Is 'The Dark Knight Rises' an Oscar Contender?

Tom Hardy and Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises
Tom Hardy and Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises
Photo: Warner Bros.

Matt Patches over at asked for my opinion on what kind of chance The Dark Knight Rises has at the Oscars this year and has since posted my comments. Problem is, those comments are 12 days old and wow what a change 12 days makes.

As opinions on The Dark Knight Rises begin to settle in and we remove ourselves from the hype machine that led up to the film's July 20 release, the comments I emailed Matt on July 19 seem to be a bit dated. Here's how I initially responded:

Dark Knight Rises is gonna be interesting and I don't know what you're thinking, but I think this is one the people will actually put in the race more than anything else (well, maybe Django too). Ebert's review didn't help but Dargis loving it is pretty big. I think Turan was big on it as well. It's probably a no-brainer for a Best Pic nom, but probably a pat on the back and a placement outside the top five when all is said and done.

First, let me clarify one thing. Where I wrote "I think this is one the people will actually put in the race more than anything else," I was referring to audiences. Reading it back, what I wrote doesn't make much sense, but my thought was that if the film can manage to have the legs The Dark Knight had perhaps it would be able to get beyond its dark and brooding narrative. This was also a statement I made about 12 hours before the Aurora, Colorado shooting. Like I said, things have changed.

Looking back, the only thing I'd probably remove from my reply is the "probably a no-brainer for a Best Pic nom" statement. I do, however, still believe that should it be nominated it will be a "pat on the back" gesture for a trilogy well-done and remain an "outside the top five" placement. There was also talk that an Academy screening was not received all that well, which doesn't help.

Suffice to say, The Dark Knight Rises will not be winning Best Picture and I'm rather confident a Best Picture nomination would only prove to serve as an apology for ignoring The Dark Knight in 2008, and at this time I don't even see that happening.

That said, where does the film stand a chance for a nomination?

Michael Caine in The Dark Knight Rises
Michael Caine in The Dark Knight Rises
Photo: Warner Bros.

Realistically, I don't think we will be looking at any acting nominations despite how good Michael Caine is in the film and him being, what I believe to be, the film's best chance for an acting Oscar nom. You can point to the hallway conversation between Caine and Christian Bale as a perfect Oscar clip and one where Bale nails it as well.

I don't think Christopher Nolan is going to get a directing nomination unless this Fall's crop of helmers fail to live up to even moderate expectations and I think the film loses out in editing, art direction, sound and screenplay.

Wally Pfister has been nominated for his cinematography on Nolan's Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception, winning for the latter, and I can't say I felt his work here stood out nearly as much as it has in the past, which would have him placing him out of the top five at this point.

Pfister is looking at a strong lot in terms of competition with the likes of Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi), Janusz Kaminski (Lincoln), Seamus McGarvey (Anna Karenina), Robert Richardson (Django Unchained) and Mihai Malaimare Jr. (The Master) all posing serious threats for those top five spots before I'd consider Pfister this early in the game.

Then there's Emmanuel Lubezki's work on Terrence Malick's To the Wonder should it qualify, Simon Duggan for The Great Gatsby and Danny Cohen for Les Miserables. Frank Griebe and John Toll for Cloud Atlas are strong contenders and I would never dream of counting out Roger Deakins, even if it's a Bond film he's doing. Deakins' work with Sam Mendes has always been beautiful.

Finally, after Hans Zimmer's score for The Dark Knight ended up eligible for the last Oscars (despite a long drawn out process of "will it or won't it?") I have to assume his score for Rises isn't "original" enough to qualify this year. Even if it was eligible, his score for The Dark Knight didn't get a nom so why would this one?

No, overall I would look at the film's Oscar chances and call them dismal at best despite what I said back on July 19.

As for my overall Oscar Predictions, those will begin once I return from the Toronto Film Festival, the week of September 18, so stay tuned. In the meantime share your thoughts on the Oscar chances for The Dark Knight Rises. I would love to hear where you disagree.

  • Juan

    I'll that we'll see in a few months, this film has potential to be even more loved than TDK, because of the simple fact it's a lot more oscar friendly. I have read that the film was extremely well received at the screening, but that because of the circumstances the crowd remained in silence, that makes sense. I'll doubt that them as film lovers and members of the industry will even think of blaming the film for the killings. I don't think the film will receive many critic's accolades but we'll see with the big ones, we shall see

    • AS

      Really? I heard the opposite. From what I understand, the Academy members were fairly indifferent to the film and feel that it doesn't deserve anything outside of technical nominations. I think it's rather silly to believe that this film has any real chance at a nomination.

