What Happened? Where Will 'Paranormal Activity 4' Take Us? Where Have We Been?

Paranormal Activity 4

So, Paranormal Activity 3 ended up making $52.5 million in its first three days domestically and just shy of $80 million worldwide. The film was the most expensive of the first three to produce, costing a measly $5 million. Paranormal Activity 4 will obviously be made, but what are the story possibilities? To answer that, we have to explore what we already know.

Last night I sat down and watched Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2 to beef up my knowledge and re-familiarize myself with the material. I hadn't seen either film since seeing them one time in the theater and I didn't want to make any assumptions with the facts. So, let's take a look back.

NOTE: I think it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, this article essentially spoils all three Paranormal Activity movies. If you don't want to know what happens in any of them, stop reading now...

BEGINS: September 18, 2006 / ENDS: October 8, 2006
Paranormal Activity
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Paranormal Activity is set in San Diego, CA and centers on the story of boyfriend and girlfriend, Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston. When the film begins we learn Katie has been hearing some strange noises and Micah has set up cameras around the house in an attempt to capture whatever it is she's hearing on tape. He's also set up audio recorders to capture any potential "EVP" (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

As the supernatural events continue to happen Micah and Katie call in an expert. Katie tells him the first time she remembers something similar happening was when she was 8-years-old and she shared a room with her sister Kristi who was five. Both would experience the breathing. They were so terrified they couldn't move, and she remembered seeing whatever it was, always at the foot of her bed, not Kristi's.

After that she remembers her family house burning down and they had to move. As for the supernatural events, they started happening again when she was 13 and would occur on and off periodically from then on. When the expert tells Micah and Katie the entity feeds off negative energy Micah jokes, "We shouldn't let your mother come over anymore."

Soon, a burned picture from Katie's childhood is found in the attic above the couple's bed. Katie says she hasn't seen that picture since her childhood house burned down, which would lead the audience to believe it should have burned in that fire.

Later on in the film, Micah purchases an Ouija board, which is presumed to spell out the name Diane, a name Micah later finds on a website telling of a woman in the '60s who suffered from the same happenings Katie has experienced her whole life. She ended up dying during an exorcism.

At the end of the film, Micah is killed as a possessed Katie throws him at the camera before her face changes and she lunges at the camera herself.

BEGINS: Sometime in 2005 / ENDS: October 9, 2006
Paranormal Activity 2
Photo: Paramount Pictures

If we are to presume Paranormal Activity 3 begins during the events Katie describes when her and Kristi where 8 and 5-years-old, that would make them 26 and 23-years-old respectively at the beginning of Paranormal Activity 2.

The film begins sometime in 2005 with Dan and Kristi returning home from the hospital with their newborn baby boy, Hunter. We also meet Martine, the family's nanny who is also something of a psychic herself, Ali, Brian's daughter from a previous relationship and Kristi's sister Katie is also seen early on.

The film fast forwards to August 7, 2006, a day where the house appears to have been burglarized but it seems as if nothing has been stolen except for a necklace Katie gave Kristi. This is the first night the paranormal activity begins, 62 days before Micah from the first film will be killed by a possessed Katie.

Two key pieces of information are then given. As the strange phenomena in the house continues Ali begins researching based on what's going on and Katie and Kristi's stories of a haunted past. She'll later tell us Hunter is the first male born on Kristi's side of the family since "at least the 1930s" and she has her boyfriend read the following passage from a site on the Internet:

It has been said that if a human makes a bargain with a demon for wealth, power or any other benefit they must forfeit their first born male. If the debt is not honored the demon will follow the defaulter and his or her brood until the soul of an infant is collected.

Paranormal Activity 2 also explores what Katie and Kristi remember of similar events happening when they were younger. Kristi remembers being scared but not what she was scared of, but Katie remembers a bit more saying:

"Wanna know what I remember? I remember you crying... all the time. I remember you couldn't sleep and had anxiety attacks. I remember you stopped talking for months. I remember weird people coming to our house and our mom was upset all the time. That's what I remember. Whatever it was, it thrived on fear. The more we paid attention to it the worse it got. You need to leave this alone. You need to ignore it or you're going to end up just like mom. Do you understand me?"

This is the second time Katie and Kristi's mother is referenced in the first two films. Micah's comment from the first film would lead us to believe she's still alive and something of stereotypical, nagging and negative mother-in-law. Katie's comment here would have us assume she suffered some sort of mental breakdown or worse.

As we near the end we learn the burned photo of Katie that was found in the first film wasn't burned in the fire that burned down the family house, but it was part of a ritual Dan and Ali performed to exorcise the demon from Kristi and since it has to be passed off to a family member, Katie was the unlucky recipient. Karma, however, is a bitch.

The film picks up three weeks after the ritual, the demon has been passed off and shortly after that the dates begin to align with the first film leading up to October 9 as a blood-stained and possessed Katie enters the house, snaps Dan's neck, goes upstairs and kills Kristi and kidnaps Hunter, the first born son the demon was presumably promised.

Paranormal Activity 2 ends by telling us Ali returns from a school trip and finds the bodies of Kristi and Daniel Rey on October 12, 2006 and Katie and Hunter's whereabouts remain unknown.

  • Adriano

    Great and very explanatory article, Brad. One thing bothers me though: it the 3rd movie ends on September 15th, how come that image on the top of the page says September 24th? Just a mistake from the moviemakers?

    When PA3 ended, I thought to myself, "It would be great if they just ended these movies now, while they're still great". But of course, with that weekend box-office, they must've already greenlighted a 4th movie.
    You have come with very good ideas, Brad. I just hope they don't ruin this series.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      Good point on the image, that was one of the misleading images from the trailer. I have replaced it with a different image to avoid confusion with an accurate date.

      • Chelsey Clark

        I believe that Kristi could not be possesed fully enough to take her own baby because she fought it! It is her son. Thats why it takes so long to get in her and she stands for so long just holding him. The demon is trying to take it further but she is using her "mom strength" to fight off the harming of her son. If you watch the second film it seems to be wearing her down but her mind is fighting it off. I may be biased. i am a mom. But thats what I thought when I watched it

    • Guilherme

      There'll be 2 more movies, PA4 and PA5. The 4th one will be when Katie and Kristie are 13 and 10. The 5th can't be when the pact happened (unless it's a normal movie, instead of only the tapes that people recorded, because there weren't VCRs at that time, I think...). Probably it won't be what happens to Hunter either, because I don't think that'd be recorded by Katie. It's probably somewhere after PA3 and before PA2. Maybe the tape of when they're 13 and 10 it's divided in 2 parts... Your theory about adoption is just PERFECT! I'd have NEVER thought that. A-Mazing.

      • susan

        Like I told my daughter, I think the 4th will be when they r babies. The 5th will be some researcher reading old books about the coven and about the grandmother joining it. How it might become is that since there wasn't video back then,the researcher will prob document everything and make a sort of film documentary on facts he found in books and from talking to ppl.That way,we get to see what was going on but through a doc movie.Idk... just my opinion..

    • Jim Yager

      I went to see PA3 the first night, and, was very let down. I felt that the second movie was the best. The reason why PA3 stunk was because the trailer was a lie, and, full of scenes and "stuff" that where not in the movie, or, where in the movie in a way other than in the trailer. That kind of bait and switch tactic really makes me angry. IF they had showed the movie that was advertised it woul dhave been AWESOME! Instead we got a dull slow movie, with little thrills and few surprises, because, we where waiting for things from th etrailer to happen, that, never did.

      • LaToya

        I totally agree!

  • Braddy

    Awesome read. Thank you for doing this article. I totally love Parnormal Activity films. The whole mythology really interests me. The one thing i would like to know is, what is scratched on the basement door in PA2 and what relationship it has with the letters in the cuboard in PA3.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      "Meus" is scratched on the door and it is Latin for "Mine" and it is of no relation to the scratches in PA3.

      • Mathiys

        He drew a "M" inside the cupboard in PA3.

        • Danielle

          There was also a C (I think) at the top of the triangle, and either a Z or an N on the opposite side from the M.

          I just saw the movie today

  • Joe

    I think they need to make a straight sequel to the events in one and two. Enough with this prequel stuff. I want to see a possessed Katie being hunted by the feds for killing three people and stealing a helpless child. Make it a totally badass on the run road flick. It would allow them to break from the found footage mold too. I know that's defined the franchise thus far, but I see no reason why they can't change things up a bit.

    • http://www.stickskills.com Hamza Zain

      The thing is, the found footage is what allows them to shoot so inexpensively, and is the staple of the franchise. Also, if it turns into a chase flick, then there's nothing creepy about that.

      • Joe

        It's still possible to make a reasonably priced film without it being in the found footage genre. And if they're going to stay with found footage, how are they ever going to address where Katie is? Are they just going to paste the film together with footage from gas stations, restaurants, etc?

        • Shirley4

          They could follow Katie and the baby with them moving into a different family and corrupting TNT that family. Or like Katie passes the demo onto someone in that family

    • Maria

      Actually, I don't think that should happen.
      1) Who do you think would record them? The movie series is shown through someone recording them on camera, not like anyh other movie.
      2) That's the point of the movie, to get everyone asking questions. The director obviously shows so much suspense, it makes us keen to watch P4.

    • popcorn

      Noooooo,I want tosee more paranormal activity in the movies!Thats why the named the movies paranormal activity! NOT RETARDED DEMON CAR CHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dude

      I definitely think that should never happen. the whole idea and concept of these movies is to have the viewer see a scary/creepy story from the point of view of someone who came across these strange tapes and put them on under the false pretenses that they were going to see some memories, not have the crap thoroughly scared out of them. Turning a masterpiece like this into a "run road flick" is just as likely to happen as changing around the whole plot of the story for PA5, where it suddenly becomes the heartwarming and tragic story of a boy and his dog.

      And the same thing goes for the people who suggested time travel

  • Braddy

    Here are some of my ideas about the story.

    1. I think the mother in PA3 isnt killed, but just injured badly. Her and the 2 girls have their memory wiped. The coven burnt the house down, letting the mother and girls think it was an accident. The coven wanted the family to move away asap as they didnt want anybody to mention the boyfriend and bring back memories.

    2. I think when the grandmother died (Katie cleared out her house, thats when the tapes were found), her power to keep their memories wiped lessened. The memories started to come back little by little. Hence the demon comes back to claim the newborn boy.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      The only thing I wonder about what you said is "when the grandmother died (Katie cleared out her house, thats when the tapes were found)". Why would the tapes be at the grandmother's house? Why would she keep them? Just burn them with the house.

      • Braddy

        Maybe she has to keep them to hold the power to keep the memories at bay. To wipe the memories you have to acquire something which is involved in the memories. The tapes hold everything for the mother and 2 girls.

        • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

          Can't argue that and it would work.

          • Braddy

            They need us on board to help write the next part of the story :) All the plot holes can be filled with a little time and careful thinking.

            When the grandmother dies Toby (DEMON) starts the haunting as the memories would start to come back. He removes the tapes in case the family secrets resurface and the girls try to prevent hunter from being taken.

          • Henchoz

            She "The Grandma" is a witch perhaps they watch the tapes as a way to celebrate what they have done? But I love the comment about Toby being the Grandfather! so here is my idea "Toby the Grandfather was the leader of the covent and when he died his evil spirit remained with the intent of coming back in the families first born son". Which means we could see the 1992 tapes in PA4 and a fostered Hunter/Toby who would now be in say 2013 7/8 years old causing all kinds of scarey shit for his new family in PA5! what yas think lol

          • crystal

            hi are u the one who made part 2 & 3 im asking cause it says post author behind your name if so will there be a part 4

            • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

              I did not make the movies, I wrote the article, but Paranormal Activity 4 comes out on October 19.

          • monica0507

            i got online to find someone that reviewed all of these 3 movies and had questions myself that you answered thank you,,, now i saw 4 and was amazed how it played out now can you tell me about 4 and what you think its going becausei loved your review on the first three. please let me know... ps i saw 4 and was shocked

            • monica0507

              so was the little boy in part 4 a connect to just get in hunters body so that katie can take him back. and what do you think happped to the bodies when katie killed him

        • Ashley

          Well if you look at the video clip title it says 1988: Katie's Birthday. Or well at least Birthday. Meaning maybe she didn't know. I mean she could of thought maybe he wasn't actually recording.. which reminds me, why would someone bring around a camera when going to talk to their wife, or talk to their kid. Just get the answers, no need to record.

      • Chris

        and why even let the girls have the memory of the house being burned down? if the grandma is so good at wiping memories, just wipe the slate clean. if they have in fact been wiped of the memory of their mom and events happening to them, what's the point of remembering the house being burned down? this movie is just becoming really gimmicky and will be trashed and bled for whatever money it can make.

        possessed or not, the grandma, katie and julie and toby walking off like some happy family after mom and bf just got murdered is ridiculous to me.

        and what kind of a creepy stalker cult hangs out in a dark garage or room and just zombie walks around trying to get the bf? haha

        • Chris

          kristi not julie…oops

          • Batdwarf

            At last someone who got my point of view. This franchise is getting more and more stupid! The first one was so great, now with this covent stuff, it just became really ridiculous. Moreover, you think that still remains unexplained, to me that's just because the producers want to make money and don't
            give a d**n f**k about the links between the movies. "Hey let's put that, who cares about what people will think after all, we're sure to make a lot of benefits!"
            PS: Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

      • Nick

        hey, remember in part 2 or wherever, that she said her necklace her sister gave her went missing, could possibly be the necklace from the coven from pa3....where the guy was trying to show the mother the necklace the coven wore to convince her something was in the house! so the necklace has to be a coven necklace!

