Force Ghosts Will Run Rampant in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan is the newest member of the Force's undead ghosts

ewan-star-warsWe've already heard the rumor Ian McDiarmid will return as a Force ghost in Star Wars: Episode VII and I think it's pretty safe to assume Yoda will be running around in there somewhere saying stuff like, "Force ghost, I am. Afraid, not be, you must." Now Latino Review is back with even more suggesting Ewan McGregor will be back as Obi-Wan Kenobi, also a Force ghost. Hmmmm, maybe this will be a haunted space station movie.

The site reports three different sources confirmed the "news" who also allege not only does McGregor want in the new trilogy, but he also wants his own, standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi film.

Next rumor to hit the market will involve Hayden Christensen returning as a Force ghost and I predict that will happen, maybe Monday or Tuesday next week. Stay tuned and be careful not to fall off your seat. On the edge, you are.

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  • Ron Oneal Fresh

    With all these rumors about this person is returning after 30 years to reprise his/her role and this person from the terrible prequel movies may be returning. I'm confident that this 'new' Star Wars will be a steaming pile of mediocrity that will nod & wink for 2-and-half hours.

    For the folks who hated the prequels, they will eat this junk up b/c it wasn't terrible instead of it being a great movie.

    • Rob Davis

      Premature, much too premature sir.

      • Ron Oneal Fresh


        There is a chance these movie will be good or great, but the track record of catching lighting in a bottle again by reigniting a phenomena after 30 years. I'm not too optimistic about that.

  • TVs Ross

    Well, it's official: I care about Star Wars just about as much as I do as all these comic book movies. 12 year old me is disgusted with current me. He has a lot of learning to do.

  • Ian

    Gotta get them clicks.

  • maja


  • JN Films

    Brad that's Disney's ordeal, take it or leave it. :)

    • JN Films

      Cue 'Ride or Die'

  • andyluvsfilms

    Most of us who grew up with the original trilogy hold it in very high regard and its place is secured in the Cinema Hall of Fame but as the prequels have already proven there is no God given right that any future film will be any good either.

  • Josh McLaughlin

    This is pretty ridiculous, but as Ian (and others may) has/have suggested, it's obviously one of those "get 'dem clicks" articles.

  • Alexander Meatlog

    "I've got a bad feeling about this."