      There is a feeling among many that the film will be nominated as a "pat on the back gesture for a trilogy well-done." I think this is foolish. The Academy doesn't really have a history of nominating trilogies/franchises just for the sake of recognizing them so this theory seems to have come out of the blue. It seems to me that the people who are now saying this about TDKR, said the same thing last year about Harry Potter, and, of course, it wasn't nominated. The Academy doesn't nominate people for a "lifetime achievement award" until they hit a certain age (Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart, Christopher Plummer for Beginners). Christopher Nolan is only 42, so that logic doesn't work here. Please believe me, this film has a ZERO chance of getting nominated for Best Picture, Screenplay or Director and certainly not for any acting categories.

      I am equally puzzled by all of this Oscar talk for Michael Caine. Don't misunderstand me, he is a great actor, but he had nothing to do in TDKR and had very little screen time. Just because he cries at the end, doesn't mean he's getting nominated for an Academy Award. I'm sorry, but that's just laughable.

      • AS

        And you can't use TLOTR as an example, since all three films were nominated for Best Picture. Batman Begins & The Dark Knight were NOT nominated, so there's no precedence.

      • Brad Brevet

        You're right the Academy reaction was mixed at best.

        • AS

          Right, that's what I'm sayin. And the article goes on to quote an Academy member, saying "There was nothing remarkable about the acting." - So I think it's bizarre that there people who think Tom Hardy will be nominated. He's a brilliant actor, as Bronson showed us, but there was nothing brilliant about his performance in TDKR. I'm inclined to believe that all of this Oscar buzz is just coming from adolescent fanboys, cause I can't quite figure it out.

          • Juan

            I hope you're right because I don't think it deserves any of the mayor noms, but I think you're underestimating the film chances for tech noms, those are locks Sound Mix and Editing, Visual Effects and Cinematography, the work done with the IMAX cameras is incredible and an improvement of technology, that alone gives it the nom, not to mention the film had some beautiful shots and great lighting with a greyish/white pallete. The film is certainly more beautiful shots wise than Inception that was a weird win as it was a completely technical achievement

        • Scott

          I've heard both, so it's a case of who do you believe. The one who originally said the screening went poorly is often full of b.s. according to Ryan Adams on AwardsDaily. Also, let's keep in mind that the film did receive a significant number of raves and the RT score (while lower than TDK) is about the same as Inception which scored 8 nominations. It also scored pretty darn high with Metacritic & BFCA critics.

          BTW, when are you going to update the contenders (for your consideration) and/or oscar predictions page Brad? It's a little ridiculous to still see 2011 films when we are over half way through 2012...

          • maja

            I don't think that RT scores are relevant in this discussion. There's a massive difference between giving a movie a pass and calling it one of the best of the year and RT does not distinguish between these.

          • Colin

            The one argument that can be made-which I was reminded of because of the Inception mention-is that each of Nolan's films have faired better and better with oscar voters. Dark Knight did not get a best pic nom, however, Inception did, as well as a writing nomination and won 4 oscars.

          • Scott

            They gave it more then just a pass, maja. Even with a number of detractors the average score is 8.0. Also, as I said Meta and BFCA were also high scores. It's comparable to Inception. Now I know critics are not Academy voters (that's been shown time and time again... particularly with Deathly Hallows last year) but this film had everything going in its favor...until the tragic shooting. Only time will time I guess how that horrible incident weighs on voters minds. Personally I would see ignoring the film as the shooter wins...

  • Chris

    Looking at The Dark Knight Rises in the big picture, its an amazing film and spectacular conclusion, but when looking closer you see its faults. As of now, I think it deserves a best picture nomination, not best director or not best screenplay. No acting noms either. I am heavily against the Academy doing make-up noms so I don't want this movie getting a nom just because TDK should've won Best Picture in 2008.

  • Old Hickory

    That about sums it up. Although, Zimmer recording the track Aurora, certainly gives him some edge, and considering he bowed out of competition last year to act as an observer I can't count him out entirely.

    It is too early to tell how the shooting in Aurora will play out, but there is a chance that a Best Picture nom will be used as the academy honoring those who lost their lives while displaying their passion for this film. Lets not forget that Heath Ledger was a lock for a nomination but could not lose because of his tragic death.

  • David

    What about technical awards? Art direction, costumes, effects, sound? Will we see TDKR sweep these, or get blocked out by some other film? Thoughts?