      • rara

        at the beging of pa3 you see katie say can i store boxes in your basement kristi asks what they are and she says just videos i inherited when grandma died.do you know what kristi was agreeing to whaen katie was dragged in to the cupboard in their bedroom she say ok i'll do it just let her go was she agreeing to give her first born son when she was older?

        • tat

          When she says "okay, okay.. I'll do it!" she was agreeing to convince her mom to take them to their grandmother's house..

  • Forrest Gump

    It doesn't seem to make sense. This only made me look at even more plot holes than the ones i knew it had before. I know the first one didn't have any script so it was all improvised and I was okay with that one but they've continued the story in a way that they didn't really care if the storyline fit in with the first two.
    Okay so now I think the fire never happened, the girls are living with their father.
    What I didn't understand was if the girls were bad the whole time which wouldn't really make sense because they would've remembered what happened when they were big, or if they were good why did Katie mention that "you're going to end just like mom" to Kristi? What did she mean by that? And I'm trying to believe that when Micah mentioned her mom it was just a mistake.

    • Ash

      I Thought the mom was paralyzed in PA3, and then she was knocked out from being thrown down the stairs. I personally don't think she died. :) All I don't get is the sudden reference to this 'Cult', and why where they all in that room in the dark, its not like they could have predicted that Dennis would come to them!

      • Tiffany

        I thought that the sounds of the cars heard by Dennis and Julie was the coven arriving.

    • Alisha

      The fire DID happen. just so everyone knows. look at the end of PA3, where the static comes up and ends the movie.
      in the static, there is a picture that flashes up for about a microsecond. if you have no.3 on dvd, look and pause it on that, you will notice it, it may take you a few tries but....
      or, of corse, you could look on youtube.
      the picture shows the bed with a fire on it. A hidden image to show the viewers (if they find it) that the fire in the house started after the end of pa3. Possibly by the grandma or toby.look it up.

  • John

    I think they should do a sequel since we've had enough of prequels... lets do a sequel where we focus on Ali Rey (from Paranormal 2) Here's my idea:

    In the beggining of the movie, we could start the movie by showing the ending of the 3rd movie... maybe something happened after they went upstairs. here's my idea:

    After Lois took the possessed Katie and her sister Kristi upstairs, we hear: Lois chanting something, a demonic voice and little girls crying. Then, it suddenly stops. We see a woman carrying Katie and Kristi out of the house as the house starts to burn. They ran out of the house but the now unpossessed Katie stops and takes the camera with her as she wonders what it was.

    Let's go to the real deal:

    Paranormal Activity 4 Plot:

    In 2006, in the household of Kristi and Daniel Rey, a paranormal activity occured and in October 9 2006, they both died and their baby brother was taken by Katie, Kristi's sister. They also found out that at the same day, Katie's fiance, Micah died also. Then in October 12 2006, at 9:00 am, Ali Rey came home from her school trip and found the dead body of her dad and her stepmother but her half brother was nowhere to be found.

    Then we see a footage of Ali's school trip in this camp where she experience her own paranormal activity.

    In 2007, Ali Rey, who's now working at a restaurant, is now found living by herself in an apartment. She starts to have these weird feeling that someone is with her in that apartment cause she hears weird noises when she's alone. So, one night, she invites her boyfriend, Brad (from paranormal 2), to have a sleepover with her. She sets up a camera at that night and they saw how Ali's bed rose from the floor and suddenly falls waking up Ali and Brad. They cannot believe what they saw. Ali thinks it's her parents haunting her so she visits their grave and she sees an old woman standing, looking at her parent's grave. Ali, who later finds out that the old woman's name was Patricia, talks to her and she finds out that she was the one who saved Katie and Kristi from the fire and she was one of the coven (from Paranormal 3) but she betrayed them for some reason. After that, Patricia gave Ali her address. Ali wonders why she was there but she never got an answer. We then find out that Ali saw the video of Katie killing her parents and taking Hunter with her. Then at that night, she records again but now she's all alone. We then see that something was pulling Ali's blanket and shaking the bed but Ali does not wake up intead moans and screams then wakes up at exactly 4:00 am. She sees the video and wonders why this is happening to her. So she visits Patricia and discovers a secret to be revealed.



    Ali then finds out that Patricia was still part of the coven and was just tricking Ali so she could be part of the coven and that Katie was now the leader of their coven. Ali then finds out that Hunter is still alive because the coven is suppose to offer Hunter to the demon at the first total lunar eclipse of 2007 which is on March 3, 2007. Ali was able to save Hunter from the coven but Toby (from PA3) was still following Ali. Hunter was suppose to be offered to the demon but when the work of the coven gets stopped, Hunter is now useless to the devil. 2 years later, Ali and Brad gets married and Hunter is now all grown up. During Ali and Brad's honeymoon, Brad secretly placed a video camera and was recording them having sex but at 2:00 AM when both of them fell asleep, a paranormal activity was caught on tape. The demon was having sex with Ali. Then 3 months later, Ali gets pregnant.


    • Adriana

      Sorry, but this idea is too far fetch. Also not even relevant to the franchise. Nice try tho.

    • rei

      I like!!!!!!! This made me wanna watch it. Tobey gets Ali Rey preggers...customer duh, he still wants an innocent infant.

    • Patricia

      John John John,
      John, why oh why oh why oh why oh why ... are you Toby?
      Lots of love

    • Chris

      why would katie be possessed to if toby is walking up the stairs with them after being called by julie? this yields that there is more than one demon.

      • Chris

        kristi not julie...oops

    • Chris

      the demon was only after the first born son of the family, so there is no reason ali would be haunted or even in the storyline. as far as the demon goes, it's mission accomplished. so i dont see a a point to terrorizing anyone else. from my understanding the only reason toby terrorized people was to basically build his strength.

      • Chris

        john....ali isn't even part of the bloodline. obviously there is some sort of pact within the family that states the first born son is a goner. ali is the kid of another family, so her having a child means nothing. this demon has been waiting around to get the first born son. if he could have any first born son i think he would have been smart enough to jump ship years ago. ali has nothing to do with anything other than being a victim of of toby's terrorizing.

        • Felicia

          I loved it soo much John. It would bring a new twist to it but it might also drag it out. But kudos to you man.

        • Soco

          Well what about pulling a typical Hollywood, the battle of Good and Evil. Bring in Ali's mother and assisting Ali in getting back Hunter? Too much? Oh well...

    • http://ropeodsilicon.com jessie

      dude that sounds so friggin cool

    • AZER

      dude theres no way this could happen.....ridiculous!!!

      let me tell u wat i think, i think we see the coven cave and theres cameras inside it,hunter is a teenager (16 years old) , he grabs a camera (like mother like son!) and finnaly trys to escape.while he escapes he sees katie dead right before he gets out and shes all old and wrinkled. he gets out of the coven cave and sleeps in a bathroom at a gas station for the night (does not count as the 1st night).the next day comes and somehow ends up back in his neighborhood when he was a baby but he doesnt know it is. this woman about 32 years old (kristi:his mom) finds him on the street all dirty and hurt.she goes up to him not knowing its her son offers him some food and a welcome to her house. they then exchange names and kristi then finds out tht its her son!! she asks him many questions and they live together. kristi tells him about his sister (Ali) and who his married to her boyfriend from PA2 in a house with a daughter named (kamy). the first night then starts when kristi and hunter go spend a week or 2 with Ali and her husband and Kamy. Ali and Hunter set up cameras around the house in Kamy's room,Ali and her husbands room, Hunter's room (the guest room), and Kristi actually sleeping on a inflatable mattres in Kamy's room. so they all get tormented and haunted by Toby and.....Katie!!!! the story then ends with Hunter and Ali last alive and they move on to PA5 living together with the comfortness as brother and sister.

      Now im not saying this is a definite of happening but cant u just picture it in ur mind i have a 80% out of 100% sure of myself!!!

      • AZER

        i want u all to tell me wat u think of this idea...Even the author!!!!

        • Skinny

          Poor! Because Kristi is dead!? This is a ridiculous idea!!!

      • travis augustine

        first of all thats the coven cave was an ok ideal but after that.no no no! plus that would be stupid anyways.. lets just makes this movie with ali and the police looking for katie in hunter.. in i don t think that grandma is dead if shes a witch shes not dead.. i bet where ever katie went with hunter is in that.. that grandma is with them in the black wear clothes witches

      • http://www.ropesofsilicon.com will

        i like that idea.

    • Maria

      Hey john great idea for the movied bro totaly loved it=>
      Nd in case no one knew but yes spirits cn hav sexual relatins wit humans, its prety freaky but yea. I think ur idea is prety good though i wuld totaly want to c tht in the movie=)

    • EG

      Ali is not even apart of the family blood line.

      • John

        I know she's not part of the bloodline... My idea is that since the demon from Paranormal Activity 3 which is "Toby" is different from Paranormal 1 & 2 (REMEMBER THE FOOTSTEPS FROM PA1?) That's why I was thinking... Why not bring out a new demon? Ali brought this demon after she disturbed a coven's house and they curse her by getting her pregnant... :)

  • Peavey

    Guys... honestly... you guys are making it more complicated than it is.

    The series is over. they finished the story with PA3. In my opinion, there's no more need to add to the story.

    Think about it... Chronologically.

    PA3 - 2 kids, katie and kristie. katie has an imaginary friend who apparantly is a demon. the demon did all these scary stuff to scare them to move out. demon made a deal with katie to get to grandma's place. why? cuz the coven was waiting to execute mom and dad. again, why? because mom and dad don't want or will not bear a another child (aka another chance to bear a son).

    Proof: recalling PA2, the demon wants a son and ali did mention that kristie's family blood line have been all girls til hunter.

    so, grandma lost hope. and decided to tell the demon (aka toby) to scare and lure the family to her place and kill Julie and Dennis and keep the 2 kids for herself.

    *the part that scared me was when you see Julie hanging on top of the stares. there was no rope. logical explanation: toby choked or was choking her to death and held her there til Dennis saw. also explains why her body was seemingly thrown towards Dennis.

    Here... we can go on to PA2.
    PA2 was pretty straight forward. demon hauntings, katie and kristie's relation, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, kristie has a husband and they have a son. this is where we also discover the demon's want for the first born son.

    Why didn't the demon simply get hunter right off the bat?
    because maybe kristie does not remember clearly and doesn't want to remember. making the demon weak. (i think we can assume that the coven in PA3 are dead cuz they were old in the third movie anyway)

    PLEASE NOTE, Ali is Dan's daughter. by blood, she is not related to kristie. she got scared and has nothing to do with the demon.

    IMPORTANT PART, Katie and Kristie's Conversation. that they know something similar happened to them when they were kids.

    "Wanna know what I remember? I remember you crying… all the time. I remember you couldn't sleep and had anxiety attacks. I remember you stopped talking for months. I remember weird people coming to our house and our mom was upset all the time. That's what I remember. Whatever it was, it thrived on fear. The more we paid attention to it the worse it got. You need to leave this alone. You need to ignore it or you're going to end up just like mom. Do you understand me?" -Katie

    this is a major reference to PA3.

    especially... "You need to ignore it or you're going to end up just like mom. Do you understand me?"


    ALSO IMPORTANT, when Kristie is dragged to the basement. in my opinion, this is like the demon's way of reminding her of her coven's debt. (possession? probable. but i think it's not that important).

    So, Dan brings in Martine and helps them exorcise the demon. i think the ending can confirm that the exorcism worked. and i guess it requires a sacrifice, which is why they burned Katie's picture.

    Ending of PA2, Katie comes in and kills Dan and Kristie and kidnaps hunter.

    And now... PA1.

    Obviously from what we learned in PA2, the events happened parallel to PA2's time-frame. NOTE that Katie and Micah moves in to a NEW TWO-STORY TRACT HOUSE. they got rich somehow. (ref: the coven's deal. The sisters are wealthy because of it)

    So... hauntings happen, etc.
    IMPORTANT PARTS, when katie walks out and stays at the backyard swing. and when Katie is seen talking to herself (presumably the demon).

    Explanation: Again like Kristie (in PA2), this may be the demon's way of reminding her of her coven's debt. NOT necessarily a possession. Why? she knew the demon back when she was a child (PA3). Maybe this is a signal for her to take action. to settle the debt. because based on PA2, the demon was exorcised from Kristie.

    Ending... (in my opinion)... Katie decides to take action. kills micah. and i guess contemplates on what she's done or about to do. cops arrive later. finds micah dead. and finds katie all confused at the bed. we do see that the cops shot Katie. but the epilogue states that katie's whereabouts are unknown. so, we can assume she's still alive...

    ...and alive just in time to kidnap hunter in PA2.


    the debt is done. there is no possibility for a sequel cuz we need a camera for it. to maintain the "found footage" style. so knowing the destination where hunter is brought is beside the point.

