Someone Thought It Was a Good Idea to Spend Money On This

InAPPropriate Comedy red band trailer
Lindsay Lohan in InAPPropriate Comedy
Photo: Freestyle Releasing

Over the weekend I caught a trailer for InAPPropriate Comedy on television. I'd heard of it when I read Cracked's least four anticipated movies of 2013, but I didn't actually read what it was about. In fact, I saw the poster featuring Rob Scneider, Michelle Rodriguez, Adrien Brody and Lindsay Lohan and thought it looked fake. After all, a title like that couldn't be real... could it? It is, and it hits theaters on March 22.

For those that might believe they've seen this before in some form or another, you have. We originally posted a trailer for it back in August 2010 when it was titled Underground Comedy 2010, not much else was known about it then, but its release now would only seem to be as a result of the fact Movie 43 was able to make money, though I'm not sure which of these was actually added to the release schedule first.

Directed by Vince Offer, who is apparently the ShamWow guy, and starring the names above. The red band trailer is directly below and the synopsis is below that.

InAPPropriate Comedy is a no-holds barred sketch movie starring Academy Award-winner Adrien Brody as "Flirty Harry," a tough, no nonsense cop with a soft middle and a flair for fashion; Rob Schneider in a dual role as both a sleazy, horny psychologist and a curmudgeonly porn critic alongside his enthusiastic counterpart Michelle Rodriguez; Lindsay Lohan living out her fantasy of taking an ultimate revenge on the salivating paparazzi who haunt her, and Ari Shaffir as "The Amazing Racist," whose hilariously offensive hidden-camera encounters with members of different ethnic and minority groups push everyone's buttons.

  • jd3120

    This has to be the worse movie ever

  • Xarnis

    I stopped watching halfway through. If I continued, I think my eyes would have started bleeding

  • Ryguy815

    Meh, doesn't look great but doesn't look terrible either. Are you going to be seeing this Brad?

  • Gern Blanston (@TheNewsIsBroken)

    ouch. Thanks for the warning.

  • Bertram J. Krogh

    God dammit Brody, I am still waiting for your comeback, and you restored my faith from the past few flops with your performance in Detachment, but then you go and make this? :( I am disappoint.

  • John Debono

    Remember when Adrian Brody was the surprise winner of a best actor oscar amongst a category that included Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine and Daniel Day-Lewis and thought this man must have a promising career ahead of him? What the f*ck happened here?

  • Brane

    What happend with Brody's career? Even Nic Cage wouldn't star in this rubbish.

    • Yaz

      Yeah he would.

      • Jake17

        Nicholas Cage is going to star in the Left Behind remake. Nic Cage will do anything for money.

  • Yaz

    Yeah I gotta say, some of the sketches are kind of hilarious. Def rental. I can see it making cash, actually.

  • Matt

    There are no words for just how bad this looks. And what the hell is Adrien Brody doing in this?

    • Ryguy815

      Why is everyone wondering why Adrien Brody is in this???? He's a terrible actor, that's why!!!

      • Matt

        I don't think Adrien Brody is a necessarily great actor, but he's certainly better than this. His Oscar winning performance in "The Pianist" is really terrific, and he was hilarious in "Midnight in Paris." To go from working with Woody Allen to Rob Schneider and Lindsay Lohan is crazy to think about.

        • Ryguy815

          Haven't seen The Pianist, but I didn't really like him (or anyone for that matter) in Midnight In Paris.

          • Matt

            Ah, well too each his own. I'm an English major, so I have a special place in my heart for "Midnight in Paris" just for all it's literary references. And definitely check out "The Pianist."

            • Ryguy815

              Ok, I'll try and seek it out next time I go to the library.

            • Jeff

              English major gets an F for "it's" and "too".

              • Matt

                God, now I feel stupid haha. I tend to try and watch for mistakes. Oh well.

          • ViralVora

            finally someone who doesnt like midnight in paris - I hated it with a passion - how can one make the combination of paris and cottilard boring?! but it was so painfully dull! not even kathy bates could lift it for me and i love everything with kathy bates in it!

        • m1

          He was amazing in The Pianist. What happened to him? At least he also has Midnight in Paris. It's a shame that the Oscar curse ruins careers like this.

          • Ryguy815

            I never found him to be that good.

            • Gustavo H. Razera

              He was superb in Detachment, but I bet you have never even heard of it.

