They've Named It 'The Wolfpack Trilogy'

But will anyone refer to it as such?

I caught this new The Hangover Part III (5/24) TV spot during the NCAA tournament this weekend and as the words "The Wolfpack Trilogy" popped up on screen I couldn't help but wonder, Who is calling it that? Of course, this is just a studio attempt at branding, but to people fond of film trilogies that manage to accomplish a connection beyond their titles alone this is something else. To escape the name and become something greater is to suggest a certain kind of excellence this franchise has not earned.

Yes, The Hangover was a well-received film and whether it's one you remember fondly or a film that has its place in film history where it should remain is up to you. The Hangover Part II was a dog and now comes The Hangover 3, but at any point do you see the return of Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha for one final film something that warrants any level of exaltation outside of "Here comes one more"?

I also have to ask, am I the only one tired of Ken Jeong's antics? Funny for one film, yes, but the repetitive nature and nails-on-chalkboard reaction I have to his very appearance anywhere at this point is already a ding against this new film as far as I'm concerned and the latest rash of Coke Zero and Miller Lite (or is it Bud Light?) commercials isn't helping any.

Maybe The Hangover 3 will be funny, I hope it is, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Oh, and here are a couple of new posters where it's, rightfully, referred to as "The Hangover Trilogy". Yay.

hangover-3-goodman-poster hangover-3-jeong-poster
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  • Lenny Feder

    It can't be a trilogy if people are still actively attempting to forget the second one 2 years out.

    • Criterion10

      And that is a problem that I greatly face. I'll be honest, and say that this third looks somewhat decent (I certainly won't be paying to see it though), but even if it does turn out to be good, that second film will still greatly be looming in my mind, and not in a good way.

  • Adu

    I am quite excited to see this and the minority who had a good time with Hangover 2 despite its repetitiveness.

    • G-Man

      I'm with you. Loved Hangover 2 first-time in theatres, although I didn't enjoy it as much on repeat blu-ray viewing.

      I do agree with Brad though that Ken Jeong's antics can get a little old and tiresome. Most of my favorite parts are with Stu (Cooper) and Alan (Zach G).

      I'm pretty excited for the 'concluding' chapter of the Wolfpack trilogy. Name seems a little weird to me, but I could go for it.

      • Fox

        I'm bored with his character in The Hangover (or Wolfpack Trilogy?) but Ken Jeong is probably the best part about Community right now.

  • Winchester

    The Hangover flicks do nothing for me (I liked the first for a while before getting tired of it and 'dog' is putting it mildly on the second) so I'll skip this one I think unless reviews suggest it's a big change from the second.

    But when a formula works - why change it?

    I also don't like Todd Phillips much based on how he comes across on interviews etc. Usually that kind of thing wouldn't bother me in terms of whether or not I would watch an actor/director's work but ever since 'Due Date' (which I also loathed) I kinda have this incredible dislike for him which was compounded by Hangover 2. And I absolutely (as an actor) can't stand Ken Jeong. Literally wrecks everything I've ever seen him in. So, nothing great about the thought of more of him in the final one.

  • Ryguy815

    Loved the first one, hated the second one, but this one looks really funny

  • DapperDanMan

    Well considering the Tag Line for Part II was "The Wolfpack is back...", I see no issues with calling it the Wolfpack Trilogy... And really what is the point of getting even somewhat upset or annoyed by it being called that, Brad? If you do not want to refer to it as such, then don't.... As you stated it's just a ploy by the studio and marketing department... I thought it was ridiculous that the Twilight movies were referred to as a "Saga", when they are not even close to being what I WOULD consider being a saga... But I'm not marketing the films and don't really care how
    movies are marketed since a vast majority of the time other than trailers or posters, I don't get that much into that portion... If Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost can dub Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The Worlds End the Blood & Ice Cream trilogy and the movies are only by stars and the writer/director... I see no reason why this can't be called the Wolfpack Trilogy when it is a reference to a joke in the first movie and became a sort of pop culture mainstay after the movie was a hit complete with T-Shirts and shot glasses...

    • DapperDanMan

      Only linked by stars and writer/director*

  • rusty

    In the UK, it is going to be called "Wolfpack Assemble", so we don't think it is a follow-up to "The Grey".

  • The Jackal

    They can call it whatever they fuckin wish. The first Hangover film was and still his a hilarious classic. Part II was more like an actual hangover, albeit one that is fondly remembered, it's like a warped, more hilarious, modern, version of Apocalypse Now...just without all of the beheadings and killing of innocent cows. I can't wait for Part III.

    Thems the facts

  • profpain11

    Ken Jeong regularly ruins "Community" as well. Yes, sick of his schtick.