    • Brad Brevet

      They are all mentioned above.

      • Christian

        Wow this article is ridiculous. It'll get a best pic nom because of TDK getting screwed a few years ago. (It's the only reason you can nominate more than five movies now. It'll get nominated for all of the technical awards.
        Best Cinematography- It'll get nominated. People seem to forget that this award is for lighting, and CAMERA work. The fact that they accomplished a lot of those IMAX shots is incredible.
        Art Direction- It'll get nominated. While there's not much set dressing the sets they built are amazing. It'll loose to Prometheus though.
        Costume Design- I'd put this at a maybe for a nom.
        Sound Design, and Sound Editing- This team was nominated for TDK, and swept for Inception. I don't see why this year would be any different.
        Editing- No nom
        Visual Effects- It'll win
        Makeup- no nom
        Any music- No nom. I love the score but it's not original, and he was almost disqualified for Inception which is a lot more original.
        best screenplay- no nom
        best director- very slight chance, but no nom.
        best supporting- Caine might get one. I don't see it happening, but it might. (people saying he was barely on screen. When has that ever stopped people from getting nominated?) I honestly believe JGL deserves a nom for this movie even though it won't happen. Maybe he'll get one for Lincoln.
        Best Pic- It'll get a nom. It'll be the last one announced when the nominations come out.

        • AS

          No, you're ridiculous. It will not be nominated for BP. The Academy doesn't care about perceived snubs.

          • Travis

            Just don't bother, AS. It will make #goodcomments that much funnier. Prometheus winning an Oscar. TDKR winning Best Visuals. LOL

        • Garrett the Mad

          "Wow this article is ridiculous. It'll get a best pic nom because of TDK getting screwed a few years ago. (It's the only reason you can nominate more than five movies now. It'll get nominated for all of the technical awards."

          Actually it is NOT the only reason there are more than 5 nominees now. WALL•E was snubbed the same year after winning a few critics' group awards as 2008's best film, something that The Dark Knight failed to do. And since the inception of the 6-10 nominee Best Picture field, Pixar has gotten two of their movies nominated, leading me to believe that in fact it was snubbing Pixar and not Batman that led to the change. Either way, it was more a combination of those two movies than simply because a Batman movie failed to garner a Best Picture nomination.

  • JN

    The Dark Knight Rises should get in w/ a max of 10 noms for best picture. Just remember a not-so-good film 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' got a undeserving and should not have gotten nomination. Nolan finally should get a directing nomination since he's been snubbed more then once. TDKR should get best picture nom, best supporting actor nom for Tom Hardy, and others. Oh also I thought The Social Network or Inception should of gotten best picture over the king's speech.

    • Chris

      Yeah I think looking back on 2010, people will remember Inception abd The Social Network more than The Kings Speech

    • Garrett the Mad

      What was Nolan snubbed for?

      Inception wasn't very good, and it was just an action movie anyway; might as well nominate someone for directing a Bond movie. And The Dark Knight was a superhero movie so he had not chance with it.

      The Prestige then? Memento?

      When Nolan makes a serious movie that is also good, he will get a nomination. That hasn't really happened yet.

  • carrie

    i don't believe because the script has too many improbabilities (it's more a blockbuster's script) but i really loved Caine,Bale and Hathaway in the movie and the score

  • Gabriel

    The one thong i dissagree with, is for Caine being the best shot for an Oscar nod, while being absolutly awsome, he was being ... Michael Caine. I think he didn't stood out that much, and more because of his dialogue than because of his performance. I do believe that if there's an oscar acting's nomination, It will be for Gary Oldman. Having missed his chance last year against Jean Dujardin, I think the academy will consider him because of his very subtle but intense acting. Oldman is being awsome for almost 30 years now and I think he more that deserves to be at least nominated for his truthfull impersonation of Jim Gordon.

    • Gabriel

      But overall, I think it'll get about 3 or 4 technical nomination and maybe 1 or 2 more meaningfull.

    • SP1234

      As great as Oldman was, I think only the second film was his best performance as Comissioner Gordon. I'd love to see Hardy nominated but I honestly don't think he will be because of the "real villian" twist. But we may be seeing the cast throughout the award season (Hardy for Lawless, Hathaway for Les Mis, Cotillard in Rust & Bone and Gordon-Levitt in Lincoln) and I'm positive about a potential SAG Cast nomination (As Dark Knight got one as well).