    KEEP IN MIND, we get to see the events that took place because 3 men decided to use or play around with cameras to investigate. WHY? because they could, they were rich. demon's debt: wealth for first born son's soul.

    ALSO KEEP IN MIND, Katie and Micah weren't married. which makes her being the "last coven follower" feasible. (PA1)

    ALI is not related to katie and kristie by blood. she has nothing to do with the coven or the debt. (PA2)

    Dennis and Julie were killed because of their unwillingness to bear a son. maybe they were considered useless. But instead, the coven (and/or the demon) saw the 2 kids as an opportunity to have a son in the future. they kept the kids for themselves to make sure of this. (PA3)

    Since there is a coven, somewhere down the bloodline of Katie and Kristie... A woman of their blood made the deal. so, they are not necessarily witches. (PA3)

    to show that as another prequel is impossible. unless there was a video camera in the 60's or earlier.

    In my opinion, the story is done. and a very well thought-of story at that. i'm thinking the story was an after-thought, evident by the numerous alternate endings of PA1. so, i feel that there is no need to expand the franchise.

    think about it. it's in a "found footage" style. the footage was eventually found and watched by someone. that someone is irrelevant to the story. it's perfect as it is.

    just my two cents. :)

    • ren

      Thank you! I dont think some people understand the films have been going backwards, each one explains more. In PA1, you think its just a simple ghost story, but PA2 explains why they got haunted and gives it a backstory, and PA3 further explains it and shows how it began.

      I like a lot of your ideas, and i also agree, i don't think they should continue with more movies, however i am still interested in the covern (i loved the third movie the most - it made me appreciate the other two movies which i previously though weren't great)

      however, the first movie's true ending is her killing micah and escaping (and as seen in the second movie, goes to her sisters house to take the baby). The ending where she gets shot is one of the alternative endings that wasn't shown in theatres. Another ending shows her killing herself, however these two alternate endings would make mean hunter was not kidnapped and make the next two movies redundant as Toby/the demon would not end up (as far as we know) taking baby hunter.

      • http://www.ropesofsilicon.com will

        well this one could actually go in order but if it was real then demons arent very organized.but were forgetting about the girl demon in pa3 i mean toby isnt a girl maybe saying blood mary. theres many legends.and what if bloody mary is a demon.i heard thatshe died before she got her time to be a queen and wanted revenge.

    • Kristen

      yeah you got your order wrong. chronologically it goes PA3, PA1, then most of PA2 (up to the part where they transfer the demon to katie). the most recent even that happened with this story is that katie gets hunter and disappears.

      you also saw the wrong/non-canon ending. in the original ending, katie throws the dead Micah through the door and at the camera, then sniffs the camera and lunges at it.

      • Siri

        You do know how to read a date right?

        It goes Month/Day/Year. Not WTF/OMG/BBQ.

        PA3 = September 1988
        PA2 = August-October 2006
        PA1 = September-October 2006

        Hey lok, they did something cool there....not only did they go in order with the dates....but the went in order with the movies too! The magic of math.

      • Siri

        You do know how to read a date right?

        It goes Month/Day/Year. Not WTF/OMG/BBQ.

        PA3 = September 1988
        PA2 = August-October 2006
        PA1 = September-October 2006

        Hey look, they did something cool there....not only did they go in order with the dates....but the went in order with the movies too! The magic of math.

    • Mamacita

      Well, having Katie and Kristi both be coven members would certainly explain a lot. You refer to Katie’s expensive new house and draw a connection between her wealth and the coven’s deal with the demon; and Kristi, too, has a big, expensive house and apparently without having to work.

      I don’t know if Dennis and Julie were killed because they were considered “useless” in that they refused to have another child that could be the long-awaited male owed to the demon. They could have been killed because they would have got in the way of the coven’s brainwashing the girls and manipulating their lives so htat one of them might have the needed male child.

      I can’t really see there being another movie; if there were, it would probably be pretty short, mostly just showing what happens to Hunter, although as many have commented, it would probably no longer be in the same “found footage” style, which fans seem to feel would be a bad thing. (I wouldn’t mind! The first movie actually made me motion-sick, the camera work was so awful when Micah was carrying it around; at least by the third one they’ve improved on that so it’s more watchable.)

      Whether or not there are any more PA movies yet to come, I suspect many fans will create their own endings via fanfiction. There’s already some out there, and you just know PA3 is providing even more fodder for folks who need the loose ends tied up and the questions answered, and are willing to give it their own spin. Should be interesting!

    • Lisa

      Excellent points. You made it all very clear.

    • Alex

      3 things....1: in PA3, at the beginning, there were tapes that said 1992. 2:I don't remember when, but in PA1, either Kristi or Katie(can't remember which was in this one) said that the events REPEATED WHEN SHE WAS 13. So, since she was the oldest at 8 years old, in 1992, she WOULD HAVE BEEN 13. 3: There was a lot of stuff in the trailer that didn't make it into PA3. A LOT. INCLUDING THE HOUSE BURNING DOWN. So, you know what I think? They are going to do a weird revers move and go to 1992. That makes the most sense. Oh, and PS....I think all of the other peoples ideas were over complicated, so I'm with you on that note.

    • http://www.ropesofsilicon.com will

      even if it does end fans will demand for more.

    • moviefreak

      The problem with your story is, Katie moved into Micah's house (referenced to PA2 when she tells Kristie that she's practically at his house all the time). So the part where you say the girls are rich from the past demon exchange would be implausible as referenced to the large house. As for Kristie, the house she and her husband have may be their's because they both bought it when they got married, or he bought it before they got married for him and his daughter. The PA1 and PA2 movies both have huge houses, but nothing is implied that they got them from the money from the demon.

    • Peavey

      After almost a year, i'm back. hahaha...

      and apparently PA4 is about to come out soon (in my country at least). So, that answers one question.

      And based purely on the trailer, they're going for the aftermath card. and i have to say, i'm still pretty interested.

      i did say it was already pretty perfect the way it was. And still is but i have yet to watch PA4. my opinion (and expectation) is as Alex said...simpler is better. let's not make things complicated. it's just a lot. i mean, 3 movies and 2 more coming up is a lot but i'm sure Oren Peli understands how "Less is more" works. hope they stick with it. (look what happened to the last few SAW movies...not very good)

      Everyone replied with some good points. Made me re-think about some of my points but i still believe in what i said. I mean, with a genre like this, of course there's gonna be plot holes here and there. It's the subjective-ness and mystery of it which makes it all the more interesting. which i have to say with these 2 upcoming PA movies, it'll be very tricky for Oren Peli (or whoever writers and directors) to keep us interested. Because honestly, the webcam thing is kinda pushing it but i'm remaining optimistic. hopefully it all works out.

      yes, i have seen all alternate endings. and yes, i stand corrected. i mentioned a different ending to PA1 before. They went with the ending where katie simply lunges at the camera. This is evident due to PA4's trailer and imdb. but still...everything else i said still fits.

      about the dates... i did say that PA1 and PA2 events happened parallel to each other. And clearly PA3 is a prequel. just to make things clear for ya'll.

      About the wealth and power... yes, it was never implied but they still got rich somehow right? And that's all i said. Maybe it's "demonic luck" or physical help.. i dunno. but they did get rich. Katie may not have paid for the house she and micah lived in but she sure did have money for a car(somehow).

      Also, I've been hearing that "toby" is actually a girl demon. that remains to be seen. I mean, "toby" is just a name. but katie did say that "he looks old like grandma"

      I say...Don't take the trailers too seriously. (or i guess in the production teams POV, take it seriously) haha...

      Because that's exactly what they want you to think. (like, J.J. Abrams) They want you to make your own stories to fill in the gaps. The wonder makes it all the more scarier. so i say, disregard the trailers. it's designed to entice your interest, not exactly to give you information. Information that potentially could spoil the whole experience. And that's what we're after right? the experience.

      and besides... that girl figure in the trailers looks super-imposed or post-produced. and by that i mean, it was edited in after it was shot, not done during. which goes against the whole "found footage" style. Effects (if any) in this style should be subtle and believable.

      Although, there are little things you can pay attention to in those trailers.

      For example...that house burning down. who did that? could there be more coven followers alive?

      just my two cents. :)

  • http://psychicramta.blogspot.com psychicramta (ramon)

    hi. i have a questions

    paranormal activity - is it really a true story?

    • Cat

      No, it's not a true story. Mainly because this stuff is fiction and paranormal activity does not exist. There is a clear and scientific explanation for any creaks and movements in a house.

      • jess

        Ummm... Maybe for the creaks. I don't think we can arbitrarily call every haunting, documented or secret told by family or whatever, etc., a lie or mental illness. That's a lot of lying. And a lot of crazy. But maybe that's just me.

        And no, I've never experienced anything, from a sweet ghostly grandmother to a scary-ass Exorcist-demon, I've been pleasantly unaffiliated. But I don't every family member/friend/whatever would lie about things like this. Well... Not every one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Coley/753747229 Kyle Coley

    My has been blown away. I haven't seen any of the films at all. Now I will, thanks brad :)

  • http://pixel-drama.com Leandro Dubost

    The only plot hole they HAVE to explain from PA3 is about the tapes. Why they weren't destroyed and why they were stolen later? And how did the police got them?!

    (if I remember correctly, the first movie implies that these 'lost footage' were found by the police, am I right?)

    Other than that, anything else they try to develop more will only create even more plot holes, I guess. A 'Lost' effect, or something.
    Do we really to know more? There is a demon and he wants a baby because of some pact evil grandmother made. Moving on!

    They should just make 'Paranormal Activity 4' the last movie, telling us what happens with Hunter and Katie, and that's it.

    • Lisa

      Do you remember the kid Brad (was that his name?) that helped the boyfriend in PA3? He grabbed some tapes as he left. Maybe he took some of the tapes and after the house burnt down, he turned them into the police thinking he could help. Or, maybe he left them somewhere because he wanted to be rid of them (after he realized he had them in his possession) and then the police recovered them, giving them to the Grandma who didn't really want to know what was in the box and just shelved it.

    • travis augustine

      i agree with that

  • Kimberlesk

    Thank you, Brad, for this article. I love analyzing these movies and the discussions that come from it. Thank you, everyone for your theories and opinions! It has all been a very interesting read and I'm looking forward to watching all three movies again this weekend!

  • Anonymous Paramount Employee

    The fourth film will begin with the fire.
    Although a plothole i have brought up with the writers is that who is holding the camera during the fire?

    They replied with "Lois tapes the fire from outside the house" Katie and Kristi's mother lives because lois takes her outside, and she cant remember anything.
    Then the film cuts to Katies 13th birthday, and memories start to come back to her mom. The mom sees a psychologist about "visions" and the demon starts to come back for Kristi as she is reminded of it.

    Im not going to reveal anymore, but i can say that it is only going up to Paranormal Activity 5 and number 5 will be shot in 3D.

    • jess

      Seriously... 3-D. God, I hope that isn't real. 3-D Found Footage? How would they make that work? People are already getting sick just thinking about it.

    • Kristen

      you're full of shit.

      why would you risk your job by leaking this?

    • amber04

      i really hope your serious i'm totally obsessed with theese movies and i thought they should of shot the 3rd one in 3d

    • Maria

      wow tht is awesome! i cnt wait to c thiese films!!!

    • uhm

      dude are you kidding me?

      the fourth movie has nothing to do with that. Hunter is six years old in the fourth movie, and is apparently possessed (judging by how in the trailer is was standing outside his new neighbor's window staring at her all hours of the night). I think the demon wanted Hunter to replace the baby's innocent soul with it's own. You know, permanently? And he kept Katie so she could play his mother so they could fit into society better.

      You know if I end up being right, I'm going to start calling myself an "anonymous paramount employee" and see if people believe that too.

  • ChickenFeet

    Okay I do love the film just for the sheer adrenaline rush of being frightened! but the only think about this whole film that I do not understand is....

    Why does the Demon have chicken feet? If it is referred to old like her grandmother, it should have human feet or shoes. Is the Demon just messing around and having a laugh or is this just a bit of footage the director wishes was not put in?

    • Chris


  • Matthew

    Doing away with found footage style would be a terrible choice, ask the Blair witch 2 creators how their style switch turned out. Yes that's just one example, but you tweak the weaker aspects when you create something, not the strengths. It's like when actors decide they want to they want ignore their strengths (acting) to be musicians, almost always goes horribly.

    Anyhow I'd questioned how they could possibly make another one and was very skeptical as to how they could figure another legitimate plot line out, but I'd forgotten about the 1992 tapes. That's perfect and not forced. I give it a thumbs up.

    Lastly, I too would love to see sequel showing the hunt for Katie and hunter, but only if it was done right. Only way I figured it could be done within the style of the film is this: Basically it'd be a Dog The Bounty Hunter-esque little group of people trying to get famous and land a tv deal by filming thrmselves hunting down Katie (they'd have to find some kind of tipoff the cops didn't have that'd give an excuse for why they had success in finding her). Katie scares the bejeebers out of the group, maybe a little psycho killer demon baby hunter action, bam, found footage.

