Horror Blu-ray Sale: 'Resident Evil', 'Underworld' and 'Scream' Collections for Cheap

bluray-deals-resident-evilI keep forgetting to post something every time Amazon has some deals running, but I remembered today as they are offering some solid deals on some horror franchises that may pique your interest. Chief among this week's selection are the complete Resident Evil, Mimic and Underworld collections on Blu-ray along with fractured portions of other horror franchises such as Scream and Scary Movie.

The Scream, Saw and Mimic trilogies are also available on sale on DVD along with the DVD collection of the Leprechaun franchise.

Considering it's Halloween and the discounts are pretty solid where you can get each Resident Evil movie for essentially $8.29 or each Underworld movie for $8.16 they may be worth considering depending on your at home taste in movie watching. Neither are cinematic classics, but both make for decent, at-home diversions.

The complete list is available below.



  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Jake17/ Jake17

    You a fan of Scream, Brad? That's really the only one I would purchase, though I still haven't watched the sequels.

  • http://letterboxd.com/gman/ G-Man

    The Scream movie triple feature is a steal. I got it for $20 last year and thought it would never go lower. Has two documentaries in addition to the first three movies.

    Must buy if you're a fan of the series in my opinion. Can't wait to re-watch at least the first one this month.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/ashdurdin/ ashdurdin

    Thanks a lot for the heads up Brad. Just picked up the Scream collection, the first one is one of my favorite films.