Inspect Bane's Mask in New 'Dark Knight Rises' Photo

Want a good look at the mask Tom Hardy wears as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? Well check out this new photo of Hardy in character courtesy of Total Film.

I will say this, however, I don't agree with Total Film insisting The Dark Knight Rises "is, hands down, the most anticipated film of the year." Personally, it was my second most anticipated film of the summer after Prometheus and my seventh most anticipated film of the year.

Granted, you could probably do an online poll and The Dark Knight Rises might win in a few sectors, but I don't think it is the definitive most anticipated film... is it?

Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises
Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises
Photo: Warner Bros.
  • Chris

    I'd say it is the most anticipated main stream movie. But if you want to dig deeper into "boring" oscar type movies, then no.

    • marl

      one thing for sure, bane is from the valleys, mun.

  • Kyle Coley

    better the dark knight?

    • Arturo

      That's a tough task, but hope it at least meets it.

  • Justin

    this looks really bad.... WHY WOULD THEY MAKE IT LIKE THIS?

    • Active

      This is the same that has Schumacher's Batman playing in the background while typing.

  • Active

    Without question.

  • MarkDTS

    The internet has ruined me.

    Seeing this angle of the mask just reminds me of Goatse. :\

  • Hank

    The mask looks stupid up close. Like a fake spider covering his mouth. TDKR is my #1 most anticipated.

  • Adam

    Only because we haven't seen it yet. But then again, Prometheus is my top as well.

  • John

    Kind of Giger-esque if you look at it long enough...

  • Chris138

    Those eyes look pretty intimidating. And I don't think the mask looks stupid up close.

  • Yaz

    I don't think it looks too bad. But this is the internet, so that means it looks like shit.

  • Arturo

    Hope the scenes with Neeson training him as a kid are impacting.

  • zorba89

    "Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask" - true words

    I like the mask is my point.

  • bryan

    I think it looks kick ass......nolan knows what he's doin I'm dire

  • fan

    The mask looks great I think... at least it isn't a wrestlers mask. I think it makes him more menacing. Can't wait!!!!

  • Winchester

    I think the article you linked to is probably right in a generalised sense that it probably IS broadly the most anticipated of the year. It'll get massive media coverage etc and a lot of people seem to think TDK is the best thing ever made.

    It's only when you step back and ask for more individual opinions it will not be at the top of everyone's personal list. It's certainly not at the top of mine.

    Prometheus is.

    • A-K87

      Well, precisely. There is NEVER going to be a year where of all the 1000 movies released, one would be the "most anticipated" for every single movie-goer.

      It'd be a cold day in hell when I criticise Brad but it was pretty pointless highlighting that he disagreed with Total Film's assertion that it is the most anticipated movie of the year.

      • Brad Brevet

        I'm just trying to stir up some conversation and find reason to write a post with only one picture, don't give me too much of a hard time. :)

  • Chris

    I don't really care about the mask much. But his voice was terrifying in the trailer! And its nothing like Schumacher's Bane. Remember...bomb...bomb...bomb.

  • David

    Most anticipated? Most certainly! :)

  • Dave

    Yeah, this has got to be the most anticipated film for most movie-goers this year. The only other competitor was The Avengers.

    I don't get why some people think the mask looks stupid. Let's be honest here: in every comic book appearance, Bane looks utterly ridiculous. The fact that they managed up with something that was light years ahead of the luchadore mask he generally dons is something of a minor miracle.

  • Mr Stark

    Hopefully Ridley will pack 'em in. Every time I bring up Prometheus in movie conversation though, most people go, "What is that?"

    Everybody knows about duh Batman...he gonna be risin'.