Howard is the 'Last Man Home'

Ron Howard has his next project.

Variety is reporting that Ron Howard has found his post-Da Vinci Code project has he has signed on to direct Jamie Moss' script Last Man Home for Universal Pictures.

The film is set in the days just before President George W. Bush launched full-scale war in 2003, story revolves around a covert U.S. military unit that is on the hunt for an AWOL American soldier in Iraq. The soldier is looking for his brother, who went missing when fighting in the first Gulf War.

This is not the first, nor will it be the last, Iraqi war projects to go into production even though studios seem to be slow to greenlight films about the ongoing conflict. One film of note is Irwin Winkler's indie pic Home of the Brave, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Biel, Christina Ricci and Brian Presley. Brave revolves around three soldiers who struggle to readjust to normal life after returning home from a lengthy tour in Iraq. Jackson will play a doctor who tries to resume his routine, only to find himself unraveling.

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