    • Henchoz

      Mega idea at the end of your comment I say the best one yet in my humble opinion

    • Trevor

      That actually was a thought I had that I thought they would do for the third movie, Ali recruits a "Ghost Hunters" like show to find Hunter and Katie. And she is willing to do anything to save her brother, possibly an exorcism of Katie. Or they might have to just kill her

      • Titiman

        best idea hands down

    • Lisa

      Great idea!

  • Dave

    This was a very interesting read, There are so many possibilities for the next installment, but personally id like to see the 1990's tapes explored, and if they do, i just hope they do it right, I think that Julie is still alive, and if she is theres little doubt that shes been brainwashed.
    The 1st three films have hinted more than once that something big goes down when Katie turns 13 so id be very suprised if this wont be the focus for PA4.
    One thing that hasnt been brought up is what happened to Martine from the 2nd film? Im guessing she didnt die so where is she? will we get this resolved in a PA film that takes place after the 1st? if so id also like to see randy back, him Martine and Ali are the only surviving adults (that we know of), that have 1st hand experience of what was going on during one time period or another. also bare in mind that Katie is only possessed, shes not dead, chances are the demon only jumped into her body because it needed a physical form.

    One things for sure, i cant wait to see what happens next, i just pray that they dont mess it up, because this franchise has the potential to be the most epic in horror film history.

    • Braddy

      I totally agree with you. The franchise is on the right tack to be epic.
      Ive been a massive horror fan since being little. The first hammer horror film got me hooked in the late 80s. Ive watched every horror you can imagine, from Argento to the modern extreme french horrors but nothing has really scared me. Ive been shocked by films but never really scared. That all changed a couple of years back.

      Living on my own at the time i thought yeah, i'll watch PA1 no trouble. In bed at night, lights off, laptop on, volume turned up high, bedroom door slighty opened. By the end of the film i was in a state of panic. Id strained my under jaw muscles that bad they ached for days. I can honestly say ive never been so scared from a film like this one. The film stuck with me for weeks. I hated coming home from work in the dark. Im a hardened horror fan but this really did something to me I think living and watching the film on my own didnt help haha.
      From that point i has hooked on the film, im cant get enough of the whole mythology and story.

      If anybody who is working on this franchise reads this, please dont feck this up. This is horror film perfection !!

      • Braddy

        PS. cant bloody wait PA4 :)

  • Adriana

    Great outline for all three films, but really I don't care about the grandma too much. The fourth film could continue with katie being haunted at 14 but that would seem okay. I heard of this idea for the 4th film where the police finds katie and questions her about hunter and her boyfriend. She has no memory of what has happened, or the whereabouts of hunter. This can still have the raw footage and it can be of her possessed and not. So the police send her to a mental institute because nothing is making sense. Then the demon gets pissed and wants her out. So it takes over the facility and spooky things starts happening to the patients and caretakers working there. Giving the demon more power and to fully possess her again and the power to leave.

    • danny

      I like the idea of the fourth instalment being done like raw footage as you could go with police interviews and the mental institute as Katie would probably have to be under constant surveillance. It could actually work but to be honest i think it would go with the 92 tapes,as they are in the begin of the third and in the first Katie does refer to things happening when she was 13.

  • Ferdi

    I'm not great known with this franchise (PA3 was the first one I saw in theatres) But I'm still wondering in the trailer you hear Julie say: ''Were gonna get out of here. Get the car and drive'' And then Julie is taken by the demon into the room and the door closes.... I think that scene will be seen on the DVD because she actually died (maybe) So that scene has to be before she died....

  • beautifulm

    I kind of find it weird that everyone wants to know where Katie and Hunter is. I think as someone said before that would take away from the creepy factor and make it a run of the mill chase film. Besides who is taping the found footage of Katie and Hunter?? I think keeping it ambiguous is best.If there is a part 4. It'll probably be the 1992 tapes.

    • Lexi

      I defenitly agree with you!

    • travis augustine

      no no more past stuff we wanna know where katie took hunter in enough with the video cams

  • mikey

    Personally, i hope the tapes are owned by the coven or whatever, and they are being watched by hunter, convincing him of his destiny as a demons servant.

    • Braddy

      I like this idea :)

  • Mike

    I absolutely loved this article. Awesome read.

  • Dave

    I cant see how a proper sequal could work just yet, However, by the end of PA2 we see Katie leave Hunters room but nothing else, even though there are cameras dotted all around the house, so in theory when Abi returns from her school trip she could quite plausably watch the tapes back and see how Katie left the house, chances are she didnt leave until days after she took Hunter from his crib

  • Dave

    ali* (sorry, typo)

  • Lexi

    Thank you so much for posting this. It is very well written and gives me more of understanding with the Parnormal series. I hope Paranormal Activity 4 comes out, and soon!!

  • Suzy

    This is so awesome!!! I luv Paranormal films and I hope they make a 4 and 5! :)

  • Daniel

    Hello I'm a horror fan from Mexico, and I actually like the Paranormal Activity Franchise, and even do, I didn't read all the comments, here's my point of view and my possible plot for PA 4, and PA 5, be ready...

    As far as I know, the 2 girls have been brainwashed by the grandmother, so all of her youth have been erased or left in a very confused state. In my opinion, the girls mother didn't die in the last events of PA3, she was left crazy and disturbed, and I guess this because of the comments both katie and kristi have made in the previous movies, also, their grandmother even do you all disagree, was really young in PA3, leaving the possibility that HUNTER is not dead, but been given to her great-grandmother to be raised to get in a proper way to become the demon's earth body (because it has been invisible thru the whole PA timeline) and my guess is that PA4 will be done during Katie and Kristi's father dispute against their grandmother and obvious legal guardian because of their mother's condition. I feel like it will be interesting to watch the legal battle gives the custody to the father and the grandmother sent out toby to "watch out" the girls for her. Then on PA5, they will return to the continuity of PA1 and PA2, a possesed and catatonic Katie is being arrested while found wandering like crazy... but no Hunter whereabouts. She is secluded into a mental institution (hint: they have security cameras all around) and she is on and off, while talking about the demon and how it kill everyone, and been harassed by Toby there. Just to conclude for a visit of her grandmother telling her on camera that the recipient is well kept with the new coven. Leaving all of us if this is going to be a 9 sequel franchise. Well, I let myself go wild here, but still I feel it kind of makes sense, and it will be interesting to see a tormented Katie on a mental institution while every intern is able to see the demon because of their mental weaknesses. Sorry in advance for all the grammar, I'm mexican living in Mexico, so I did my best.

    • Lynn Young

      When Katie is bringing the tapes over she says Grandma Lois is dead so Hunter would not be with her.

  • Big Phil

    Interesting to note that the marking in the cupboard looks alot like on a well known magick design(the circle in the triangle) which (in black magick ceremonies)is used as a doorway/portal to summon and bind an entity from other realms.
    Normally a round black mirror would also be placed in the center should the summoner wish to gaze into the other plane.
    Filmmakers did their homework.

  • Dabauchery

    Can't wait to see where this all goes! Thanks for the timeline... Saves me from re-watching p1 and p2 (again)!

  • Connor McD

    most amazing paranormal activity article ever read, really sums things up. There will definatly be a great 4th movie, with a possible 5th because of all the info that still needs to be connected and summed up

  • Daniel F

    I loved Paranormal Activity 3 and believe that this franchise has been one of the best trilogies I've seen in film.

    I'm bemused how footage of the girls standing in front of the mirror chanting Bloody Mary wasn't in the main film. Was this footage from the other tapes?
    A black entity is seen when they switch the lights on if I'm right?

    I think a 4th movie has to be made to explain the gap left at the end of the 3rd.

    I'd like to know what they were going up to 'prepare'?

    Why were the tapes kept at the Grans house and not destroyed?

    Who burnt the house down?

    I'd love to see what the babysitter freaked out at up in the girls bedroom. But there's no chance of that ever happening.

    The ideas on here have been really interesting and provided some clever theories!


    Scares the crap out of me

  • Dylan

    The first and second films at first i found nothing special, but after watching the third, it's made me see how great this franchise is, i'm thinking in the 4th, the two girls will be seen to be adopted, and these adopted parents may decide to record something? Just a theory

  • http://www.techhelper.com.au nick

    I feel that the only way to go with this is within.

    You cannot go backwards to the days of the covent (1930s) simply because camera technology was not adequate. Even the events of the 60s wouldn't fit.

    Chasing the demon would ruin the franchise on so many levels.

    The next film would only work if the same formula as adhered to. A couple cameras in choice locations and the camera roaming from time to time. Obviously they would have to work in another dude with a camera fetish.

  • Jaime

    the 2 girls have their memory wiped, so is fair to say that both may think the grandmother is their real mother

    • Tiffany

      At the beginning of the third movie, Katie refers to the tapes as being from "Grandma Lois".

  • Jake

    Your mental gymnastics to make the plot holes fit are impressive but I think they ultimately just show the third film's shortcomings. They did not make an attempt to preserve continuity and instead just threw in a brainwashing of the children for a catch-all to explain why things don't fit their descriptions. Obviously this wasn't planned since the first movie was for the most part improvised and by the third movie we have someone else involved creatively. I just wish they hadn't decided to do a prequel if they weren't going to conform to the story as it had already been presented, it wouldn't have taken a lot of effort to watch the first two movies, write down all the things the characters said about the past and then outlined it so that your story fit into those parameters.

  • Mel

    My question is, Where is all the footage from PA3's trailer that was not shown? Will that be in PA4?

  • Russ

    WOW just finished watching the second film and now ready for the third installment, Although i had to come online to remember the first story and peice the story together hence reading all of the above great comments, Forgive my naivety as ive not yet seen the third film but maybe the fourth could have Ali and her boyfriend(holding the camera)responsible for Hunter(her brother after all) after Katie is found wandering demented and locked up in the said mental institution. Also going back over the story of Paranormal activity one it was hinted at being based on true events?? any one with any thoughts or remember the theories?? Anyway great films and as long as they remain true to the original idea long may they continue.

  • Milos

    paranormal activty the trailer its different to the movie

  • G Alves

    I ve been a huge fan of this PA movies, and the connections created for the 2nd chapter to fit on the first was amazingly perfect...but...on this third movie although the scary moments are great, the script is too much away from the "mystic" and identity of th previous ones.
    A creature so blind, dark and heavy like the one we saw in PA1 and PA2 should have never got this kind of relationship with Kristy (a child)of friendship or whatever. No way. We respected the creature, the demon by his weight! How could it "play" with a child??? And talk??? The moment Kristy talks to the creature is too annoying to the genes of the original script. No way there´s any communication like this between humans and this demon...He is got to be unspokable, and why does he fits like a child under the blanket behind the nanny? His shadow was always huge...
    Hope that PA4 brings back some sort of repositioning of some elements.

  • Jay

    Just a few comments...

    Just a quick correction...In your article, you say Ali is "Brian's daughter..." I'm assuming that is a typo.

    The events of the second film begin roughly a year BEFORE the first film and end around the same time. October 8th/9th. What did Katie do between the time she killed Micah and went to her sisters residence to kill her, Dan, and kidnap Hunter? What time to the tapes show from one film to the next. She is still bloodstained...

    Also, was there any mention of Kristi's son Hunter in the first film? I haven't seen the first one since it came out and like many many others have forgotten the details. Was Kristi heavily featured? Was Hunter, a toddler at the time, mentioned? I suppose it is believable that Micah and Katie did not discuss him. But if Kristi was in the first, Hunter would probably been as well.

    As for footage from the trailers, its only to lure you in. Many times you will see footage from a trailer not in the film. As for the specific Bloody Mary scene from the trailer, I think they intentionally changed it. I think it was simply included to serve the purpose of letting us know that there really is "something" in there with them.

    I'm all for more movies. I suppose eventually they will lose their appeal like the Saw movies did halfway through the second film. But they have gotten better with each one and that is a good sign. As we all know, most of the time, movies go downhill with each sequel.

    I'm of the opinion the 4th one may span a longer time frame and may slowly introduce the film to a new filming style. Only because I can't see them continuing to tell the audience that all this just happened to be caught on home movies and kept in box as we all keep our home movies. But I'd be willing to be the house fire and the events in the early 90's will be "explained."

    Props to the film makers on the 80's setting though. It was like I was having flashbacks to my childhood. Teddy Ruxpin? Where have you been since I was 8???? As soon as I saw him I felt like a child again...only to have the bejesus scared out of me by the film. And I saw this movie with friend born in the mid 90's. She wondered why the girls left their laptop on all night. I said, "that is called a Lite Brite."

    • DV

      @ Jay:

      The events AND characters of the second movie was not mentioned in the first movie. I think Katie mentioned a sister in the first, but nothing too in-depth. I think it was because they did not think it would become the hit it was. I think that is why there were 3 different endings, so they can pick a canon one to make more movies from.

  • DV

    Awesome write up and it is probably be one the best movie summaries for all three. I am a member of quite a number of forums and whenever there is a Paranormal Activity thread with someone spouting nonsense with wrong information, I would link this article.

    Honestly, people are actually bugged by the fact that the scenes in the trailer were not in the actual movie? Really? I personally liked that because the movie is fresh. It is common to see a trailer that used majority of the good scenes in order to attract customers to see it, but only end up disappointed. Another reason why I liked that concept because whenever a scene from the trailer is coming up, you can sense and feel it depending on how the scene is being executed.

