here's the point at the start of the movie it simply say's ''The name's of the people in this film have been changed to protect there identity.'' or something along those line's.That means for those of you who havent got it yet,Dr abigail tyler was made up by the film makers to protect her real identity so hence why she doesent exist. OPEN YOUR EARS PEOPLE. im not saying this makes the film just need to get past the hunting for imaginary people bit lol

  • Freddie, 16.

    I respect everyone's own interprestations on this feature film. I, however sceptical it may seem, would not doubt for a momment that we share this universe with another life form. I would not however jump to conclusions as quickly as some who take part in this debate.

    I believe that movies like 'the 4th kind' are an easy approach at reminding people that there is a possibility that soon there will be an encounter - creating an expected reaction from the viewers that they feel unsafe, frightened. Increasing the popularity, media attention and further income that the film would recieve. It is a film story that will earn plenty of money - if well executed.

    I therefor am not convinced at the plot of the film, not criticising the realistic creation of the recorded footage. HOWEVER these things can be staged.

    This film has had no long term, mid term effect on the way I live my life. It is a well produced, well directed and well writted production.

    And so I ask the forum a simple question.

    Are you afraid?

  • ufo s man

    I think the movie is real there are several events that are real the fact of murder and other unfinished I would seem preposterous the idea that aliens abduct people as the case of several missing girls and never found.

    i live in Argentina never saw a UFO but there are many cases of people who saw and would be very stupid of me to think that only we live in the universe

    sorry for my english XD

  • Doug

    The fact the "aliens" might exist is real. But if you had to ask me i do not think if they did find us first, that they would be violent. That movie had only one part right. Aliens may have come and visited our planet around the time of the Egyptians. The pyramids have been looked at as possible evidence because at that time people couldn't move these great stones and made these pyramids. If you think it was still possible then explain how there are little mine shafts cut into these pyramids leading the to burial chambers that line up perfectly to certain stars? We cant even do that today with our technology. Then the last evidence is the crystal skulls. Those are real and they have perfect cuts in them so well done that our lasers CAN NOT replicate the ones on these crystal skulls even today. Our only explanation is that aliens could have visited this planet a long time ago. Think of how big the universe is. Its bigger than we can even comprehend. Now see what happened here on our planet. Our planet is not special. You dont think that could have happened on at least one other planet in thousands of galaxies away? Chances are it has already come and lived and died out or is still a developing planet like ours. They could be as advanced as us or maybe we are more advanced then them. Either way to explore not even a fraction of our universe u need to be pretty far more advanced than us and thats a understatement.

  • Random thought

    There is no doubt that life exists outside of this tiny spec of dust planet. the illusion that we humans are alone in this universe,that in reality we know very little about is insane,The film covers some decent material the Sumerians for example did exist and you can check there texts translated at the electronic text corpus of sumerian litrature. now s.sticthin has used this idea of sumer and aliens through his career so its not a new idea that is for sure.the problem with sticthin is alot of his work is to be bluntly honest regard to the films characters i am of the opinion they did exist.when we see the response of the authoritys this could be a clue, Alaska,Nome deny any knowledge of any of it,the fbi say it was down to harsh weather and suicide possible but not likely. alaska itself has had a colourful history in strange things going on and covert operations so not surprising it should be the setting of a chilling story,also there is in my opinion more than one race of beings out there many many more races from all over the universe some nice some bloody nasty bits of work.

  • http://facebook undecided

    On the fence, concept good, exciting film, not arrogant enough to believe that we are the only life force !!!!

  • getagrip

    I think its very amusing that people are going to such great lengths to bash this movie.. but the fact is this was a great movie. Most movies I watch seldom do I google the next day. So My Hats off to everyone involved..

  • shawn boggs

    is it that difficult to believe that aliens exist? We are a grain of sand amongst the beach, WE being earth. If you actually believe that we are the only intelligent beings out there, then you need to quit lying to yourself. Aliens are real, abductions happen. You think your government is going to tell you the truth? lol, fools. If you cant believe in aliens, then your a damn fool with a shallow mind that refuses to believe the truth.idiots.

  • Rhiannon

    First of all, kuddos to you for making a article very well said. Second of all, any idiot with a computer can make a website saying somthing is real or fake, claiming to know facts or claiming to be someone. In the beginning of the movie it was stated names were changed, Abigail Tyler is more then likely an alias. I would like to believe the film was real, that the story is real. Because I'm a believer and it would be pretty cool if someone could finally prove somthing. But the "real" Abigail Tyler who is doing the interveiw throughout the movie is an ACTRESS. The real footage is obviously a dud. Many of the facts aren't accurate and they got caught faking proclaimed real footage kind of blew it. But hey, you never know, maybe this really did happen? There are reported UFOs and unexplained missing people all over the world.

  • Anastasia

    As of 02/12/12, its been said that the movie the fourth kind was a hoax, and even meant to be an inside joke for the alumni of Chapman University. But after just a small amount of research of my own, a question raised in my mind. Are the producers and actors, and just about everyone involved in the film being forced by some "agency" to make the claims that the movie was a fake, just to cover up the fact that it WAS real? Were they threatened in some way? After all, the statistics of all the disappearances that were real in Nome. They have to cover up these things to keep the public calm and under their order. If it were proven that something non-human, did in fact exist, and we as human beings could do nothing to protect or defend ourselves, well, in short our government would fail, as well as everything we know ,believe and trust. When the time comes when we are in imminent danger, the " final hour" so to speak, they will tell us all the truths we have sought for so long. I myself have to believe in extra terrestrial intelligent beings, and that they have indeed visited more of us than even the victims themselves could know. Its also a theory of some that we have been placed here on earth to evolve into what we are becoming. Thus explaining their visits. I believe he have received help and technology in part from them, and maybe someday we may find we are not so different from ourselves. They could be living among us, as human for all we know. I hope I get to live to see the day when we finally are graced with meeting these superior beings. They have given us so much. Have any of you ever thought that the "meteor" that struck Earth could have carried on/in it the tiny microbes and cells and organisms to start the creation of the evolution of intelligent life? A seed that was"planted"if you will? I'm absolutely fascinated by all of these ideas, and the possibility of their being true. Call me crazy, (more than half of you will) I may even be a little crazy, but then ask yourself: Was Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, even Christopher Columbus (even though it turned out he was'nt the first to really sail here) just to name a few, called crazy? Until they confirmed what they believed was in fact, real.

  • Anastasia

    Typo: "we are not different from ourselves" "we"= they
    "he"have received help... "He" = We
    I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. It's due to my input method. Sorry folks! I'd also love to hear you comments on what I said above, pediatrics and negative. We are all entitled to our own opinion, so please reply. Thank you!

  • Julie

    So if it isn't real, then who is that little girl towards the end?