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Final 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Poster

Arriving in theaters on June 1

Universal Pictures has debuted the final Snow White and the Huntsman poster as we inch closer to the film's June 1 release date.

Snow White and the Hunstman was one of my "Top 15 Most Anticipated Movies of Summer", largely due to its impressive marketing campaign as every little bit of this film they've shown so far looks quite cool. Of course, basing a film purely on its looks (primarily because I have done my best not to watch any trailers) runs the potential for a major letdown, but I'm also intrigued by the inventive angle they appear to be taking on the classic fairy tale.

Starring Kristen Stewart (Twilight) as Snow, she'll face off against Charlize Theron as the evil queen who is out to destroy her. But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the one girl threatening her reign has been training in the art of war with a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) who was dispatched to kill her.

Like I said, the film hits theaters on June 1 and you can get a larger look at the poster by clicking here and exploring my gallery of 49 pictures from the film.

Snow White and the Hunstman movie poster
Photo: Universal Pictures
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  • http://singapore ana

    wow all the poster are good i like theme both i can wait to come out swatch

  • Danny

    man chris hemsworth is on a role this year with great and profitable movies! especially with the avengers just making 200 million dollors