    I am really eager to see how they will make a 4th movie because what else can they bring to the table, scare and creepiness wise? I was a little skeptical about the 3rd movie because I thought a lot of things were already covered, but I was wrong. The rotating camera was an AWESOME idea and it definitely created the intense feel and moments. The kitchen scare was pretty cool, but it is getting redundant along with other moments.

    Sales of each movie gets bigger and bigger with each release. People can say they are milking the cow, but I don't care as long as the movies retains the quality that it has provided with each release.

    • Lisa

      I agree with you that the camera rotating on the fan was a fantastic idea. Very creative! You felt the tension because you weren't able to see the entire area at one time. You had to wait for the fan to rotate back! The kitchen scene (both the garbage disposal- I expected her arm to get chewed up, and the entire kitchen falling from the ceiling) was amazing! That was one of my favorite scenes.

  • Ashley

    To me the "Toby" creates a HUGE discrepancy to what is shown in the first to movies. PA1 and PA2 lead us to believe a DEMON is causing the disturbances. Demons are non-human and "Toby" is described as an old man. In the first movie when Micah puts the baby powder on the floor the next morning the footprints have 3 toes and are clearly not human. The demon in the first two movies and "toby" can not be the same things, and i can not be the only person to have noticed that. PA4 will hopefully give us an explanation.

    • Lisa

      Good comment. I'm wondering if there are several demons involved. You see several different kids and versions. Old like Toby, young like the ghost under the sheet, strange feet like in the first movie, a woman's shadow the boyfriend sees at the end of PA3. There just seems to be several entities in play.

  • Nate

    They didn't describe Toby as an old man, they just said he was old and demons are supposed to be old but they never described him as a "man" so yeah I'm pretty sure its the same demon in all 3 movies.

  • El Maligno SENSEU

    hold your horses! you are forgetting the 4th entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise: Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1728179/

    in this movie is stated that Katie was hit by a car driven by a japanese woman in san diego ca.

    then the spirit posses the japanese girl ...

  • Daniel

    Well, actually that movie is a non canon part of the franchise and we need to ignore it in the original timeline of the series, as well as the alternative endings in the first one. kudos!

  • Daniel

    I opinion regard if Toby is a ghost or a demon is that, I actually believe it could be both, Kristie been so young didn't understand the demon shape of "Toby" and when her stepdad asked her to describe it, the only thing she said is that is as old as her grandmother, a very simple child response. Remember the parts where we are allowed to think that Katie is able to watch it too when she stops in the middle of the room before been grabbed by the hair? Well, she was scared as hell and watching to a very high height, so I assume that, as well as the demon been able to be invisible, he is able as well to assume the shape of an old man/demon/woman, etc. But well, as far as I don't want it, remember that it is hollywood and if they have a bad choice they could totally screw it all saying that it is their grandfather or bloody mary, lol. Once again I apologize in advance for the grammar, I'm mexican and a big horror fan. :)

  • Diana

    tapes were stolen probably cz toby or lois dont want to let kristi and katie remember their terrifying past.

  • Rob

    Contraception or not, surely it wouldn't be in Toby's best interests to cause an earthquake while Dennis and Julie were about to get it on. It caused her to say that she wouldn't be having sex ever again, surely not healthy for the potential conception of the due payment. If the earthquake was unrelated to Toby (which is hard to believe given the quake-like consequences of the dispossessing of Kristi in the basement in PA2) then I still have to ask why he would remain present while they had sex, making noises that could potentially disrupt said conception. If he had wanted to watch then he could have just checked the tapes. I love the movies, but I think Toby needs to be more direct in his approach if he's trying to acquire a baby boy (perhaps he could have tampered with contraceptive measures). Even if the future story has been decided it will seem clumsy if perceived plot holes are covered up by surprising discoveries. I hope the filmmakers aim for a seamless route to the truth.

  • John

    Paranormal 4 Plot:

    In 2007, Ali Rey, who's now working at a restaurant, is now found living by herself in an apartment. She starts to have these weird feeling that someone is with her in that apartment cause she hears weird noises when she's alone. So, one night, she invites her boyfriend, Brad (PA2), to have a sleepover with her. She sets up a camera at that night and they saw how Ali's bed rose from the floor and suddenly falls waking up Ali and Brad. They cannot believe what they saw. Ali thinks it's her parents haunting her so she visits their grave and she sees an old woman standing, looking at her parent's grave. Ali, who later finds out that the old woman's name was Patricia, talks to her and she finds out that she was the one who saved Katie and Kristi from the fire and she was one of the coven (PA3) but she betrayed them for some reason. After that, Patricia gave Ali her address and Ali goes to visit and discovers clues to Hunter and Katie.


    - During the school trip back in 2006, Ali found a house full of witch craft and disturbed it. Therefore, resulting into the paranormal activity that's going with Ali.

    - Ali finds out Patricia was Grandma Lois' cousin she was once part of the coven but never returned for some reason.

    - Ali finds out that the tapes from PA3 ended up with Patricia.

    - Grandma Lois was hiding the tapes all along in order to keep Kristi and Katie from finding out about their past.

    - Ali saves Hunter from being delivered to the demon by the coven.

    - Ali gets pregnant but it wasn't Ali and Brad's child, it was the demon's.

  • Becky

    I havent seen 3 as i will have another sleepless 6 months (haha) but I have read the full storyline in detail.

    I think that, like we learn about entities in 1, the grandmother traded the next son to be born in the family for wealth, power (and possibly this idea i love of keeping the grandfathers spirit around!)However, I do NOT think toby is the grandad.

    This is why the grandmother pushes Julie to have more children until she has a son, and when Julie says shes not going to, the entity focuses on the girls.

    Toby tells Kirsti to give her her first born son, and she says yes and toby lets katie out.

    The grandmother is probably the one who started the deal with the deamon as she is in a witches coven so would get what to do.

    I think she kept the tapes because
    a) When she was dead she would be free from the "curse" and wanted to free the girls from it to, because if they watched them they would begin to undo the brain washing


    b) She needed proof of their former life. I dont like this one because i have the idea of the perfect grandparents who would do anything for their kids, but it does make sense.

    Tell me any mistakes and comment...I would love to work out whats going on with people :)

  • Dude

    The grandma keeps the tapes because she is not afraid. She has Toby on her side. The police can't mess with that in her mind.

  • G Alves

    There is a big question pending on this series now: who´s hanging the camera when we watch the house burning????

    I think this magnificent trilogy has a little difference in this third chapter. The first 2 movies are watchable by themselves, independently, and without order. Perfectly understable and they begin and close the plot in themselves.
    The 3rd chapter leaves too many open plots, turns us unsatisfied by the amount of enigmatic facts. Besides that, the film direction is runing away from the cinematography and screenplay simplicities of the original...Less is more!
    The 1st movie leaves an image of "bed and door" imortal.
    The 2nd movie tries something more composite and with many more details on the screen with a larger view of a leaving room/kitchen and baby room...
    The 3rd movie even goes outside to ANOTHER house after a multiple set house...! Lack of mark points...

    And last but not least, try to count the characters in each movie...
    In the first movie all goes around the couple, the demon, a demonologist and a Katie´s friend...
    The second shows up the same couple, the central couple and their 2 son´s, the demon, Martina, the dog, the Ali´s boyfriend and even 2 technicians of the cameras set.
    The last movie brings the 2 girls, their 2 parents, the grandma, Toby, the nanny, Dennis´s friend and all the uncountable coven...

    LESS IS (was) MORE!

  • Chelsea

    Firstly I don't believe that Kristie made a deal with Toby to give away her 1st born son, I think Toby told her they had to go to Grandmas and mom and Dennis couldn't live anymore. and she obviously didn't like that idea cause it's her mommy and she grew fond of Dennis. Toby knew that Julie and Dennis didn't want to have more children since at the earth quake she said that she wasn't having sex again. Lol. And Toby most definitly didn't coz the quake, as someone thought above, whenn an earthqauke happens it makes very scary odd noises. Now, I think maybe she thought Toby was going to kill her sister when he dragged her into the little closet the one night. So that's why she agreed to do what Toby wanted, out of her reflex to save her sister. I also think at that point was when Katie was starting to be possessed. She is in fact closer to the age where you can concieve.... It mentioned in the books that Dennis' friend brought over about girls near that age, I can't fully remember what it said. And it was Katies idea to go to grandmas house.... Not Kristies, which is one reason I thought she had started to become possessed at that point in the little closet. Also Kristie would mention to not pay attention to him and ignore him but Katie wouldn't, lending to she is the weaker one which is why she was possessed and Kristie wasn't. It even said in those books that the demons feed off of fear. I also disagree that Grandma killed Dennis, it was Toby. Now Idk think there was more than one entity just Toby (stated by some one above), as Toby wasn't around. When Katie was possessed towards the end and when Toby was there when Katie was there too I don't think Katie was possessed anymore, just following Grandma.
    I actually thought the movies fit together very well despite what others think. But that's just my opinion.
    And idk if I believe Katie remembers what happened or not, cause sometimes she's a little weird. But I think Kristie blocked it out after all she was only 5.
    And maybe the purpose for Katie getting engaged was to try to make a male heir for Toby, and when her sister had a child first it didn't matter that she have one anymore. Like I said before Kritie seemed stronger than Katie and maybe that's why she didn't take her son when she was possessed. But Katies weaker and as some mentioned she might be in the coven which I kinda believe.

    Idk what's going to be in 4 but I hope they don't jack up the series coz it has been good. It didn't scare scare me but it was good.

    • danny

      I agree with most of what you are saying but it is Kristie that asks to go to grandmas house, it is also Kristie that say's she is marrying Toby which to me was the family was just role playing because when Kristie said she was marrying Toby her mum Julie took the veil of her head and told Dennis to take them to bed. I also don't believe Kristie made a deal to have her parents killed to me that's just a bit to far fetched but I do believe she agreed to go to grandmas house. I also agree with you that there is only one entity/demon as you state that when Katie is possessed Toby isn't around and I agree it is Toby that kills Dennis and not the grandma. also I'm with you on hoping the next instalment is done in the right way as if it is not then it would totally spoil the films .

  • Marcus

    Well I remember from Paranormal Activity 1 that when they put some white powder stuff on the ground and the footprints only had 3 toes like a demon would. If Toby is the grandfather or whatever of the girls, then why would a human have 3 toes like that? That was one thing that was bothering me when I saw PA3

    • danny

      As it not occured that maybe the entity/demon can manipulate what it looks like as Kristie only says it is old like grandma not that he is human and when Toby goes downstairs when the babysitter is there it is only the height of a child

  • Ken B

    Ali won't be in any future movies in any meaningful way. Sorry John. But there are about 500 other movies that end with the woman pregnant with a demon child, that ought to keep you busy for a while.
    There are no plot holes. Nothing that can't easily be explained in movie. Julie didn't die, she just has no recollection. That's easy enough, brainwashing or more likely PTSD. Kristie doesn't remember being attacked prior to being possessed either. PTSD could explain her absence later on too. If she finally went nuts sometime after the as yet unseen 1992 tapes, that would explain Katie and Kristie's conversation. Micah's comment can then be viewed as a joke (in very poor taste). The fire, which I do believe was kept out so it could open the next film, is simple too-ditch the boyfriend's body. He stayed home to work on his tapes and didn't realize the house was on fire till it was too late. No autopsy to find a broken spine. Open and closed.
    Also, the boyfriend in the third one wasn't rich; the grandmother and Julie had a conversation about it. He had cameras because he filmed weddings as part of his business. There is nothing sinister on any of the men's sides.
    The one thing everyone lists as a plot hole is the one I got right away-why weren't the films or the pictures burned? Remember what Martine did with that picture in PA 2? She was able to (at least temporarily) transfer the demon over to Katie by burning a photo. That's a lot of power in one picture. Films are hundreds of photos. What if burning the film would unleash the demon on everyone filmed (including all of the witches)? What if burning the film would destroy the demon (you don't want to destroy the thing that's giving you whatever power the witches are receiving). Or, more realistically, if burning a single photo in a ritual could transfer the demon, what kind of power over the daughters would the witches have with so much footage? If they're greedy enough to barter the life of one of their progeny, I don't see why they would get rid of anything that could give them any more power.
    As for a sequel (and I hope for only one more, unless they do a really spectacular job), the '92 tapes will probably show the weird people (witches) at their house, mom freaking out all the time (leading up to her mental breakdown) and we'll probably see Katie is impregnated, but, surprise, the baby is yet another girl. Grandma dies, mom's in a hospital, so when a bunch of tapes in her estate are found, they go to the next of kin-Katie, being the older sister. I think it'll tie everything up. I doubt we'll see Hunter and Katie again, but if we did, it'd be simple: police footage of them raiding the residence of a wanted murderer and kidnapper. Then we'll probably see the demon somehow possess or take what it is it wants from Hunter. End of the creepy line. This is a very well done series.

  • Ken B

    Also, Toby is not the grandfather. It's clearly stated by the expert in the first movie that they're dealing with a demon, NOT a ghost. Then, a ghost is defined as once being a person, while a demon is something else. Toby is described as old, not an old man.

