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Garner Up for She-Ra?

He-Man rumor is in...

I have heard very little about the upcoming He-Man project except for the news we have all heard, that John Woo is aboard to direct and Nicolas Cage was being considered for the role of Skeletor, but other than that.. pretty much zilch.

A couple of days ago, however, I did receive a bit of rumor focused on the upcoming flick that seemed interesting enough to spout off about, whether it is true or not, it still gets the mind racing.

Based on the news we received apparently Jennifer Garner is currently the frontrunner to play She-Ra in the flick, plus our insider tells us that rumors of Jason Lewis and Nicolas Cage being involved are false.

He also tells me that shooting is expected to begin before the year is up.

Don't go putting too much stock in this rumor, just mull it around a bit. Garner could be a good candidate, but it could look a bit weird seeing her with a big fro of blonde hair, after all, this isn't "Alias," the wig would be on the whole time.

Thanks to 'Doc' for the bit of rumor.

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