First Look at Amber Heard in John Carpenter's 'The Ward'

Amber Heard in The Ward

The new looks from Toronto Film Festival entries continue arrive and now we have our first look at John Carpenter's first feature film in nine years, The Ward.

The film stars Amber Heard (Zombieland) as Kristen, a young woman in a 1960s mental institution who becomes terrorized by malevolant unseen forces. Alongisde Heard the film co-stars Meryl Streep's daughter Mamie Gummer, Danielle Panabaker, Jared Harris and Lyndsy Fonseca.

For those not in the know, Carpenter is the horror maestro behind such classics as Halloween, The Thing and Assault on Precinct 13.

To check out a larger look at the pic above and one more look at Heard in the film click here.

  • Tommy

    mmmmm, Amber Heard. Nuff said.

    • Chris

      I'm still waiting for Mr.Carpenter doing an adaptation of a Lovecraft story,it would be the ultimate treat for us,horror movie buffs...
      Yes John,you ('re the only one who) can!

      • oldskool138

        He did one already. In the Mouth of Madness.

      • Chris

        Ah're (comprehensively) mistaken....
        The work by Lovecraft is called "At the Mountains of Madness",and is now currently being filmed by Guillermo Del Toro (of Pan's Labyrinth...)and will be in 3D...--not something to look necessarily forward to--
        But the feel of John's "In the Mouth..." is indeed so close to Lovecraft's work (and indeed inspired by it as he admitted),that it could the Ctulhu-master himself.
        One of the reasons btw,that I mentioned that Carpenter should adapt Lovecraft himself (The only director who can create the same atmosphere).
        And of course Joe Bottin has to design the creatures!

  • Winchester

    I guess Heard is vying for the title of horror Queen the past couple of years.

  • Alex

    I love Amber very much

  • badge

    Unfortunately the horror genre has overtaken Carpenter's talents now - it's all gore, loud noise, MTV editing, CGI, and hysterics. Poor old John is too much of a craftsman to make anything that younger moviegoers would find scary. Still, I hope he's sticking to his 'classic' style for this new film and not compromising/pandering to the current horror climate.

  • obsessedofMeganFox

    oh amber heard another goddess. i will see this for 2 reason 1 amber 2 john

  • Tyler C

    If you guys don't know how who John Carpenter is, just ring your call button and Tommy will come back there and hit you on the head with a tack hammer because you're a retard.