    • Dave

      Very good points all round there Ken, i agree with everything you wrote, there are a lot of clueless 'fans' on various PA forums that are confussed by the most clear things, (such as to why Katie and Kristi cant remember these horrific childhood events as adults for example0,

      I am intrigued by these three films and find myself thinking about them on a regular basis, and like you i havnt found anything to be condesending or conradictary atall thus far, in fact i think all in all its been nothing but slick story tell

      • Dave

        story telling*

  • Chelsea

    Can I just correct one thing Ken? Katie was possessed never Kristie. :) And yes good points.

    And it simple psychology as to why ppl don't remember traumatic events even in adult hood not just child hood.... You're right Dave Idk why ppl don't understand that. It happens all the time.

    • Audrey Sable

      to Ally, the lady correcting Ken.
      Kristi was posessed you liar!!! Or did she just decide to run down in the basement and take Hunter herself? A mother that is unposessed wouldn't try to kill her kid in the basement... Use common sense. Maybe you didn't even see the 2nd movie.. So you are not a true fan!!! Get out...

      • Audrey Sable

        I mean Chelsea... Not ally..

  • Ken B

    Kristie was possessed in PA 2; because they exorcised the demon from her, and she apparently had no recollection afterwards of being dragged from Hunter's room to the basement, or being bitten. Why if she was possessed didn't she just go ahead and take Hunter? I think it must take time to possess a body. He started possessing Katie just for a few hours at a time, and all he did was make her stare. Also, perhaps his full control doesn't come until night. In the first movie, when he seemingly took over Katie, he was with her all day and didn't kill Micah until the night.
    I hate it when movies break their own rules to create sequels; the Ring 2 was particularly disappointing because I felt like they just made up something to get a sequel. But these movies are really well done; I have never felt like they slapped something together to get a movie out. There seems to be lots of careful consideration for the characters and the plots of previous movies.
    Also I have an unnatural love of found footage movies. Nothing builds terror quite like them.

  • Adam

    I gotta say, while I'm not usually one for horror flicks, this movie's got me wanting to see the next right away. Just one problem: If Activity 2 takes place some time before the first, what happened to Hunter before the events where Michal gets killed?

  • Ken B

    The bulk of PA 2 takes place about a month prior to PA; the last five minutes of PA 2 with Katie happen the day after PA.

  • Lucas

    About the "games", the movies are very specific about the creature feeding on fear. Possessing someone must require a large amount of strength, that probably goes away with exorcism. That explains why Toby had to start the creepiness all over again in Paranormal Activity 1, even though he was clearly strong enough to possess someone (Kristi) in Paranormal Activity 2.

  • mr guido


  • Jd

    I just finally saw PA3 and the last night in Julie's house is on sept 23 which i noticed for being the bday of someone i know. Then they go to Lois' where everything happens after midnight, therefore PA3 ended on 9/24/88. Plus in the middle of the film i saw sept 14, my bday. Am i missing something?

  • Ally

    Wow what a fantastic read. Brad you know how to read my mind.. In a way at least. To some of the people who commented about there isn't going to be a PA4, obviously there has to be one because of those 1992 tapes and also how brad mentioned that Katie said she was 13 when she started having issues and they stayed consistent for 13 more years... It does seem a little confusing that she was the only one having paranormal stuff happening to her for many years and not kristi.

    This is what I think for the fourth PA

    To keep the present, past, present, past.. Pattern going.... think about it.. PA1 takes place in the current time (2006)
    PA2 take place 60 days BEFORE micha's death then goes back to present time
    PA3 takes place 18 years BEFORE Hunters kidnap which would be..

    PA4 takes place:

    In the present time. The footage should start with Ali coming home from school and her finding the parents and looking at the footage before calling the police and reporting the deaths and confirming that Hunter was taken.

    Since Ali is in no blood relation to Krisit or Katie, she can not be tormented by "Toby". Because it was a member of the family who made the dept to the demon and Ali isn't part of it.

    So the main idea of the fourth movie would be Ali taking action in her own hands to find Hunter since most likely the police will be skeptical to Ali's thoughts as to who may have taken Hunter. So she takes her dads camera equipment ( since she does know how to work it as shown in PA2 ) and goes on a chase to find her little brother before he is sacrificed. But she only knows lilttle information so she would have to talk to people in Katie and Kristi's past. Maybe she finds their biological father or maybe Dennis's friend who got bit by the demon in PA3 and finds the information she needs to find Hunter. And she is documenting it incase something happens to her. Maybe sacrifices herself?

    Which ever way, I believe that would be a good way to go for PA4 and then for PA5 would be the conclusion with the 1992 tapes being found in Hunter's pocession and him finding out about his family past.

    These are just my ideas for the next PAs but I hope it does go more than 5 sequels. Thx again Brad for a great read!

    This would keep the "found footage" theme going too.

    • susan

      Hmm.. If the baby was taken in the 2nd,where did it and Katie go in the 1st?

    • ricky

      Umm she can very much get hurt... The two guys who recorded shit got killed... Just saying

  • ash

    Firstly I'd like to say I have only seen the 3rd one, and I read a sypnosis of the 1st paranormal activity and I'm going to watch the 2nd tommorro.
    Also I have only read half of this "guess" I do agree with grandma lois having a big part in this, obviously the demon has greater power over the witches, but kristi didn't describe the demon "old like grandma" those words where fed to her by dennis, and the age of the demon can't be that significant cos he wanted to marry a 5 year old girl! The girl didn't want to marry him, and you seen him propose to her when she was close to the camera and she was repeatedly and rather angrily saying "no" to toby and asked him to stop!
    The questions that are unanswered for me:
    What are the secrets he told her?
    What is the point in killing the people that he does?
    There where some photographs in the 3rd film and I don't know what they where? A man with a moustache, I presumed that was toby.
    I feel with the 1st film a man put talc powder on the floor to gather foot prints, and in the 3rd the dust gatherd together to form a figure, obviously something will be done to show the face of the figure, and the body, maybe the flames of the fire? Then it would look like a devilish demon from hell, kinda cliche, or a deoderant can?
    I feel maybe the trend of the films and the money they're making, number 4 will explain a tiny bit but will open another can of worms to be answered, and they could (if they wanted) make another 20 of them! But they should quit and bring the story to a conclusion. I'm only saying that cos I'm inpatient. It should take another 2 films and I don't want them to use cgi cos it looks tacky on films.
    And I'd like to say the films do scare me, and I've thought about why, spiders scare most people because of instinct, and so many other things that humans are scared of because of our instincts, and ghosts are something everybody is universally scared by, even if you don't believe in them. You still get scared!
    Ash xxx

  • Nevernormal Activity

    I can see 2 more films. SPOILER ALERT

    PA4....Starts off where PA3 finishes (Bottom of the stairs with the dead boyf). The girls real mum isnt dead (injured), somehow gets the girls and escapes (burning the house/covern/grandma in the process), taking the camera etc for evidence. The film moves forward a few years (maybe early 90's), the girls having forgotten about the past film themselves doing a Oija board, thus revealing themselves to 'Toby' before all hell breaks loose again.

    PA5(2013)...Start with a clip following on from PA2 of Ali getting Hunter back with the help of the old nanny/cleaner who uses some of her own brand of witchcraft to protect them. Jump to modern day Ali (now early 20's) has adopted Hunter and is living with a new boyfriend (unaware that he's moved in with the Munsters). Sets up a hidden camera for something trivial, see something spooky and starts filming everything.

    I should copyright this

  • Theron

    I don't think the tapes found in their house for PA3 were really that story related. I think that the tapes were really just for keeping the essence and spirit of a "found footage" movie. Also, it was a good chance to do a small Katie cameo. Like you said, it seems a bit nonsensical for the grandmother to keep those tapes with evidence of their crazy cult parties.

  • http://Google.com Ramsey

    Paranormal activity 3 was the nest movie every. I loved it.

  • Eric

    Here what i think but in simply.

    PA3: Kristi makes a deal with toby(demon or spirit)the deal in my opinion she would give born to a boy child(reason why we dont know)

    PA2: Kristi still remembers there deal with toby and keeps her end bargain of giving birth of a boy but in my opinion changes her mind betrays toby and decides try keep hunter from the demon or spirit but of course failing to do so.

    PA: Toby is obviously not happy due to kristi failing keep her end of the bargain in not giving the son to him. so in my opinion he posses katie to get hunter with success.

    PA 4 tapes or when they were early teens to remind of the deal they had because they were really young so easy to forget! as for the tapes could explain who toby is and the grandmother link with toby.

  • ralph r.

    Okay, I don't think I have been watching the same movies, they are inconsistant with each other, and the dates are off, kind of like X-Files.
    One Katie is killed in PA by the police, after her sister Kristi finds the body of Micah and reports it. BTW that is the girl who shows up in PA talking things over with Katie.
    In PA 2 We find that Katies is not dead, but shows up 12 hours earlier than her own killing, by police to steal Hunter and kills Kristi who discovers the body of Micah in the first movie.
    In PA 3 we find that Toby kills Julie and Her boyfriend Dennis and find out that Katie and Kristi's dad is dead! Now, Katie Talked with him some 20 years later before she kills her boyfriend in PA.
    And Yet, Julie is still alive in the first movie because Micah say, "We shouldn't let you mom come over any more," after the psycic tells them the deamon feeds off negative energy.
    So, if these inconsisencies are not enough for you, the photos from the 1st movie shows up again in the second and is never taken in the prequeal, and the photo has a different little girl than the one who plays Katie in the last movie. I think they have already ruined the scare factor of the movie and should quit while they are a head.

  • Ken B

    ralph r.,

    1) you watched the alternate ending to PA, not the theatrical cut. Katie doesn't die in the theatrical cut.

    2) Katie's alive in the second movie because all but the very end takes place before PA, and like I said, she didn't die in the 'real' ending.

    3) It doesn't matter that their dad is dead in the third one. He's never mentioned.

    4) Julie isn't dead/didn't die in the third one. All you saw was her floating and then she was thrown into Dennis. No blood or anything, nothing but her stillness. You assume she was dead, but without seeing her killed or having a character confirm her death, she's not dead. In fact, Dennis is still crawling towards her and calling for her (as if to wake her) even as Grandma appears and his back is broken.

    5) PA 2 was a prequel as well. So the photo that is burned shows up in PA one because the demon hs been sent on Katie using that photo. Why is it important that the photo is not taken in the third movie? Does that somehow refute that it might exist or that it should be in Kristi's house? Finally, the photo in the first movie was almost certainly the actress herslf as a little girl. Heck, her real name is actually the same! The first movie was done cheaply and did not necessarily have a sequel in mind (hence that ending you watched). Of course they had to have a different girl in the third movie from the first, and if that's the straw that broke your suspension of disbelief, then let me save you some heartache and don't ever watch the Matrix, Iron Man, Tim Burton's Batman, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, because all of those had a few different actors in them from one movie in the series to the next, and you couldn't possible enjoy any of them.

  • Zach

    Great Review, and very very good questions :D and intresting points, Loved reading it

  • EG

    Maybe a possible explanation for saving the videos: as mentioned in PA1, the demon can live dormant for periods of time and can feed off negative energy and fear. Well, maybe the videos serve as a permanent fixture of that fear and negative energy. In PA1 Katie also mentioned that she thinks the camera upsets/provokes it, so maybe it's the same withthe captured video of the thing. Maybe the videos egg it on too or serve as some type of channel. Idk just a guess.

  • Michael Australia

    I know the studio wants to make money, but if it gets to PA 6 or 7 I hope it ends neatly (although they brought back Jason Vorhess over and over) with the demon getting its cumuppance. I know this is unrealistic and its only a movie, but when you watch the 3 of the films over and over, you start to get more empathy for Micah, Katie and co and how unfair this all is. However, the other thing is, PA2 is my favourate, but PA3 was very very scary, and I watched PA1 last night and got scared as. See that's the thing, many criticise Cloverfield, PA and Blair Witch Project for that style of film making, but in time its playing out these movies really are scary because even though you know they are not true, they just work because they seem real. Boo hiss to those that criticise them unfairly.

  • Ally

    Amen to that Michael!

  • Inside knowledge

    There are some hardcore PA fans on here looking for answer... let me help you out:

    the girls mother doesnt die, but gets put into a mental institution, PA4 will begin in 1992 with the grandmother looking after the girls having turned her back on the coven and as you can imagine, toby is not happy and it doesnt end well.

    one more thing, i can garauntee there will be 1 other familiar face.

  • Myles

    My idea, no right or wrong answer but your all thinking the demon (Toby) is automatically evil, in PA3 when he drags the girl into the little room thing out of shot, Kristi tells him to stop thus letting go of Katie. I think because he's been with these girls for so many years he's starting to lose his evilness and become a kind of guardian to these girls, protecting them from the Coven. When the grandma at the end of PA3 calls Toby to come, he growls, surely if he's capable of all these things then surely he'd have a voice! He might not have a choice about tormenting the girls,the Coven may be controlling him and maybe in PA2 and PA1 when Katie is taken conrol of by a demon, it might not be Toby because why would he! The Coven, through the nanny in PA2 have got hold of another demon who takes over Katie to get Hunter, leaving in PA4 for Toby to finally give in and rescue Hunter! :) Also why not just posess Ali seeing as she's closest to Hunter literally, maybe because she isn't a direct blood relatie? Correct me if im wrong, just my thoughts

  • inside knowledge

    i dont want to giv away to much, but we will find out in PA5 who toby is and why he wants hunter.... he needs hunter to release his own spirit from the coven. also in PA5 we will find out that julie is the new leader of the coven, having been released from a mental institution unknown to katie and kristi, and all i will say is it is julie that steals the box of videos and the necklace!

