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Impressive Cast for David O. Russell's Abscam Project Adds Jennifer Lawrence

This is one hell of an impressive cast

David O. Russell is gathering quite a troupe of actors as of late as he will reunite with his Oscar-winning star of The Fighter and the two stars of his Oscar-nominated Silver Linings Playbook along with several others for his next film, which is currently untitled, but has been referred to in the past as American Bullshit.

Today Deadline announced Silver Linings star and Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence has joined the cast that already starred her fellow Oscar nominee and Silver Linings co-star Bradley Cooper, as well as Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams and Louis C.K. Yeah, not too shabby.

The film, written by Eric Singer, centers on the 1970s FBI sting operation called Abscam, which led to the conviction of a United States Senator, five members of the House of Representatives, one member of the New Jersey State Senate, members of the Philadelphia City Council, and an inspector for the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

The story sounds a lot like the plot of Argo, although this time Hollywood wasn't brought in on the scam as the FBI worked with convicted con artist Melvin Weinberg (Bale) to set up a fictional company headed by a fictional Middle Eastern sheikh in an attempt to trap corrupt public officials. The word "Abscam" comes as a contraction of "Abdul scam", Abdul being the name of the fake sheikh at the core of the sting.

Adams will play Weinberg's partner in crime and mistress, Cooper plays federal agent Jimmy Boyle, Renner plays leader of the New Jersey state assembly and Lawrence will play Weinberg's wife.

While this will be the second time Lawrence, Cooper and Russell have teamed, this is now three films in a row for Lawrence and Cooper who will also star in Susanne Bier's hotly anticipated adaptation, Serena.

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  • adu

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this will be the thrid pairing of Lawrence and Cooper in a relatively short period. As good as they are, this is fast approaching overkill.

    • Jake17

      Awesome news. I'm really looking forward to this movie.

  • M.

    Not for me!. A great cast, director and story??....really looking forward to this (as well as Serena-hell yes to that as well). As long as the quality is there, Lawrence and Cooper (and Russell for that matter) can team up as many times as they like. Terrific actors, Lawrence and Cooper who share AMAZING chemistry so, it's all good.

  • Chris

    I wouldn't let the pairing of Cooper and Lawrence worry you too much. Who knows how big Lawrence's part will be and that we know she is playing Bale's wife I don't think her and Cooper will share much screen time together.

    • lalecture

      the roles are still in the preliminary stages. Knowing what I do about Russell, He will intertwine the characters beautifully and deliberately.
      i know David O. Russell thinks very highly of both Cooper and Lawrence. They do have great chemistry. Perhaps in this new project using their chemistry in a different way will add intrigue.
      In serena, I can see they are husband and wife. A hugely character driven book.

  • Hamza Zain

    Just give this film the awards, already. Absolutely fantastic cast. I'll be thoroughly surprised if this isn't as good as the talent involved indicates.

  • zotje

    Heh, the related posts linked me to this:

    I must say i found the majority of the comments there quite funny in hindsight :)

  • Chris

    I'm hoping her part is big though, but just based upon the age difference I do not see why Lawrence is playing the wife while Adams is the mistress. You would think it should be the other way around, but hell I do not know much about the true story.

    What has be excited besides the amazing cast and crew is that the story sounds like it could have some strong comedic moments. Mainly because it does sound a little Argo-esque in the sense that it revolves around an unconventional way of getting something done. Could allow for some laughs.

  • theJackal

    Other than her role in last year's cheesy horror film (which seems to be an obligatory right of passage for Oscar-nominated actresses), Jennifer Lawrence has amassed quite the resume since her breakout performance in 2010. She has been a breathe of fresh air at the cinema. Whether its comic-book or YA adaptations or serious Oscar-caliber flicks, Ms. Lawrence always stands out. Hopefully, 2013 will be another big year for her.

    Thems the facts

  • Dale

    Could be a winner. Glad Russell is keeping his career rolling along.

  • adu

    Hey Laremy and Brad

    Yes, I am not ashamed to say I liked The Hobbit. I loved the book, and the movie followed that quite well (including the embellishment), and then there was a lot of that returning to Middle Earth nostalgia. That said, I agree the film has flaws.

    As for me wanting it to be a single movie, to be honest I never wanted it to be that. The book as much as I loved it, was too brief on details in many parts and I always wanted more details (battles, secondary characters etc) if it were ever brought to the big screen. So yeah, I wanted two and them announcing a third was a surprise. But I'll take it. I believe there is room to expand on those appendices (at least for Tolkien fans). So yeah, I'm on board and look forward to the next two and your imitations of Smaug :)

  • adu

    Sorry, the last comment was meant for the podcast. Please feel free to delete it Brad (and this one). Sorry about that.