              • Ryguy815

                I reconize the name, I just don't know what the movie is about.

          • Matt

            He's definitely a prime example of the Oscar curse. He's a solid actor with a couple of great performances, even in some lesser films, but his filmography has a lot of duds. Still, he's turned out some good performances since his win. And I definitely don't think he's reached a point in his career where he'd have to take a movie like this.

            • andyluvsfilms

              liked him in The Darjeeling Ltd but that's all, perhaps i need to revisit

  • Hamza Zain

    Five seconds into that I wanted to slap chop my eyeballs.

    • Ryguy815

      The trailer's really not as bad as all of you are making it out to be.

      • Yaz

        Brad's a God in these parts... It's follow-the-leader syndrome. The internet breeds puppets.

        • Hamza Zain

          Actually, I am capable of forming my own opinion, thanks. Just because my opinion differs from yours does not make me a puppet. I'm sure to someone the line "Go ahead, make me gay." is comic gold. I, on the other hand, remain not in stitches due to laughter. Comedy is subjective, and to me, that looks really bad.

          • Yaz

            You thought my comment was intended specifically for you? It wasn't.

            • Hamza Zain

              Fair enough, but my last statement still stands. Comedy is subjective, and, based on the current stream of comments, you are one of two people that is defending this. Which is totally fine. But it's really ignorant to state that because 90% of us don't think this looks good makes us puppets.

              • Yaz

                You're right, comedy is subjective. All cinema is opinion based. I'm not claiming it isn't. It is simply my opinion that the internet is full of bandwagon jumpers and those that follow the leader. It's not just you, it's not just this site - it's everywhere. The internet, a place that allows everyone to express their opinion, mostly does the opposite. It takes bloggers and elevates them to a degree where people feel they need to agree and be in the majority.

                Is that the case ALL the time? No. But I don't think you can prove otherwise.

                In this case specifically, how many of the people commenting even watched the whole trailer through? How many people are just slamming it without even being able to say why? Actually, come to think of it, you are a perfect example... You're calling ME ignorant, but you're giving your opinion on this film based on the first 'five seconds' of it's trailer.

                This is the internet.

              • Yaz

                Honestly dude, let's just agree to disagree. I didn't mean to get into a debate about the internet on a film site. It was just something I said, if you don't agree with it, that's fine. Peace.

              • Hamza Zain

                I think I came off more stronger than I intended. I did watch the trailer and didn't find it funny. You found parts funny. So I agree to disagree on this. My bad, man.

  • navaneethks

    what the!

  • navaneethks

    What the fudge monkeys!

  • kyle coley

    so bad its good

  • Sean Rose

    I did see this movie at a special screening and it was as bad as you all think it is....if not worse.

  • Anna

    Looks absolutely awful!!
    And I agree about Adrien Brody....The guy had a promising carreer.

  • Hello Kitty

    Blown away by his performance in Summer of Sam but, boy, has he ever made some bad choices since The Pianist.

  • Chris

    Looks like Movie 43 without the stars.

    • Ryguy815

      Yes, and Movie 43 also looked better than this.

  • Jake17

    What the hell did I just watch? This looks like complete shit.

  • Arthur Carlson

    Now, maybe they saved the good stuff for the movie. Who are we kidding? "Go ahead, make me gay" is something out of an adult Mad Magazine. I think this movie is made for people who thought Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, etc, were just a little too high brow for their tastes.

  • Mike

    From the visionary director who also brought you "Schticky", a reusable lint roller that comes in three sizes: little Schticky, Schticky, and big Schticky.

  • andyluvsfilms

    this film is an insult to the human race and i'm just talking Rob Scneider getting another gig

  • AS

    Oh come on, it wasn't that bad. I laughed at some of the Brody stuff.

    • Ryguy815

      I agree, it doesn't look terrible.

  • Thornsy

    Why is "APP" capitalized? It makes it sound like a comedy about smartphone apps.

    • Matt

      Haha, glad to know I wasn't the only one who thought that.

      • Ryguy815

        Read the plot on IMDB, you'll understand why.

  • Newbourne

    I thought the racist guy was funny, but other than that, it seems quite dull. I'll probably catch the funnier sketches on YouTube a few months after the release. I'm most likely not seeing it in theaters though.

  • easybuttonfromb

    I wish the reason these movies were made was because there is an underground group in Hollywood trying to see who can make the worse comedy ever and earn the most money.