'Great Gatsby' Opens with $19.4 Million On Way to $50+ Million Weekend

The Great Gatsby box officeIt's a huge opening for The Great Gatsby at the box office, pulling in an estimated $19.4 million on Friday, which includes $3.25 million from Thursday night screenings. Prognosticators are projecting a $50 million weekend for the 3-D feature, which earned a "B" CinemaScore, which may not bode well for its overall holdover from week to week, but with a reported budget around $105 million this should end up being a rather profitable film around the world.

For director Baz Luhrmann, Gatsby already enjoys his highest opening weekend ever, topping the $14.8 million Australia brought in over the course of its three day opening and by the time the weekend is over it will be close to being his highest grossing domestic release of all-time, which is currently Moulin Rouge! with $57.3 million. Of course, inflation changes things, but still impressive nonetheless.

Otherwise, Iron Man 3 still holds on to the #1 slot with an estimated $19.7 million and will certainly have a stronger Saturday and Sunday for something around a $65 million weekend and a second #1 finish.

The weekend's other newcomer, Peeples, brought in a measly $1.18 million. Oops.

Here's Friday's top five.

  1. Iron Man 3 - $19.7 million
  2. The Great Gatsby - $19.4 million
  3. Pain & Gain - $1.3 million
  4. Peeples - $1.18 million
  5. 42 - $1.11 million
  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/JNFilms/ JN Films

    This is fantastic. I saw it yesterday and what a great film

  • http://www.criterion.com/my_criterion/27913-criterion10 Criterion10

    Wow. I really didn't think it was going to be this big of a hit. I haven't seen the film yet, hoping to go later today, if not hopefully early tomorrow. Really looking forward to it, despite all the negative press.

    • http://letterboxd.com/ragingtaxidrver/ RagingTaxiDriver

      That's exactly how I felt about it (especially with the release delay). It's actually a very pleasant movie.

  • http://couchpotatodigest.blogspot.com Matt

    I'm shocked it did so well! I thought it would, at most, hit $40 million. But I'm seeing it tonight and couldn't be more excited.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Winchester/ Winchester

    Smart move of WB to move it away from Christmas and into Blockbuster territory since the reviews all seem to concur it would never have been an awards contender as the original release plan indicated they had hoped for. Reviews so far have me believing it's what I would expect from a Baz film but it opens here next Friday and I hope to catch it then.

    However that is a strong opening should it hold and stay over $50 million. I'm not sure I believe the budget is quite as modest as suggested even after rebates but that's WB's aspect to worry about.

    Should be interesting to see how it holds over coming weeks but certainly it's going to do decent enough for itself in the US. I wonder how it will fare on the overseas front.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/navaneethks/ navaneethks

    I am not as surprised as some people are. It clearly has the visuals for the audience and the star power of DiCaprio. A close race between Iron Man 3 and Gatsby on Friday. I would like Gatsby to be #1 for the weekend but it is unlikely. But a close race is satisfactory. I am watching it tonight and excited for it. With the audience rating of 7.5/10 on IMDb it should be successfully be able to make a profit in the boxoffice.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/kieran/ Kieran

      I think most people are surprised because of the release slot between Iron Man and Star Trek. I don't know how much doubt there actually was that it was going to be a box office draw.

  • http://cineenuruguay.blogspot.com/ Driver

    I'm really exited to see it on friday (The film opens next week for me). All that has been said about it actually gives me hope because it looks like what I wanted it to be, a kind of future-like take on a an awesome novel with great visuals, great soundtrack and great cast.

    I'm Glad is doing well too, cause this could have been a serious bomb, the delay was actually a good move after all.

    Oh, and looks like Laremy is onto a pretty good start at the box office challenge.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/RupertPupkin/ Rupert Pupkin

    It's doing surprisingly well. Brad, are you worried about about the box office challenge yet? Laremy is crushing it at the moment.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/andyluvsfilms/ andyluvsfilms

    i shall see it at my local olde worlde cinema where i can enjoy it in near silence, hopefully all the mutants will be at the odeon chatting and texting

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Ryguy815/ Ryguy815

    Just got back from seeing this and although I'm going to save most of my thoughts for tomorrow's What I Watched What You Watched, I will say that I thought it was a really good movie. Glad to see it's doing so well already.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Chris138/ Chris138

    I'm hoping to see Gatsby later tonight but that sounds great for the filmmakers and studio. A few days ago I saw an article by Thelma Adams on Yahoo where she declared that Gatsby would be the first box office flop of the summer. Someone was proven wrong. I do think people underestimate the star power of someone like Leonardo DiCaprio. Titanic and Inception were both predicted to flop right before they came out and went on to be hugely successful. The only thing this film seemed to really have going against it was bad reviews, but I don't think the general public pays as much attention to those anyway.

  • http://www.filmofilia.com Yaz Rabadi

    Well colour me dumb. Good for Baz. This is only going to help 3D's cause though... Sadly.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/JayRam/ JayRam

      I think you're right. If a movie like The Great Gatsby, which has no business using 3D technology, can do well at the B.O., it's only going to get worse from here. I was hoping it was just a fad; it doesn't seem likely now.

      Remember Scorsese saying Precious should have been in 3D? What the hell?

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Corbin/ Corbin

    What?! I was being bullish with my $46.2 million prediction, and now it's going to go OVER that? Wow.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Adu/ Adu

    I am very happy for its success, I found it to be quite good.