First Look Pictures of 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Stormtroopers

star-wars-episode-viiUPDATE: Added a second picture at the bottom of this post.

It's a new era where images studios would rather you not see can be shared not only on websites such as this one, but on Twitter, where the studios have no official contact and can't send a polite email to tell you to "URGENT! TAKE DOWN THAT PICTURE! IT'S NOT OFFICIAL!" I'm not sure if Disney was necessarily prepared for the amount of leaked photos that would hit the Internet once Star Wars: Episode VII went into production, but it seems we are about to start seeing more of them.

Just below is a tweet from 501st Legion featuring images of what seem to be actual looks at the new Stormtrooper designs for the upcoming film, first released by IndieRevolver and who knows how they obtained them and I wonder if the studio has any control over Twitter. Can they ask the social media site to remove images from people's Twitter feeds if they are deemed to be copyrighted material?

Nevertheless, the disposable minions of the Empire are getting an upgrade... what do you think?

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  • Hudsucker

    The top one looks it's probably still a design. The second one apparently has eyes on the back of its head.

    • Rich71

      The snow trooper always had those second marks on the back. They used to be square.

      • Hudsucker

        Ah, so it's hereditary. ;)

  • andyluvsfilms

    I'm glad they have gone for subtle changes, the original stormtrooper armour still looks cool now.

    • Jimmy Diamies

      I agree, the subtle changes do look good. There was no need to stray very far from the original look, not that I ever thought JJ would do something like that.

      • andyluvsfilms

        I'm just glad there wasn't a Pepsi logo on the forehead.

        “Awww! But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up the new Samsung Galaxy S5!!!”

  • Truth

    I've got a bad feeling about this...

    Just kidding, could not be more excited.

  • DWdrummer

    The bottom one looks like Ralph McQuarrie's original design concept for the Hoth troopers.

  • Robert

    considering the Star Trek reboots were nothing but swapping Kirk and Spock's storyline's, i can't wait to see what cinematic magic JJ brings to Star Wars. /sarcasm

    • captain obvious

      I'm pretty sure that you have never seen the original star trek movies if you really think that was the only change.

      • Robert

        welcome to the internet, where generalizations run rampant.

  • ChidoriKnight

    In my opinion the Imperial Guard ( The Red Guys guarding the Emperor for those who have been under a rock for the past 30 years) are hands down the coolest looking Stormtroopers ever.

    • Brad Brevet

      I really loved those designs as kid, thought they were so cool looking.

    • SwankeyMonkey .

      I loved how Grievous' MagnaGuard looked like the evolution to the Imperial Guard.

  • Pierogi Power

    Subtle differences is perfect. If they did what Bay did to the Transformers, I'd die inside.

  • Brian Crawford

    Second one reminds me of the "Radio Nurse" baby monitor from the 1940's.

  • Yodalanda Rodriguez ✓Slut

    This got my puss wet

  • Newbourne

    Why do Storms Troopers still even exist????? The Empire was defeated... Man, JJ is going to just repeat everything from the originals. I have a feeling there won't be an original idea in the whole film

    • JedForge .

      You really think the imperial admirals just suddenly turned over their ships to the Rebellion, just because the emperor died? I know the EU is trash now, but the general idea of the empire fighting on while their admirals, generals and moffs vied for power and while various politicians who prospered under Imperial rule long for its return is actually quite reasonable.

      • Newbourne

        This film will take place decades after the events of Episode 6. They could have easily decided to go in a different direction and to not retread anything from the original trilogy. But it looks like we'll be getting the same old shit, and JJ will pass it off as him "paying tribute" to the originals.

        • JedForge .

          History my friend! 100 Years War...England vs France. Now imagine a galactic scale! After 30 years it is quite realistic for two enemies to still be around. Just because it's the same two overall enemies doesn't mean the stories are going to be exact. Let's give it a chance.

          • Newbourne

            I'm not saying it's unrealistic. I'm saying it's unoriginal and uninspired. Both Avengers 2 and 3 could have Loki come back every year for another fight, but everyone would find that redundant. But when Star Wars does it, it's a classic. This will be the 5th film where they fight storm troopers. Just let that sink in.