    • Torryz

      I thought Caine overacted. Every scene he was about to start crying. I don't know if that's what Nolan wanted but it annoyed the hell out of me. I don't see any big nominations at all. I thought it was the weakest of the trilogy.

  • Winchester

    Outside of technical (cinematography etc) I'd say it's chances are slim to none in the big categories UNLESS we get aforementioned 'apology for TDK' nominations which the film still wouldn't deserve really.

  • Jordan B.

    This is a tough situation. I'm with you Brad, two weeks ago I'd have said it could certainly get a nomination. I still think it can get a Best Picture nomination, but more than anything it would simply be a congratulatory gesture.

    Best chance for acting, as you said, is Michael Caine. Hathaway was great as Selina Kyle, but Caine's role as Alfred was the most emotionally resonant. Though with two Oscar wins already under his belt, it's not like he needs a nomination here, so I think he'll be passed over.

    Screenplay? No. Director? Not likely. Director would at most be a congratulatory gesture and I have to think that the Academy will have their chance to nominate Nolan for a bigger achievement down the road.

    So with the big ones out of the way let's look at the awards that TDK was nominated for and go from there:

    Sound Editing and Sound Mixing? Eeee, I'm leery. With all the hoopla about Bane's voice, I'm unsure of TDKR's chances. TDK won Sound Editing, but it'd be tough to overcome all the "what is Bane saying?" complaints.

    Art Direction? Quite possibly. It's a large scale movie with tons of set pieces, and it's done very well.

    Cinematography? Again, a strong possibility. Pfister has been nominated for his previous efforts with the Batman franchise, as well as with The Prestige and Inception (which he won).

    Film Editing? I don't have much basis for this, but I'm inclined to say "not likely." Though TDK was nominated here and the two films have a similar feel. Maybe.

    Makeup? There is no Joker here, so I'm again going to say "not likely."

    And finally, Visual Effects? The prologue was absolutely breath-taking. I'd give it a nomination based on that alone.

    So going through each of these, I'm thinking TDKR's best chances at receiving Oscar nominations are for: Art Direction, Cinematography, and Visual Effects. There is an outside chance at Best Picture, and maybe even a shot at Film Editing. Sound Mixing and Editing are big-time wild cards at this point.

    At the end of the day, I say TDKR gets 5 nominations: Art Direction, Cinematography, Visual Effects, and the other two yet to be determined.

    • Jordan B.

      When I say 5 nominations, I mean 5 maximum. I think Art Direction, Cinematography, and Visual Effects are the closest to being "locks" for this film this early in the race.

      • Gabriel

        I agree with you!

  • Travis

    Mmm, I am going to disagree on the technical front. Although I doubt it will win any, Visual Effects, Cinematography and Sound (both) seem like locks (at least to me), with At Direction and Score as likely. However, I don't think it will breach the Big 7 at all

  • Bikash

    Anne Hathaway's acting was pretty good and deserves an Oscar nomination.

    • SP1234

      I agree, but I think the most likely sure-bet for Hathaway is Les Mis.

  • bill

    I think Banes voice will doom it for sound mixing and I dont know if theres anything substantially new for sound editing. Which in my mind leaves visual effects which it definately can't win this year. I think this one goes home with 3 oscar noms and zero wins.

  • JN

    If TDKR doesn't get nominated for Best Picture and best supporting actor (tom hardy), It would say that last year's "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" and "The Blind Side" were better films. That IS false but it would definitely be saying that

    • maja

      Not sure if this is serious or sarcastic but this is a ridiculous comment. You can't compare nominations against prior years, it's meant to be the best of the year. There are a certain number of slots to fill regardless of the quality of the movies in that year so if it's a very poor year for movies there are going to be some poor films nominated.

    • Chris138

      I don't think The Blind Side or Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close are good movies and neither were among the best of their respective years (in my opinion at least), but they had something going for them that TDKR won't: acting wins/nods.

  • The Dead Burger

    I think it has a good shot at both Sound categories, possibly Art Direction (though with all the period pieces coming out that's sort of unlikely) and maaaaaaybe Cinematography. Other than that, I think it will be largely ignored.

    In fact, I think Oscar noms this year will be largely free of blockbusters, unless Looper lives up to the hype.

    • SP1234

      Maybe Cinematography? That might be a lock, probably because of the IMAX.

  • Roger

    It will probably get a BP nomination as a reward for the most ambitious and bold comic book to film interpretation. It won't win, but the nomination will probably serve as a "congratulations for a solid and great trilogy" along with "Sorry for TDK missing out".

