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International Trailer for Coen-Scripted Comedy 'Gambit'

Eh, you willing to give this one a look?

Alan Rickman in Gambit
Alan Rickman in Gambit
Photo: CBS Films

A version of this trailer came online a couple days ago, but it was cut short. Now, however, MSN UK has debuted the full international trailer for Gambit, a remake of the 1966 comedy starring Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine and Herbert Lom in which Caine plays a cat burglar in need of an outsider's help to pull off the perfect heist. In the remake, written by Joel and Ethan Coen, we find Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth and Alan Rickman substituted in and based on watching a few snippets of the trailer it looks like the comedy angle is ratched up a bit.

The film is directed by Michael Hoffman (The Last Station) and was originally supposed to hit theaters this year, but was unceremoniously bounced to an unspecified date in 2013. It will be hitting UK theaters on November 21 and other parts of the world in early 2013, which means its in danger of being virtually forgotten once CBS Films decides to release it stateside.

Even though it is written by the Coens and even though I find the 1966 original to be quite a charming watch, the delays and now the moving forward with an international release while it sits and simmers over here is leading me to believe this won't amount to much. Give the trailer a watch and see what you think, and below that I've added three character posters.

Gambit Character Poster
Photo: CBS Films
Gambit Character Poster
Photo: CBS Films
Gambit Character Poster
Photo: CBS Films
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  • AS

    Looks interesting.

  • Jordan B.

    Using the same tagline as "Bowfinger"? Come on now!

    • Christopher Robin Meade

      Wow! someone actually remembers "Bowfinger"

      • Jordan B.

        I used to watch Bowfinger almost every night on week-long family vacations when I was younger! In fact, I just revisited it last weekend: it's a good, fun flick, in my opinion.

        • maja

          I have very fond childhood memories of Bowfinger.

  • Bren

    I loathe Cameron Diaz. Anyone would have been better than her.

  • Foggy

    Coen's seem to be sleepwalking this one...

  • Dale

    I agree that Diaz might be miscast but the other three leads are first-rate comic actors and the film certainly doesn't deserve the poor treatment it seems to be getting.

  • Scott

    Pantsless Englishmen are hilarious. Apparently.
    And Bowfinger was Eddie Murphy's last good movie.