            • JedForge .

              the storm troopers are pawns, they're not the main enemy. Should they do away with lightsabers, spaceships, blasters and the Force just to be different as well?

              • Newbourne

                Not all of them, but as much as they can. It's a gigantic universe. I don't see the point in following the same tropes. As long as there is more "new" than "old", the film is a success. But it looks like there is going to be much more "old" in this one.

  • Ian

    Looks like a stormtrooper.

    • Johnny Fett

      The second looks like a modified Snowtrooper design. Aside from the original Clonetrooper the Snowtrooper has always been my favorite.

  • Charles Walters

    If these are legit, then I think it's a mistake to remake such a perfect, iconic set of armor. JJ should accept that he shouldn't put his own fingerprints on everything. Some things he could re-do: New droids. New fighters. New aliens. New blasters or cool lightsaber "handles," new cities, new rebel (or now maybe 'Republic' armor). Re-imagine something else but leave the stormtroopers be, please. The bottom line is these look worse than the originals, in my opinion, so therefore, stick with the originals. The originals were intricate without being "busy," they had vents, ridges and bevels but they remained clean-looking. As I said, they were perfect. Iconic. Legendary in action/adventure filmmaking. These look like warped (chin-heavy, for one thing) fan-art versions of them.
    Anyway, still looking forward to Ep. VII, with my tomato-throwing arm cocked back.

    • Aleric

      Abrahms butchered the Star Trek cannon and you think he isn't going to change the look and feel of Star Wars? Dream on.

      • Johnny Fett

        Abrams RESURRECTED a dying franchise with surprise and intelligence. Everything MUST evolve or die. TREK was dead on the screen and the TV. And I've been watching it for 37 years.

        • Aleric

          So have I and Enterprise was much better the second season just like TNG and the original. But to say the crap that Abrahms put on the screen was anything but plot hole drive, time travel BS, is better than the original shows you are a TROLL.

      • Pierogi Power

        You mean the same Star Trek movies that are reviewed over 90% on Rottentomatoes?

        • Aleric

          You mean the same Rotten Tomatoes that rates movies based on how many site ads the distributors buy on their site?

          • Pierogi Power

            Are you suggesting that over 500 critics from all over the world on that site are paid off for their reviews? lol

            • Aleric

              Are you saying that there isn't one person or a small group who control the site and make money off of it? They control the content and the reviews posted. Get a clue.

              • Pierogi Power

                Abrahams Star Trek (2009) also has a 91% user rating on Rottentomatoes, an 83 critical rating on Metacritic, which is unheard of, and an 8.8 user review on Yahoo and an 8 user review on imdb.

    • MD

      Wait, you're kidding right!? Did you not see the prequels that GEORGE LUCAS directed? The Clone Troopers were the precursor to the Storm Troopers and had... wait for it... DIFFERENT ARMOR!!! It's called different time pieces. Damn I sound so nerdy right now...

      • Charles Walters

        Yes that's why the prequel armor made sense--it was the initial design on it's way to the better, iconic storm trooper armor that would become the premier design.

        • MD

          Yes but it's been 30 years, there's bound to be upgrades in technology, including armor. It would be ridiculous to think otherwise. Look at US Army uniforms from 30 years ago to today. Not the same...

  • The Jackal

    Looks good to me. So far, I've yet to see an image from Episode VII that disappointed me. Keep 'em coming J.J.

  • robotsrule

    They look fine. In keeping with the OT. I'm glad they're not CG. That's the most important thing.

  • Robert Ballard

    These are not the droids your looking for...

  • Johnny Fett

    Thirty-five (Star Wars) years ago when the second Death Star was destroyed, only a miniscule number of Imperials were destroyed. I find it hard to believe ALL of the hundreds of thousands of Star Destroyers and garrisons were eliminated. The same goes for the MILLIONS of conscripted troopers. AND I imagine many systems flourished under the Empires rule and kept it in place. Having advanced troopers only makes sense.

  • Randel Fuller

    OOH! SHINY!!!