'Grace of Monaco' Lands March 2014 Release Date

Forget about any kind of real chance at an Oscar

grace-of-monaco-release-dateFrom potential Oscar contender to a soon-to-be-forgotten mid-March release, director Olivier Dahan's Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly was recently shuffled out of the 2013 Oscar race and has now landed a March 14, 2014 date, which pretty much squashes any kind of award potential for the film. Yes, it's a harsh reality I know.

The film begins as Grace Kelly, a former Oscar winner and mother of two, has already spent six years as the monarch of a European nation when the retired starlet was called upon to save Monaco from an escalating situation regarding its standing as a tax haven, with French leader Charles de Gaulle giving her husband, Monaco's Prince Rainier III (Tim Roth), six months to reform its tax laws. [Box Office Mojo]

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  • Smarojit Chakravarty

    Ouch! Poor Nicole. I am sure she is great in the film.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Winchester/ Winchester

    If it doesn't have deadline issues like Wolf and if it was an actual contender then I doubt it would have been moved to March and out the game. That is has been suggests it's not strong enough to compete or isn't possibly up to much.

    Either way, this feels like a film I'll end up renting about two years from now.

    • http://www.twitter.com/marlonwallace marlonwallace


      I wouldn't say that the move has to do with its quality or how well of an Oscar contender it is. Remember this is a Weinstein Company movie. Regardless of the movie's quality, Weinstein would make it a contender. I think Brad or somebody here pointed out that this year Weinstein has a lot on its plate: 'The Butler', 'Fruitvale Station', 'Mandela', 'August: Osage County' and 'The Grandmaster', so maybe Weinstein just needed to lighten the load and figures since so much money has already gone into the other movies and all of them have been screened already that it could push back 'Grace of Monaco'.

      • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Winchester/ Winchester

        I think we're saying something similar but in different ways.

        Yes, the Weinstein's have a lot on the plate so he'll be putting the strongest contenders into pole position and weeding out what he feels he can't push. The implication then is he feels it would not be productive to push Monaco and he doesn't even want to hold it over until next year's race. He's putting it out his and everyone else's mind.

        It might be a decent enough movie on it's own merits but since it was long viewed as Oscar bait particularly for Kidman I think the move does imply something about the finished film.

        I could of course be totally wrong, I'm just observing without any inside information.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/sofasobad/ sofasobad

    Maybe it's another Diana...

  • http://www.seensome.com SeenSome

    They must have no faith in this one at all and I think the reaction to Diana has probably lead them to be cautious and just hide it away in March. I kind of got the feeling it was going to be like My Week With Marilyn or The Iron Lady, a fairly flimsy film but with a strong female performance at the centre that would earn it some Awards recognition but I guess they just don't see it doing anything during Awards season.