Golden Globe Awards

Which Films Will be Categorized as Comedies at the 2014 Golden Globes?

Which films will skirt the fact they're actually dramas?

2014-golden-globe-comedyOver at The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Feinberg has opened up the floor to wondering which films will be campaigning in the "Comedy/Musical" category at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

Obviously the majority of the films that make the cut aren't actually comedies, let alone musicals, but it's not like the esteemed Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) still utilizes the category so they can include the likes of fan favorites such as We're the Millers, This is the End or The Heat. Hell, Feinberg doesn't even mention critical favorites The Way, Way Back or The Kings of Summer, which a case could be made for... not a strong case, but a case. Instead he takes a direct look at obvious dramas that could be wedged into the category with a crowbar.

Of the films he lists that I've seen and challenge anyone convince me they are a comedy are August: Osage County, Before Midnight, Blue Jasmine, Frances Ha and Nebraska. I'll just barely cede Philomena and am satisfied conceding Inside Llewyn Davis as a musical.

Then he adds unseen films to the list of possibilities including American Hustle (huh?), The Monuments Men (I can see this), Saving Mr. Banks (come on), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (does quirky count as comedy if it's not Wes Anderson?) and The Wolf of Wall Street, which is clearly being sold as a black comedy, so that makes sense.

Of course, we must remember we're talking about an organization that considered The Kids Are All Right, My Week with Marilyn, Hyde Park on Hudson and Hope Springs comedies in recent years. Admittedly, the category isn't always a situation where category fraud is in place, it's largely a problem with the limits of calling a film either a drama or a comedy/musical.

Instead of "Comedy/Musical" just call it "Everything Else". Because I don't see how films such as Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds, The King's Speech or even The Departed aren't also comedies based on the usage of the descriptor. I know I laughed a lot more in those films than I did in say Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Tourist, Red and It's Complicated. So just call it "Everything Else" and get on with it.

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  • Ryguy815

    Right now I can only see We're The Millers winning this and I hope it wins as well. Although I haven't seen This Is The End yet, but I can't see it topping We're The Millers.

    • ASFan

      This Is the End tops We're the Millers by a landslide. No contest.

      • bcf26

        Totally agree 100%. I would like to see The Way, Way Back, The Kings of Summer, and The Wolf of Wall Street to be nominated as well.

    • Jake17

      It won't even get close to a nomination. There is no pre-Oscar buzz, only one A-list star (and it's debatable if Aniston is really A-list), it wasn't well received by critics and audiences (not that the Golden Globes care about critical reception, anyways), and it was released in August.

      • ASFan

        Aniston is the biggest star in the movie. She can arguably can be credited with its success as Sudeikis isn't a big star.

  • ghislaine

    If they are considering "Musicals", then Black Nativity ought to have a good shot. It's opening at a good time, too- Thanksgiving, which seems like an ideal placement for a movie about holidays and estranged families getting together (with songs!)

    Maybe even The Sapphires would be considered.

    I'd hope (but what's the point) that they might go for comedies like Lake Bell's In A World, or could The Only Lovers Left Alive be a comedy? Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston would be such satisfying nominees.

  • lawhs89

    Best comedy might be "The World's End". Heck, let get a nomination to Danny Trejo, you can't tell me "Machete Kills" is not a comedy.

  • Travis

    Knowing them, I have August: Osage County, Inside Llewyn Davis, Wolf of Wall Street, The Way Way Back, and Philomena. We'll see how this goes

  • SmartFilm

    What a joke! If they want to dump the category just dump it! Just please don't try and convince me that Blue Jasmine or Before Midnight are comedies. They absolutely had their funny moments but I just feel like comedy is a dirty word to use in referring to them.

    By these qualifiers, American Psycho and Bronson both would have been likely nominees.

  • G-Man

    I am surprised more people didn't enjoy Hangover 3. Personally I found it very funny.

    This Is The End is as good as a lock for comedy in my opinion.

    • G-Man

      I do really hope The Way, Way Back gets some love come awards season. Still one of my favorites of the year.

      • Ian

        I agree. It's probably as much drama as it is comedy, but either way it's one of the very best of the year so far. And the Globes will be the only place where it stands any chance of getting recognized.

  • Newbourne

    All Woody Allen movies have been comedies at the Globes. This shouldn't come as a surprise.

  • Travis C.

    Haven't seen the trailers, but the original Walter Mitty was certainly a comedy first.

  • seren

    I was hoping to see both Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock get nominated for "The Heat" or at least Melissa, but I guess it's not gonna happen in this situation. They should have the third category to honor popular films. One of the fun to watch Golden Globes is to get to see those stars in the films everyone knows. I mean, those big hit movies are important for the industry too.

  • Chris

    No way in hell We're the Millers gets nominated.

    This is the End (SHOULD WIN)
    The Monuments Men (WILL WIN)
    The Heat
    August: Osage County (COULD WIN)

    12 Years a Slave (SHOULD WIN)
    American Hustle (WILL WIN maybe SHOULD WIN)
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    Inside Llewyn Davis

    Dallas Buyers, The Butler, Nebraska, Blue Jasmine, and Before Midnight will get recognized for acting, and a few of these writing, but will get shut out for best pic.

    • andyluvsfilms

      good lists there.

    • Fox

      How can you say "should win" when you haven't seen half of the movies?

      • RBBrittain

        It's possible to read the winds (and whims) of Oscar voters without actually seeing ANY of the movies (though it helps if others have seen it).

  • Jimmy B

    Why not just go the Academy route and nominate ten films for best overall picture--oh, right, ratings.

  • Anna

    Blue Jasmine is totally winning this. Woody Allen will receive a special award, they will feel the need to award him with best comedy as well. Cate Blanchett is also looking really good. Let's not forget this is the HFPA we are talking about.

  • kane kruger

    I think Larson will get a nomination in the best actress for drama blanchett, and dench will get nominated in actress comedy or musical

  • andyluvsfilms

    Straight out comedies have been so poor lately(for me) but i laughed lots of times at This Is The End, Cera was so great in this. As for drama, i would go for 12 Years a Slave but like previously suggested i suspect either American Hustle or Gravity will win.

  • Cordia

    Brad, kris tapley tweeted that Wolf of wall street may be pushed to a later release date or maybe even 2014, what do you know about this?

  • Art

    Hope that The Sapphires gets some recognition, though am not sure if it is allowed for competition this year. If it is allowed I hope it gets into Best Picture and Best Actor (Chris O'Dowed). I would also like to see this is the End get some recognition as I enjoyed it as well, maybe Best Picture. I'm really looking forward to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, so hope it does really well at the Golden Globes. Maybe this can get Stiller his first Golden Globe nomination.

  • Vince O.

    Don Jon could make a case for a spot if it is received better than 50/50 was (which did end up getting a couple nods at the Golden Globes).

  • http://n/a rich clarkson

    More likely we'll get a lot of left field picks. For example...

    Picture (comedy/musical)

    Iron Man 3
    Jackass presents Bad Grampa
    The Heat
    The Lone Ranger
    The World's End

    Actor (comedy/musical)

    Robert Downey Jr: Iron Man 3
    Johnny Depp: The Lone Ranger
    Simon Pegg: The World's End
    Nick Frost: The World's End
    Johnny Knoxville: Jackass presents Bad Grampa

    Actress (comedy/musical)

    Sandra Bullock: The Heat
    Melissa McCarthy: The Heat
    Gwyneth Paltrow: Iron Man 3
    Rosamund Pike: The World's End
    Helena Bonham Carter: The Lone Ranger