UPDATED: Five Posters from Tarsem's 'Immortals'

UPDATED: Larger versions of each poster have been added to the gallery right here.

The first five character posters from Tarsem Singh's (The Fall) upcoming Greek epic Immortals which is due out on November 11.

The film carries a Clash of the Titans vibe and stars Henry Cavill (recently cast as the title character in Superman: Man of Steel) playing Theseus, a warrior from Greek mythology, who leads a fight against the imprisoned titans in a story where gods fight alongside mortals. Phaedra (Freida Pinto), an oracle priestess joins Theseus on his quest to prevent the cataclysmic war from erupting. Along with Cavill and Pinto the film also features Kellan Lutz as Poseidon, Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion, Stephen Dorff as Stavros, Luke Evans as Zeus, John Hurt as an older version of Zeus, Isabel Lucas as Athena and Daniel Sharman as Ares.

You can check out all five posters directly below or check out larger versions along with four images from the film in our gallery right here.

Henry Cavill as Theseus Luke Evans as Zeus
Kellan Lutz as Poseidon Daniel Sharman as Ares
Isabel Lucas as Athena
  • this is it baby

    This is the Greek Gods Movie We've all been waiting for and just don't know it. First off (it's going to be R rated) nice... second it's from the director of The Cell, and The Fall, both incredibly visual and well done movies.. The cast is fantastic and the posters are dark & interesting..very suiting and not cartoonish. Liking the whole thing so far.

  • Nate

    I was curious about this movie. But these posters have made me think it will make Clash of the Titans like a masterpiece. Clash might have only been an okay film, but it can't be argued that it looked great. It had some really amazing visuals. And the promo and posters were a 1000x better than this. Although if this is rated R, that could be a good sign. I love movies based off Greek myths. I have a feeling that Wrath of the Titans (Clash 2) will be epic though. They know they have to step up now.

  • Kevin Blumeyer

    Gorgeous posters, but how does Mickey Rourke not get one? That's just poor marketing in my book.

    • Ron

      Agreed! I hope he gets one later.

  • whoa

    Im very excited in seeing this film and the posters are amazing. I hope that it will be amazing like The Fall.

  • Tommy

    Wow, posters look nice!

  • AJ

    Somehow I feel that if the exact same artwork was for "Thor" it would be accompanied with snide comments.

    • Matthew Thomas

      But the costume design and posters for Thor look nowhere as gorgeous and classy as these. The costumes in Thor come off as campy and something bought from a Halloween costume shop. These on the other hand have a sleekness and grace to them. Though the sparks in the poster are probably too much.

    • V

      Naah, Thor wishes it had posters like these. These visuals are the exact combination of grit and otherworldly wildness that I would want from a mythology-based movie. On the other hand, Thor's promotional images, AT BEST, look unimaginatively sterile.

  • Topy

    Didn't expect this one. Nice cast!

  • jb

    I didn't realize that a movie had to be R to be good. Sure Gladiator was a great movie (and actually was a mild R by today's standards), but Sparticus Blood and Sand, clearly R rated in content, is stupid and gratuitous for gratuitous sake. Just make the movie good and let the rating be what it is. Those who call for 'R' to mean it will somehow make it better is ridiculous.

  • A K D

    The posters imagery is similar to "The Cell" which looks awesome. I’m definitely looking forward to this now and not just because Superman is in it.

  • rahel

    is Freida pinto doesn't get an important role?so, no poster of her?

    • Matthew Thomas

      Nope Freida Pinto does play a major role since she's the female lead of the movie. Even Mickey Rourke the villain of the story hasn't got a poster, so I'm assuming theirs will be unveiled later.

  • Joah T

    Doesn't look good to me. I agree, Clash of the Titans will probably be better.

  • angel

    These posters are great. Thor's posters just looked like people staring into the camera, trying to ooze sexiness when all they ooze is just boredom. My favorite is Ares. Love that helmet--perfect.

  • DC

    Wow a sequel to 300! Just what I wanted! I'll see this but I will walk in pretty vigilant

  • Alana

    Tarsem Singh can do no wrong in my book! definitely watching this one ;-)))