First Neon 'Only God Forgives' Poster Debuts

Only a few hours ago we got relatively reliable word Nicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives will play In Competition at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and not the first teaser poster for the film has arrived and it's lighting up the Internet.

I'm not sure about most, but when I look at it all I can think of is Criterion's Blu-ray cover for Nobuhiko Obayashi's House. I have no idea of the two films will share a thematic resemblance... just an observation. You could also say they may have took some inspiration from Rizon Parein's neon sign posters for Drive. Who knows?

Only God Forgives is set for a July 19 release and finds Ryan Gosling reteaming with his Drive director in a Bangkok-set thriller with Gosling playing Julien, a drug kingpin tasked with avenging his brother's death, but a mysterious, unhinged policeman is following his every move. Kristin Scott Thomas co-stars.

Check out the poster as well as a motion poster below and if you haven't yet watched the trailer click here.

Only God Forgives poster Only God Forgives motion poster
  • loumagic

    reminds me of Spring Breakers.

  • AS

    This poster is better than most movies.

    • Driver

      So true...

  • Fox

    I read somewhere that Refn uses vibrant colours in his films because he's colourblind. I thought that was a cool little tidbit.

  • Alex Thomas

    Cannot wait!

  • Chris

    Pretty bland poster IMO. Its simplicity is slightly intriguing though. I really like Refn, but he is really overrated. Can't wait to see this though! I just don't understand the unconditional love he gets and this movie already has. Then again I wasn't a huge fan of Drive like everyone else was and is.

  • Criterion10

    Pardon my language, but that poster is fucking awesome. Can't wait for the movie itself.

  • Kyle Schantz

    Very Gaspar Noe for the moving image poster. There are new trailers out too so it seems. Dying. To. See. This.