    • JN

      like the third lord of the rings

  • SP1234

    My only problem with Caine, even though that was the best emotional scene of the three, is after that scene he's absent for a good part of the film and we don't see him again until the very end. If he would be trying to get nominated, it might be just for sympathy. Like last year, people went on about nominating Alan Rickman for Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and while that was nice, then again it wouldn't be that big for him to be nominated over Ralph Fiennes.

  • Leandro Dubost

    I think it's going to win something, even if just a 'thank you for the trilogy' kind of award. Most reviews were very positive and Deadline reported that the Academy screening received a standing ovation. So yes, they like the movie a lot, even if not enough for a Best Picture or anything.

    It will probably split a lot of technical awards with The Hobbit.

  • Yrabadi

    I see a lot of people are giving their opinion and comparing it to TDK not being nominated etc... What people aren't doing is considering the pool of films its competing against. It's a different year, and to be honest, I haven't seen anything yet that has blown me away. So as of this writing, yeah, I could see TDKR getting nominated. Of course with a bunch of Oscar bait films waiting in the wings for the last quarter of the year, that will likely change. But as it stands, it's one of the few films that made an impression and got people talking this year (and by that I mean discussions on its content, not the horrific events surrounding the films opening weekend).

  • Gautam

    I would say that TDKR is definitely out of best picture or for that matter any major category nom ... Any other year it could have had a good shot technical categories ... But this year competition is extra-ordinarily tough ... Therefore I won't be surprised of it returns empty handed !!!

  • Criterion10

    I highly doubt that TDKR will be a big player at this year's Oscars, let alone a contender. It'll definitely score some technical nominations, but at this point I'm even beginning to doubt a win. It's still early, but I see the possibility of Visual Effects, Cinematography, and Sound mixing/editing all being possible nominations. I don't think it will get any acting nominations, nor writing, picture, director, etc. TDK was the better film and that proved to not even be up the Academy's alley. The fact that the screening of the film proved to get a mixed result at best expresses the Academy's disdain for these types of movies.

  • MrStark

    Michael Caine for best supporting actor!

  • The Jackal

    Potential Oscar Nominations:
    Director (this is a longshot, at best)
    Art Direction
    Costume Design
    Original Score
    Sound Mixing
    Sound Effects Editing
    Visual Effects

    Eight nominations sound about right; however, lose the Director, Costume Design & score nominations, and you are left with the 5 nominations TDKR will probably end up with come Oscar Night 2013. Personally, I would nominate it for 9 awards (adding Best Picture), but that's just me.

    Thems the facts

  • Carson Dyle

    If Pfister doesn't get another nomination, then that is disgusting. This is mammoth, pioneering work that he's done here.

  • Ian

    First off, let's remember that the Oscars are just about what kinds of movies a bunch of old white guys like, and what will help draw bigger ratings to the telecast. That being said, the only way I see it getting a Best Picture nomination is if there's a need to fill the blockbuster void. Granted that didn't happen last year (The Help was the highest grossing Best Picture nominee), but generally speaking, the last few years they've worked in a few big earners; that's the only reason The Blind Side was nominated. But it's not like everyone can just rank it tenth and have it get in anymore; it has to get some first place votes, and I doubt it gets enough. The Hobbit seems more likely to fill the blockbuster category this year, but if it ends up being a letdown I could see The Dark Knight Rises sneaking back in. Of course, that's assuming the Academy would even consider recognizing a comic book film, which has never happened. We all know they prefer certain genres (the same reason it's unlikely another horror film will ever win, or that a sci-fi film will ever win), and there might just be complete disdain for comic book films.

    It should at least get nominated for sound and visual effects (along with The Avengers and The Hobbit; I'm more dubious on Prometheus); beyond that art direction is a possibility, but it depends on the competition, and the same goes for cinematography. It has zero chance anywhere else (though the fact that none of the scores for these films have been nominated is a travesty).

    • AS

      The Hobbit will get the blockbuster nom, not TDKR.

  • GiveMeStorms

    I love that it's even being discussed in relation to the Oscar race, but I don't see any big nominations. As AS (that happened...) says, The Hobbit will likely take the blockbuster spotlight (which I have no problem with, if it's good).

