New 'Great Gatsby' Trailer With Music from Beyonce & Andre 3000, Plus the Soundtrack Listing

The Great Gatsby Beyonce trailer
Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby
Photo: Warner Bros.
The Great Gatsby Character Poster (Joel Edgerton) The Great Gatsby Character Poster (Isla Fisher) The Great Gatsby Character Poster (Tobey Maguire) The Great Gatsby Character Poster (Carey Mulligan) The Great Gatsby Poster
  • Movie Fan

    This film has the potential to be commercially and critically amazing which I think it will

  • Adu

    Wow...they are really amping it up for the mainstream. I hope it is well received critically; don't wanna see Leo in a bad movie :)

  • Driver

    Please don't suck....

    • The Jackal

      You said it. I've been eagerly awaiting this film's arrival since seeing the first trailer. It looks and sounds fantastic. At least it won't put me to sleep the way Redford's version did.

      Thems the facts

  • Matt

    The film looks great and I think the soundtrack is going to be incredible. The snippets of songs in the trailer were great.

  • andyluvsfilms

    really prefer this trailer to the previous one but there are films that im anticipating a lot more, im sure it'll do well at the oscars though, looks and sounds great

  • Cristy0019

    I had my doubts when I saw the first Trailer, but after I’ve seen this trailer I’n sold and I can’t wait to see Leo and Carey!

  • Cordia

    Much Better than earlier trailers, and with just over a month to go..i am actually excited.

  • Paige

    Fantastic trailer. The previous trailer showed that the movie will be great visually, but in my opinion, this one proves that it'll also be a great film. I can't wait, one of my most anticipated this year!

    Plus, a new Florence song is always good.

  • Winchester

    I know this will be an absolute feast for the eyes, but I still equate Lurhman to be one of the more direct examples of immense style over substance. I will end up seeing though. I'm interested enough.

  • Alan Smithee

    Am I the only one that gets bothered by period films that use non-period music? Either make it with era-appropriate music, or make it an updated version set in the present...I just find when you mix setting & music that way, it just takes me out of the experience somehow because it makes me more "aware" that I'm watching a movie and becomes less of an immersive experience...

  • JN Films

    I've seen this Trailer 8 times now. I've been following Gatsby and Man of Steel for the last year daily and now Gatsby is almost here and Man of Steel will shortly follow. This could be the best year of film for me personally in a long long time.