    • http://www.ropesofsilicon.com will

      well this is chucky all over again stealing spirits and all that.

  • Zlatan0906

    Has everyone forgotten the weird footprints in the flour???
    How can they be explained? Haven't seen the third film yet so apologies if this is explained.

    • http://www.ropesofsilicon.com will

      everyone has forgot about those footprints.but something else has gone on i am gonna see pa3 i think later today but everyones forgotten about the girl demon in the mirror who was that i think some one posted are and said there may be another demon ill look up if the bloody mary thing real to those who are haunted that could be bloody mary giving a helping hand.just in case you havent heard of bloody mary you say her name 3 times to a mirror then touch it your supposed to see her shadow.

  • Sheila the QUEEN

    I think paranormal activity 4 should be about Ali who is now a paranormal researcher or something and she discovers her aunt Katie and Hunter's whereabouts but gets posessed or something. Then somewhere in between the movie they will kind of show a footage from 1992 of Katie and Kristi and will reveal that their mother is still alive and is in a mental hospital. Then the ending could be like their mother running away from the mental hospital which is seen through a hidden camera.

    • http://www.ropesofsilicon.com will

      its supposed to have more to the movie.

  • http://www.ropesofsilicon.com will

    bloody mary may be behind this all because i looked it up it says her kids weee killed and she posseses and kills.

  • Scatter

    I've been a loyal PA fan since the days of the demand button and even got to see the movie before its major release. But, that's beyond the point. 
    This article and all the comments were very interesting to read. ( although some of the comments were a little to lengthy for me to consider anything more than a skim through). The thing is, I disagree with some of the theories about the fourth movie. The first idea of having the movie take place in 1992 seems a little off and dare I say, "counter productive". The path that the writers/producers/directors are going on would ultimately cross that option off all together. In the movies it clearly states an older Katie and Kristi had repeat experiences of their younger days. Therefore, making a movie based on the events of 1992 would just be a movie about a family haunted and nothing more. Would it answer some questions? Yes probably. But, it wouldn't be a progressive step to the storyline. The writers won't go there.
    Also many have forgotten that when the first movie was released, no thought was put into making a sequel. Orin was even quoted saying that. Therefore the tapes and jewelry that were takin hold no weight in the story line for the more recent movies.
    In my opinion there are two ways this movie can go. I could be very wrong or very right. Let's hope for right.
    My first theory is that the writers skip back to present day. One person we are forgetting is the only person to survive the second movie other than hunter! Ali. When you look into the study of demonology you find that Toby would only be present for two reasons. A deal was made with the devil for money, power, etc. OR it is possible that the coven, which obviously practices witchcraft, summoned the demon to be their servant. This idea has been seen many times in folklore and is even mentioned numerous times in the study of demonology. If a deal with the devil was made it would more than likely be the deal makers soul that was traded and not the soul of the first born son. Therefore, the idea of Toby being a servant to the coven would be true. Assuming this is the case, than that is where Ali comes into the picture. If the writers do their research, which I'm sure they did, than they know that hunters soul was taken so that the demon would have an able bodied shell to reside in on our plane of existence. Infants are innocent so he could not fight the possession. And since Toby has a job to protect and serve the coven than he will reside on our plane of existence until that job is finished. Which means that Katie will raise the demon child and be killed. But that leaves one problem. Ali. She knows of the events and knows of the demon. She is also the half sister of hunter. The demons new shell. This all points to the fourth movie dealing with Ali and her family  coming across hunter as someone she is not familiar with and having the demon do his best to erase the last possible threat to the covens secrecy. The first step to an exorcism is to retrace the history of the possession and with Ali alive the demon could be destroyed and hunters soul freed. 
    To me that idea seems the most likely and could even stretch so far to say that Ali tries to find the demon and capture evidence to erase it.
    The second idea of mine is that the body of Katie would not be strong enough for any long period of possession. So what if the possessed Katie drops hunter off on a random doorstep and another family is set to raise the child without knowing that a demon is there to guard him. This seems like a very good story line to me. Seeing as an innocent soul is worthless to the lord of the underworld, than the first born son would need to reach a certain age before the soul was ripe to collect. And the prince of darkness would much prefer the soul to be given by the owner than reaped by a demon. This gives more power to him. 
    So after this little rant I believe we will see a present day and maybe even slightly later in time setting. The fourth movie may indeed focus on Ali or hunter and the protection of secrecy. Would I bet my soul on this? Not for the world. But I'd say these theories hold weight in line of thinking these writers have gone on. 

    • will

      um why didnt they put the demon on the cross and send it back to hell.

  • maddy

    While the paranormal activity movies do bring in a large profit, and it would seem they would make another movie, it really not surprise me if they didn't continue the seriies
    am I the only one who noticed that the third movie was the only one with credits? Neither 1 nor 2 had credits, but 3 did. It seems like because they showed the credits (which included characters from all 3the movies) it was to signal the end of the series.
    as for the unanswered questions, what's wrong with a bit of ambiguity? They left it open for us as the viewers to decide how and why everything happened.
    I love the paranormal activity movies as much as everyone else (maybe more!) But I wouldn't be surprised if they left it at PA3

    • will

      um i looked and a worker for the movies said thier would be a PA4 and 5 but they could just record something and make it a movie.

  • Ken B

    I promise everyone Ali will not be in any further movies. So far these movies are portrayed realistically. Just like few people can probably pull a Liam Neison in Taken after their daughter was kidnapped. Was that movie awesome? Yes. Would I like to do that if my own daughter was kidnapped? Absolutely. Would I ever do that? No, i'd be pissing my pants if my daughter was kidnapped like that. So would you. The reality is Ali is roughly fifteen and she came home to find her parents a couple days dead and her brother gone. Think about that. A couple days dead means all the blood had pooled in the lowest parts of their body, leaving everything unnaturally pale. They would be at room temperature. After a couple days their bodies would probably smell a little, and their bellies would be distended with gas from the decomposition of the food inside. That's really frickin' horrifying. If she's not locked up in a home herself, it's amazing.
    And even if she has a mind that's stronger than some of US Finest troops (all of them older and conditioned and trained, and even still they break from horrors, I'll bet any Vietnam Vet can tell you a story more horrifying than any movie), Ali no longer has any family to be home with. She would be shipped off to a relative. And seeing as none are mentioned save her step aunt and, well, there's going to be a problem with Ali staying at her house, she'd probably have to leave far away.
    None of the movies have been set in the future. That would break the theme. Now, a movie set this year or last would work, she'd be 18 or 19 and theoretically able to do whatever she wants, but the trail would have vanished by then, and more than likely any chance to save Hunter. And if the movie was set in 08 or 09? She would be well under 18, being fostered by a relative or someone else, and probably taking lots of therapy. I also don't think it's that easy for a young girl to escape and go on a revenge trip (even if she escaped, what would she do? Steal a car? Search the old house that's been picked over by police, which has been picked over well enough for someone to have found all this footage and cut it into neat movie-length segments, mind you, and find clues they missed?). It's not very action movie that Ali doesn't go Rambo on Toby and the Coven. But you know what? These were never action movies. If the people in them weren't scared out of their minds they wouldn't be very scary movies!

  • Ken B

    My prediction for PA 4:

    Set in 92, we will see girls interact with the coven. They will (as will we) learn what Toby is giving the Coven. We will see the older girl, Katie, probably impregnated or the threat of her being impregnated. Something goes awry; something that causes them to not be in the coven's care anymore. Witches aren't believed in anymore, but it's still illegal to put an underage girl through what they have planned, so the coven can't risk exposure or they'll face jail time. My guess is that Julia (who survived the third movie with no recollection of the events) will probably throw a wrench in their plans well enough that they have to let the girls be but it'll cost her her sanity (or at least her credibility. If you told police there was a group of witches looking to sacrifice your thirteen year old daughter's unborn son for power, you'd probably be locked up regardless of how sane you were).
    Through brainwashing or pure mental distress, the girls lose any clear memories of the events, and the events of PA and PA 2 happen. I think this one will be the last one, and Hunter's fate will be explained one of three ways:
    1) It won't be. Hunter is gone, and who can know what a demon needs with a firstborn son?
    2) The coven will explain what Toby wants with the as-yet unborn Hunter. A mortal shell for his power? The satisfaction of devouring a pure soul?
    3) This is my personal hope: seeing as both 2 and 3 had 'new' footage clips to segue into the older footage, there will be police or news footage of the investigation by the police, and they will show that police know the whereabouts of Katie and Hunter. A strike team is assembled to raid the location, and we will see firsthand Hunter's fate. Maybe Hunter vanishes into thin air. Maybe we see some sign that Hunter becomes possessed. Maybe a possessed Katie (or even Hunter) kills all or most of the police when they enter (Katie does appear to have super human strength while possessed; she chucks Micah's body up the stairs and all the way into the room in the first one; she could totally take out some cops who were not prepared to take on that kind of foe). This would be terrifying and action packed, a great way to cap off the series.
    I will write the script myself, Paramount. Just say the word, lol.

  • manbearpig

    have you ever seen the shinning, the last shot in the movie, its a picture of jack nicholson in 1929, if you have seen the movie, you know what im talking about and know that the picture makes no sense. the director put it in so that the audience would make up their own theories and ideas of what happened. maybe the creators are doing the same with the PA series. plot holes aren't bad, they leaave things up to the imagination. just a thought

  • Johnny B

    So just watched PA3 and it scared the crap out of me, the last 15mins especially. I generally don't enjoy horror films as I find them unrealistic and silly but this series is great, the scare tactics are something we all can relate to (slamming door, noises in the night etc). I think PA4 will pick up where 3 ended, the fire is set up by the grandmother and the coven with the mother going into a mental hospital or been made out to be insane, I assume we'll learn who looks after the girls and what happens when Katie is the 13 from the remaining tapes in the box (as there are tapes in the box ttitled Katie 1992, 1993 & 1994) as well as any other loose ends between 88-PA1. Hopefully there is no PA5, we don't need to know what happens to Hunter, I think not knowing makes it more scary although this is unlikely given the amount of scratch these films are making at the box office AND more importany if there is a 5 I hope the makers don't use some of the ideas listed here as it would completely ruin the franchise, ie. renegade ghost hunters chasing down Katie and hunter or hunter escaping the coven etc!

  • Nico

    the dates on the PA3 trailer is not the same as the dates on the PA3 film. watch it closely!
    the Bloody Mary scene with Randy happens on September 22 on the film..
    the film ends on September 24..

  • Jem

    I dont think Julie (the grls mom) is dead eaither. Just unconious. When she wakes up she wont know exactly what happened but will be flipped out. Like Katie/Kristi say in PA2.

  • Melissa

    I would also like to point out that in Para 3 the first visit from the girls grandmother Louise - she is in the girls bedroom with her daughter and she asks her about having more children and how she always wanted a big family and always wanted a son - to which she tells her mother she doesnt want anymore children - which in my mind of exploring leads me to believe that the mother of the girls was part of grandma Louise's "pact" if she had one way back when to bare the first son - I dont know seems easily comvincing to me -

  • You’re wrong about PA3

    Just watched the PA3 DVD. The last date shown on the tape is Sept 24, 1998.

    So the timeline is completely fubar.

    • You’re wrong about PA3

      Sorry, make that 1988. Either way...still fubar

  • muraadabyte

    hi this is my view

    Kristie didn't make a deal with Toby to give her first born son, it was Julie's mother who made the deal. she could not have any more children and only gave birth to a girl, then the next in blood line was Julie.

    Julie had given birth to two girls, Katie and Kristie, then told her mother that she didn't want to have any more children,this meant that the demon saw Julie and Dennis as no use so he turned his head to Kristie.

    Kristie was younger that Katie and in effect saw Toby as a friend, she was stronger than Katie in the sense that she told Toby she was not going to listen to him any more whereas Katie was more afraid which was probably that she was realising that he could hurt her due to the fact that he could have slashed Dennis's friend, and that scared her, as Katie grew weaker Kristie carried on telling Katie to ignore him but she couldn't. this caused Toby to change his idea of Kristie being the next one to victimise to get a boy, so when he was terrorising Katie by dragging her into the cupboard I presume he told Katie he would let her out if she convinced her mum and dad to go to grandma's. My theory is that Katie asked Kristie to ask her mum, but when it failed that's when he did the dropping kitchen 'stuff' trick to coax them to leaving the house, which then lead to them going to Julie's mothers.

    then when they arrived at Lois's House, the attack where Julie is Suspended a foot off the floor at the top of the stairs implies that Julie and Dennis were meant to be killed as they both were sent down the stairs.

