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Scene from Samsara
Scene from Samsara
Photo: Oscilloscope Laboratories

One of the best documentaries of last year was Ron Fricke's Samsara, a wordless follow-up to Baraka and if you have any doubts as to how provocative a wordless documentary can actually be, the production has just brought online one of the more devastating clips from the film taking a close look at our world's food production.

Here's a quote from producer Mark Magidson that accompanied the clip.

"We are happy this clip has struck a chord with so many people, and we hope that the interest in this clip will lead viewers to see Samsara in its entirety. This clip represents only 6 minutes from a 100 minute long film, which was photographed in 25 countries and explores many other diverse aspects of the human experience. We would love for viewers to experience Samsara as a whole."

~ producer Mark Magidson

Samsara is a film best seen on the biggest screen possible because it depends largely on just that, it's size, for the greatest impact. Unfortunately for anyone that missed it last year, you're going to have to depend on Blu-ray for your optimal viewing experience.

I wrote a lot more about it last August, which you can read right here, but first check out the clip below. [35MM]

  • Winchester

    I never caught it in theatres but fortunately I own the Blu Ray..............weirdly that scene reminded me of a moment in Cloud Atlas which I saw round about the same time I first saw Samsara.

    But I love Baraka and this when in the appropriate mood to let it wash over you. Some of the imagery and connections are stunning.

  • Corbin

    Wow, that was quite haunting.

    • JN Films


  • TheLastEquivocationofBrist

    Saw this in theaters, good times.

  • andyluvsfilms

    I loved both Baraka and Samsara but wasn't fortunate to see either on the big screen, maybe they'll do a sequel ;-)

  • Josh P.

    I fortunately did get the opportunity to see Samsara in theaters, and I loved it. It went into my top ten of last year. Not only does it beautifully capture images in a stunning way, but it also evokes such a great commentary about our global connectivity. I really liked this film.

  • Ben Kelly

    Got to get them clicks ;)

    • TheLastEquivocationofBrist

      Nothing gets clicks like a Chick fil A slogan!

  • Tom

    Wish I saw this in theaters.

  • Drew Sandoval

    This video was making the rounds on facebook the other day, with alot of comments about "I'm swearing off meat forever" and "that is so disgusting." While, I must admit I can understand, that seems so knee-jerk to me. This clip more... um... astonishing to me. It shows what it takes to feed the 7 billion people of this planet for fairly cheap cost, it shows a process that is necessary for people to live. I like that the clip is unflinching about that.

    • jonnyshocko

      I would disagree Drew, the video show us the most efficient way not to feed 7 billion people, but rather the most efficient way to make 7 billion people commit the sin of gluttony.

      Evil world we live in!