    As for visual effects and cinematography... opening scene = practical effects and an imax camera on a helicopter. So... yeah. xD

  • Harry Fuertes

    I thought TDKR was an amazing film(9/10) even though it was not better than The Dark Knight. I am 50-50 about it getting nominated. There are good and bad reasons for it to be nominated BP. It would be nice for it to be nominated to make up for the snub earlier. As for The Hobbit being nominated, I'm excited for the film but it looks the exact same as LOTR. That's definitely a fatal flaw that can hurt the film critically. I can't believe the negativity from some people towards this film. They are just nit-picking every little flaw. Although I do agree with some, you have to admit compared to 80% of what Hollywood churns out a year, this is quite great. Great achievement for the comic book franchise.

  • Chris138

    I don't necessarily go by Academy screenings. Inception was said to have left many members at its Academy screening confused and scratching their heads and went on to be nominated for Best Picture. The last Harry Potter and Michael Jackson's This Is It apparently went over very well at their Academy screenings and had anonymous members say that both of the aforementioned movies would be nominated for Best Picture. But we know neither of those happened.

    I'm not saying I think The Dark Knight Rises will be nominated, because I think it's chances are pretty slim. I will be curious, however, to see if it does anything with critics awards, top 10 lists and whatnot. I didn't think Inception would do very well with either of those and I was obviously proven wrong there. Oddly enough, TDKR does have a higher Metacritic score than Inception and they have the same average rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite all the flaws in TDKR I think the main thing it has going against it is the fact that it's based on a comic book character.

  • Caleb

    A host of Technical nods are pretty much a given. As for Best Picture, I'm kinda 50/50 on it. Batman Begins for me is the best film of the trilogy, and I loved both TDK and TDKR and If I had to choose which is 2nd best, I'd give a slight edge to TDK simply because of Heath Ledger's Joker. Nonetheless, it was a solid trilogy all in all.

    It might get a BP nod primarily as a congratulatory gesture to Nolan for what he accomplished with the trilogy. He took a comic book property and did to it what no other comic book film tried to do in terms of tone, depth, and content. That might register with voters. It won't win even if it gets a BP nod, but voters might be of the mindset that being the first comic book film to get a BP nomination is the win in itself.

  • Paul

    Let's be real - we know the Academy members are primarily a bunch of old farts. What was the average age uncovered last year? 71 or something of the like?

    It wouldn't matter even if The Dark Knight Rises had ended up being the best film of the trilogy & a flawless film - it doesn't fit into the Academies overly self serious view of what MAKES an Oscar film. When all is said & done The Dark Knight Rises to them is just the 8th Live Action Batman movie. It's a comic book film. A piece of fluff. The Academy members need "Serious Fare" (i.e. Anything that's about the Holocaust OR is a semi-decent film by Clint Eastwood).

    Why put so much account into what a small handful of people (aren't there only like 10000 voters or what not?) who probably don't enjoy cinema but just go to the theaters to see what "Can be Awards worthy".

    It's a fun discussion but we all know how this is going to end. Django Unchained, The Master & maybe Killing Them Softly will go down as the Best Critically & Wide Audience Loved Films of the Year but the Academy will give the Oscar & most of the top awards to the average/safe/completely forgettable "Hyde Park on Hudson".

  • Newbourne

    The film just isn't that good. I don't see it going anywhere. "John Blake Rises" might still dominate the MTV Movie Awards though. At least that's something...

  • Jake

    Truthfully there was a slim chance before the shootings and I feel like the tragedy kind of makes it impossible to get a nod, it might seem they would want to distance themselves but again time will tell. It's such a shame that Nolan once again gets the shaft, they wouldn't even give it to him for the more Oscar friendly inception. I hope I'm wrong, I'm so angry already that this shooter somehow dampened most people and I don't want him to win in that respect. If you know of anyone who has not seen it, I urge you to convince them to. In every sense of the word, if you compare what christopher Nolan has done with batman especially compared to previous versions, it is a true masterpiece and should be experienced on the big screen

  • Jess E.

    First, As best as I can remember I read at finke state her source or sources stated that the Academy screening for the marvelous TDKR had cheers and applause at the end. So who to believe I don't really know. As for the film I think it is the best film of the year thus far and probably should get a best pic nomination. I don't consider it an action picture. More like a dark drama played out with action sequences in the film. I suppose one could look at the outcome in two ways. If the Academy praises the film with a nod the tragedy might come into play. If it doesn't the fans might come unglued again. I am partial so I would say the entire cast was outstanding and would like to see Bale, Caine, and Nolan since they are responsible for all three films get a nod but Hathaway and Gordon-Levitt were excellent as well. Heck, give one to WB too.

