Watch: 'Insidious: Chapter 2' Trailer is Here

Insidious: Chapter 2 Movie Trailer
Photo: Film District

James Wan (who's already set to direct Fast & Furious 7) is a busy boy as he has not only The Conjuring coming up this year, which I've been told is an "Exorcist-esque scary film", but he's delivering a sequel to his surprise 2010 low budget hit Insidious and the first trailer for what is aptly called Insidious: Chapter 2 has just dropped.

The film brings back the original cast, which includes Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins and Leigh Whannell (who also wrote the original and sequel) and follows the haunted Lambert family as they seek to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.

FilmDistrict has set a September 13 release for the film and you can watch the first trailer directly below.

  • Matt

    Looks decent. I loved the first two-thirds of "Insidious" but once the film entered The Further I was really taken out of it. Hopefully this won't get dragged down by the unnecessary mythology.

  • Nathan Dusaban

    The best parts of the first were the random creatures in the beginning popping out of nowhere with that freaky music, still gives me the heebie jeebies. Looking forward to this one.

  • SmartFilm

    That looks utterly terrible, just like the first one.

  • Harry Fuertes

    It looks ok. The use of the "Irreversible" soundtrack was interesting.

  • Winchester

    The first one was OK but it was one I rented, not one I saw in theatres and the sequel looks like that route as well.

  • Ryguy815

    Looks scarier than the first one! Might see this in theatres now.

  • Michael

    I'm one of the few that loved the first one the whole way even the last 15-20 minutes which were some of the creepiest and craziest last 20 minutes i've seen in a horror movie in a long time. I'm looking forward to this one, I just hope the best parts are in the actual movie if it does turn out to be good itself.

    • Kimberlesk

      I'm with you on all of this. I really liked the first one and am looking forward to the sequel.