God Won't Help You in New Poster for 'Carrie'

Well that looks a bit ominous

A new poster has been released for the upcoming remake of Carrie directed by Kimberly Peirce and starring Chloe Moretz as the telekinetic titular character born from the mind of Stephen King and last adapted for the bigscreen back in 1976 by Brian De Palma and played by Sissy Spacek.

The latest poster features Julianne Moore as Carrie's deeply religious and conservative Margaret White and the ominous overtones are quite evident in the words spaced across her face -- "God won't help you."

The film was recently moved from a March release date to October 18 as Screen Gems would appear to have some confidence in their project with Paranormal Activity 5 opening one week later.

Check out the new poster directly below and for more on the film click here.

Carrie Poster (Julianne Moore)
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  • Roger

    It's like the Thor posters lol

  • Dustin Mason

    People will think the title is "God Won't Help You".

    • Zhivko Petrov

      People can thing a lot of things....

  • Ben

    A bit of a lazy poster. No real style to it and as Roger stated, it rips off the design of the Thor character posters. Boring.

    • Zhivko Petrov

      I'm sorry, but this is made by me FOR me, it isn't made for anyone to judge is it lazy or not!! I haven't been asked by anyone for permission to put it on the web, and sorry again, but is it boring or not is not of your concern.

      • Ben

        Not of my concern eh? Well, it was posted on this website as a news story and the last time i heard users are allowed to *drumroll*.......give their opinions. Shocking, right??!

        And my opinion is that it's a lazily designed poster that rips off the Thor character posters. If you can't take criticisms then don't bother making posters!

        • Zhivko Petrov

          First of all I saw the original "rips off Thor" poster, and that's why I've made mine similar as the legal one. And will I bother making posters or not - it's all my business :)

  • Dale

    I think it's good. It's the kind of poster that grabs one's attention and can generate conversation.

    • Zhivko Petrov

      Thank you :)

  • Mark

    Yes, Dale I like it as well caught my attention especially the red eyes, but Dustin does have a point I showed this to my friend and he said oh i like it, and thought the title was"God Won't Help You". I think they could have put it at the bottom or the corner.

  • Dolan

    Hey Brad, thought I'd point out - this poster's a fake apparently, according to : http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3213520/the-fan-made-carrie-poster-that-tricked-the-web/

  • http://myrmorko.deviantart.com/ Zhivko Petrov

    Hello everyone! I've made this poster of Julianne Moore for entertainment only. It can be seen on my deviant page -> http://myrmorko.deviantart.com/ I've made it for fun and because I'm a fan of the novel. But a lot of people downloaded it and changed something, like this one here. I wrote Spring 2013 and someone photoshopped it to October 2013, removing my logo also....