    • Jess E.

      I also think that if the Academy did decide to give TDKR a Best Picture nod it also goes to show that they really aspire to honor great film making and no nut case wacko is going to deter them from honoring such achievements. Of course a lot of what will happens in December by the Academy will be determined by what kind of public and critical reception the so call high profile films of the fall season receive.

  • Viral

    As much as i loved TDKR and worship Nolan I do not think that TDKR has any real oscar chances. TDKR as a story arc is brilliant ending to what begain in batman begins - to be honest batman begins was also very good but not what the academy considers oscar potential.

    TDK was just a very different film in terms of its tone and execution when compared to the other two movies in the trilogy. it winning the acting award for heath ledger was a no-brainer he was simply exceptional.

    while bale was better in TDKR than oth previous movies i dont think he stands a chance when PSH meets PTA

    also technically this movie was nowhere near TDK - the hans zimmer score was a recycled Angels and Demons score

    while Pfister have have created very exciting visuals using the IMAX technology they werent necessarily visually very different in terms of their treatment.

    as for someone's question of what nolan was snubbed of? well the orignal script for Inception for one - and a director nom for both TDK and Inception.

    but should Academy look to settle scores? i dont think so.

    is TDKR a lesser movie becuase of it ? Not for me - it is a very very satisfying conclusion to a much beloved trilogy.

  • Gerard Jordan

    I can only be subjective, but I personally thought TDKR was brill, and actually a better all round movie then TDK. Here is a theory....Heath Ledger....TDK was overlong and episodic. Mr. Ledger carried the movie with such force, that its flaws were overlooked. TDKR performances all round were more subtle. Ann Hathaway shone like a real star. The action when it came was excellent. Oscar! maybe not.. an nomination.... why not!

    • AS

      If you thought TDK had so many flaws, it's difficult for me to believe that you could have made it through TDKR without walking out of the theater.

      "Ann Hathaway shone like a real star" - I'm sorry but I have to do it: GET SERIOUS!!!

  • Alex Thomas

    Still think it gets a nomination but probably doesn't do any damage when it comes to a chance at winning.

    • Troy

      I frequent this site but rarely post until now. For someone who despises TDK and TDKR, you sure do spend a lot of time circling TDK/TDKR-related articles and pounce like some rabid vulture and trash someone's favorable opinion of any sort towards the movie.

      • Troy

        Ooops, clicked on the wrong one. This post was supposed to be for AS above.

        • Alex Thomas

          Haha I was about to say! ;)

  • Brennan

    I don't see The Dark Knight Rises winning anything. Although it has a VERY strong chance at being the best movie of the year, the academy is too old to all enjoy the movie. I am predicting this is why Django Unchained will also be ripped off, especially if Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't get considered for Supporting Actor. I'm still guessing Les Miserables wins Best Picture, even though I guarantee a lot of people at home will be disagreeing when it's presented.

  • JackPI

    It will get several tech nominations and awards no doubt.

    As for Best Picture? It won't win, but it won't surprise me if it does get a nomination. Who knows, perhaps voters will pencil it in sort of an ode to Nolan for what he tried to do with a comic book project. No comic to film adaptation beforehand-and I'm guessing in the future too-dared go to the lengths in terms of tone and content, and perhaps that might have earned the respect of a chunk of voters. Being the first comic book film to garner a Best Picture nominee will be the bone they throw to Nolan.

    As for a very vocal minority saying the movie has "bad word of mouth". They are smoking something strong. "It's good, not TDK epic, but good nonetheless, and it wraps up the trilogy nicely" seems to be the general consensus, and by no means does that equate to bad word of mouth.

  • NOPE!!! not as an overall film

    I can honestly see Michael Cain getting a Nod or even Joseph Gordon Levitt but aside from that HELL NO. it was fine and continued it's tone. Don't let fool you into believing that means it must be one of the best of the year.. It was good by no means great overall.. If Hollywood can't find a better 10 to pic then there is something wrong.

  • Ryan

    This seems very harsh. A good case could be made that Dark Knight Rises is the best movie of the year thus far, with only Moonrise Kingdom and Beasts of the Southern Wild in any kind of competition.

    Dark Knight Rises is not only as good as The Dark Knight, it's a better, more cohesive film. The acting is just as good -- Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitte and Anne Hathaway Marion Cottilard all add further credibility to an already very talented cast, leaving the film as the best acted of the trio.

    The screenplay was better and the film certainly more epic in scope, something Hollywood typically appreciates.