    Then, to do with the Dennis kill, it was not Lois who killed him, it was Toby, with Toby entering Katie while she was at the bottom of the stairs, I think that when Dennis touched Katie he was shocked to see her weird possessed out face caused him to stumble back and hurt his leg.

    of course this is only my view and i used possible logical ideas to interpret these ideas.

  • Smiley

    Random thought but I think Julie should have had blue eyes...

  • M

    To Brad Brevet
    You reference the 1992 tape with Katies 13th birthday pending.....In wiccan lore a female wiccan comes into her birth right as a witch on her 13th birthday.
    Probably a bit of useless info but you just never Know.....

  • Jonathan

    You have the right idea what will be the story of PA4...
    But I think I had my idea too about what will happen in the coming PA4... Here's the Sypnosis:

    Ali, The daughter of Daniel and Kristi Rey(which had appeared in PA2), as all we know, was from a School Trip after the demonic possession of her step mother Kristi. Then after that, the demon had passed to her sister Katie. Ali, her Beloved Brad, and her classmates waited in their academy for almost 6 days for their upcoming "School Camping". But before it came, Ali experienced an unknown PARANORMAL ENTITIES... Sometimes she sleepwalks in midnight and speaks some words which is very different while she sleeps. But when the Camping came, the presence grew stronger than before. Many secrets about Ali reveals everytime she was possessed, And they will encounter many many bad spirits that anyone in the world does not. But with the help of their cameras, we will see how they had faced their big problems which is not easy to face, and we will know the relevant of Ali and the bad presence that still follows her.. (In the ending of PA2, we knew that Ali found the dead bodies of her parents after their school trip, so the ending should be in their house and we will see if she survives.)

    • Arezson

      Great Idea!!! I wanna see how Ali takes a big fight with the possessed Katie to get Hunter back in it's ending! And I want to know if she really survived or not.

  • Torie

    Im confused, if in PA3 Kristi said to the demon "okay, ill do it," when Katie was dragged into the tiny closet, then why was Kristi killed in PA2 and Katie ended up stealing Hunter...

    • Jonathan

      Kristi said "I'll do it, just let her go!" to Toby(In PA3) because Toby wants Kristi and her family to stay on their grandma Lois' house, to start the "black ceremony".. But the thing is, Katie and Kristi's great grandma made a deal with a demon. So the demon should give THE GREAT GRANDMA wealth and power, but she must forfeit their firstborn male. So the demon waited, until Hunter(Kristi's Son) was born. Yah in the ending of PA Katie was possessed by a demon and killed her boyfriend Micah, then she went to her sister Kristi's house and killed Daniel, Kristi, and kidnapped the baby Hunter.. So the Demon was finished on it's quest to get the male baby's soul.

  • Bailey

    i think PA4 will be how the grandma made the deal with the demon, and PA5 will be what happens to hunter and who the demon is moving onto next.

  • mcny

    What if later on after the events are explained, ( if Hunter is still alive that is,,,unless 'the demon" -the Devil, well, Satan decides to use Hunter for more then just excepting a sacrafice)-a film is made and a new chapter is born? A whole new story, new title and everything;born of the Paranormal Activity "Footage's" but now a story is to be told, the story of The Anti-Christ, Hunter.

    With a shocking and horrible past, Hunter ends up in foster care and is this extraordinary boy who is well liked, popular and achieves great success....

    ..In my mind, I have a whole story that goes and goes. I suppose The Omen comes to mind, however there's so much more and enough differences to separate this idea from the already classic.

    Just thought Id share this, but will for sure write it and add it to my hundreds of other ideas.. Great article though..

  • Handy Andy

    I think PA4 should be about Katie and hunter in their new family/home simply because their location still remains unknown (as said in end of PA2) and in my opinion that's the only way they can go and with PA1 and PA2 being set in "2006" they can film it as if they were in 2007 or 2008 or so on

    I'm pretty sure everyone will agree that we would love to know where Katie and hunter are, surely that can't leave that stone unturned, CAN THEY???????

  • RogeSoja

    Here's what I think happened. This one's a bit far-reached, but bear with me.

    The witches and Granny Lois make a pact with a demon for wealth and power. Enough wealth so that Kristie and Katie spend the rest of their lives living in multiple-story homes while being a student and a stay-at-home mom, and enough power to pull the standard creepy witch shenanigans.

    Fast forward to 1988. Kristie had an imaginary friend named Toby, who is really the demon. What I think people overlook is that throughout PA3, Toby is shown PLAYING with Kristie, enough to make me think that he didn't start out a malicious entity (the birthday party, midnight tag, catching her when she jumped off the ledge). The first half of the movie, according to ghost lore, could be considered the playful antics of a bored poltergeist. Toby had been promised a baby boy and was just hanging around the family until he got one. He doesn't start freaking Kristie out until Kristie told him not to talk to her anymore (making her sick, attacking Katie), responding to what I thought was asking her to kill Dennis but may have been a marriage proposal. Likewise, Toby didn't start messing with Julie or Katie until Julie flatout denied he existed (attempting to lure her into a bathroom for an unknown reason, dropping all the kitchen furniture on her) and Katie accidentally-on-purpose provoked him (picking on Kristie and crawling into his cupboard, playing Bloody Mary twice, chasing Kristie through the house). By the time he sent them off the grandma's house, Toby had become a seriously offended demon and decided he was done waiting around playing nice demon. He killed Dennis and Julie when they tried to take Kristie and Katie away from him.

    Now, on to PA2. In possessing Kristie, I think THAT was Toby's way of getting Hunter. He didn't try and walk off with Hunter because, well, Hunter was already in a perfectly fine house, he'd already killed the dog (that's a theory, we don't see the dog again after Ali and her dad take it to the vet), and he believed there was nothing anyone could do to get him out of Kristie. It was when Kristie was exorcised that he got REALLY mad and took it out on Katie, finally just killing everyone and taking Hunter again. I think after Katie leaves the house with Hunter, he has Katie drop him off at an orphanage or foster home before killing herself, and then possesses Hunter.

  • Jburks

    My idea for the continuation of found footage for the Katie hunter saga. Maybe she gets picked up cause of the blood and taken to the hospital where she is kept and hunter is in another part. And the this would set up for video cause of the hospital cameras. And maybe they put one in Katie's room for surveillance? Idk but I'd like the demon to take on an entire hospital staff :)

    • kate

      that would be cool i guess id like to see something that was never in paranormal activity 1,2,3 much jumper and that

  • weapon

    i hasn't seen pa4 yet but i can't wait intill it comes on the cinemas i love ghost movies so can't wait...

  • SPOILER!!!!

    Toby will be the main character for PA4

    • travis

      in how do you know this

  • Janeva

    Okay, obviously Katie and Kristi's mom is still alive and they weren't adopted out because If they remember the fire then they remeber their mother being in it. See, for some reason i still don't quite understand, they remember they're "childhood" house burning down (which I don't understand why they think that the grandmas house is their childhood house)and anything after that they would remember so if they have new parents AFTER their childhood house burned down then they would know that they aren't their real parents. I just think that the mom doesn't remember what happened either. but she will once she finds out what happened to her daughters. Maybe Hunter isn't Dennis' son, maybe it's the demons or the devils...making Hunter the antichrist. ::just a thought::

  • Daerian

    Okay, here's my response to some of the gaps in the story. We dont know how long Toby tortured the girls after PA3. Its very possible that the events continued after the videos stopped. Obviously all of the girls' lives couldn't be taped. And who knows maybe the grandma didn't allow the girls to have many photos or videos at the house at all. Paranormal Activity 4 could just as easily take place in those missing years as well as going to Diane back in the 60's, or even to the search to find Hunter.

  • been revealed at last!!

    At last the plot for PA4 has been revealed, and it all about the grandmother from PA3, she has videos of Julie as a child.
    It all makes sense now.

    • Erin

      No (Not saying your wrong at all but this is my thought) but ive seen the new trailer i and i think it's going to be a mix of what everybodys been saying! Like,Katie as 13, Julie as child (video tapes)But one catches me.... People say the whole PA4 is going to be what happenes to Hunter...:p Can't be a WHOLE movie on it
      !:\ But yes i also beilive in your plot ^.^

  • Michael

    From the cast I've seen on IMDb, I believe it'll be taking place about 1 to 2 years after the events of PA1 and 2. I'm guessing this demon may want Hunter as a vessel, or sustenance, but cannot do so until he's older. I'm seriously hoping that this movie is worth watching, because the scares seemed to dwindle fast, halfway through PA2.


    If you look on the PA4 poster image the date reads 2012, so we can all specalate that it WILL BE a sequel to PA1&2....I dont know how its gonna go now but after seeing the cast a 6 year old Hunter will be in the movie...

  • Roundhouse

    Has anyone seen Paranormal activity: Tokyo nights? There is one thing linking that to these films that you may want to take into consideration for a future plot line.....I won't spoil it though.

  • Erin

    Um Sir? The Paranormal Activity 4 is ACTUALY about the neihgbors :P but you can search it up (sorry but i don't have the link :P ) it's on facebook if you go to their page (Paranormal Activity 4*i accedently got it in german and i diden't know it XD) or youtube but youtube is a bad choise because theres SOOO many fakes :P but you can probably find it if it says Official Trailer on it and alot bunch of dashes XD P.S.DO NOT (on Facebook)Get to the page that says DE XD (German or dutch or something...:p)

  • Erin

    OMG I just had a revolation!!!! If youve seen the new trailer for PA4 you WILL know what i'm talking about!!!!!(offiacail trailer NOT teasers) but the blonde girl is on the web cam and and the Brown hair guy is on the web cam with her and there is a creepy guy standnind outside her window and the door alarms were like front door open and backdoor open (bythemselfs) and the lights go out and the creepy guy is behind her blah blah blah But i have THREE conclutions The third place one!:Hunter is the blonde girls father! (probably not because It said in 2004*technicly* Hunter was born and 6 years later he's only 6 XD i know bad explanation! So OVBIOUSLY he can't have a teen daughter)Second place one!!!:Hunter is the teenage boy on the web chat with the girl!!!(Idk because wouldent the creepy guy be looking for Him? Not the girl? :P)First place one!!!:Hunter is THE CREEPY GUY!!XD(He is probably doing Toby/Katie's work to KILL the nieghbors who witnessed all of this stuff) Well GTG!

  • Chaejkovic

    i think PA4 shud be about ali the girl in PA2. she goes on a vengeance motive to try and find her baby brother hunter and goes hunting for him like buffy the vampire slayer. and forget the camera bad directing stuff. and turn it into a buffy/supernatural/twilight/trueblood franchise. or they shud make julie come bak from dead to help ali find her grandson hunter n they do a double team thing. thelma n louise style. or sam n dean from supernatural. maybe she can come bak as a zombie.

    • Chaejkovic

      it cud also be set in future wen hunter is about 30 with kids n same thing starts happening to his children probly around the year 2024 or him as a grandad n dying n coming bak to the past as a ghost called toby n wanting to kill his grandma julie. but in doing so he changes time like the butterfly effect n does a marty mcfly. n tries to fix evrything at least then we have a good time travel flick.

  • dude

    i don't think the house that was burned down was the grandma's house. Judging from the area in the picture it was in a more urban neighborhood with neighbors, not like the grandmother's, which was surrounded by trees and dirt. so they probably burnt down Julie's house.

    which could explain why the tapes were kept, i mean, what if Dennis brought them with him because he thought Toby would stay in the house and didn't want the demon touching his tapes, he wanted to show them to people, or he just wanted to keep an eye on his only form of proof. Imagine if he hid them somewhere in the grandma's house and she didn't think to find them, or she didn't know that they were there. And when she died, Kristi and Katie went through all of her belongings and found them again.


  • Jack

    Im new to the whole Paranormal Activity Franchise, I watched the first when it came out then fobbed off the sequels as I couldnt see where you could logically go with it, but I was very wrong! Allthough I do get slightly annoyed with the found footage genre and find it very conveniant there is always a camera being used in these house holds (even in 1988, I know they justify it with the fact that dennis is a cameraman) anyhoo I digress!

    The third film does very well to carry on the coven theme and give the franchise a whole mythology as apposed to guesses and hear say, I really think that PA5 should be either a Private investigator hired by the Sisters Dad (we havent learned anything of him yet) or someone years down the line investigating it for a project. Basically this investigator would track down family history, find the series of strange occurunces and possibly stumble across Randy from PA3. This way we get alot of stuff explained without loosing the self filming aspect they can then add in the bump in the night factor by spending the night in the houses from the first three films culminating in the death/disapearance of the investigator followed by the camera seeing a slightly unfocused figure which could either be Katie, Hunter or Julie?! Just a thought, would love to see it stay true to its genre without losing its edge

  • mczoo31

    Part 4 was the biggest waste of crap of a movie I ever saw. Id rather listen to Justin Beiber[s music back to back for a week before every trying to watch this junk again..

    Way t go to screw up a great franchise. In my opinion, part 1, 2 and 3 were really good. How often are sequels known to go onto the 3rd movie and still kick ass? NOt many. But part 4? Is shit.

    I watched PA4 at the movies opening night and knew it was going to be crap-only I hoped it would start up to get better. Nope. Junk.