    It's still an outside shot. If any of the anticipated fall films this fall are as good as they've been made out to be, then it probably won't win.. but let's be honest, aside from The Master, who wants to bet on any of them?

    Lincoln? I don't trust anything Spielberg does these days.
    Life of Pi? Ang Lee's hit or miss.
    Django Unlimited? Despite the fact that the Academy seems to be giving Tarrintino more credibility of late and the film looks great, I doubt the academy will go for it.
    The Great Gatsby looks awful.

    Everyone's been clinging to The Master, but as great as Paul Thomas Anthony is, that doesn't make The Master a lock.

    The Academy will face a lot of pressure to give some strong awards to The Dark Knight Rises. There's both the sense that the frachise is overdue -- and Nolan in particular.

    Plus, the Academy knows it can't award obscure, niche (and, truly, overrated) films many years in a row. Occasionally, it has to pick a box office success for some of the big awards.

    Finally, pointing out Aurora as an example of why the Academy won't give it any great awards seems very premature. There's a strong chance that, by the time these votes are taking place, it could get some votes in sympathy for what happened in Aurora, or as a way to say no to terrorists who would set fire to those in our theaters.

    There are several categories with which this film *should* be competitive in. If the Academy refuses to acknowledge them, then it's not for lack of merit. It's just the Academy's continued snobbishness and elitism when it comes to movies categorized as "Superhero films," despite the fact that not only has Nolan's Batman films gone past the old stereotypes of the genre, but the *entire genre* has, in many ways, as well.

  • NO WAY

    The Dark Knight Rises is a great action-movie, but comparing it to Batman Begins & The Dark Knight it's by far not as good as the first movies were.
    The Movie definitely won't win or even be nominated for best pic, screenplay or director. Well technically it looked just as TDK did, so there is nothing special about it. Maybe Art Direction or Editing. The Score sucked totally - no nomination, NEVER!!! The Visual Effects were okay, but we had movies such like The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus or The Avengers this year, wich had far better VisualFX. Anne Hathaway and Gary Oldman could get a nomination as best Supporting Acts.
    I have to say that from the 3 Movies, i liked Batman Begins the most, becaus it was a real Comic Adaption. And Batman was a real hero in BB. In TDK & TDKR Batman isnt really a hero, but more of simple guy in a black costume. So Christian Bale won't be nominated as best Actor.
    Tim Burtons Movies are still the best. Christopher Nolan is a very, very, very overrated Director.

  • OZ

    Whaaaaat?If this year Nolans film dont get best pic award, Im not going to see any movie anymore. come on. this is bullshit. no one ever direct a movie as good as nolan. you people are nuts. if tdkr dont deserve it, so do the rest of the movies.... idiots.

  • David Callahan

    As I look through my collection of blurays, out of 250 movies only 22 are best picture winners. And as I look further, I notice some of my favorites weren't even nominated. I guess that means the awards don't mean very much when it comes to what I want to watch. In all honesty, I hope tdkr isn't nominated. Nolan made a movie for ME: a batman fan. Not for all of you Oscar nuts. Tdk was a crime movie. Minus the night goggles and the batpod there wasn't much that was pure comic book batman which is why it should have been nominated but, as usual, the oscars reared it's pretentious head and so, in my opinion, Nolan said fuck you the next one is strictly for those who will appreciate my effort. And my cinephile logic that tells me when plot holes are present shuts off when batmans fighting bane in the middle of wall street. Fuck perfect. It's batman. And thank you Nolan for making a film for US.

  • tieuellegacy

    @David Callahan...Interesting perspective on best pic winners.
    I think that it's also interesting that most of the comments are comparing Knight Rises to the Dark Knight instead of comparing it to the current field. Since most of these responses were around July and August, how has the field fared since August? Maybe there were letdowns that keep Rises toward the top. Either way, I think that Rises was just as good, if not better, than the previous two. I think that it ended better than Dark Knight especially with the difficult task of wrapping a series. Many conclusions of a series either disappoint or confuse. Rises stands strong in my opinion. The villains were well played. I also think that Bale did his best Batman job to date. There were a couple of set pieces that are really noteworthy this go round with the explosion of the stadium and the plane heist. The formula of the shots pretty much remained the same with the telling of the story so the cinematographer should still be worthy along with the sound and score guys. Tieuel Legacy!

  • Tieuel Legacy

    Didn't someone mention having the script for TDKR on here? Was is pulled already? Tieuel Legacy!