Fake Thundercats Trailer - Name the Source Material

I see Brad Pitt in Troy, Garfield and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but I wanted to know what else you can find as someone spent a TON of time making a fake trailer for what would be a Thundercats movie based on the old animated cartoon from the '80s, which revolved around a group of humanoid cats who must flee the planet of Thundera, which is destroyed. Once crash-landing on another planet, Third Earth, they must thwart Mumm-Ra, an evil sorcerer bent on killing them off.

Give it a watch and tell me what else you can find.

  • joker47

    wow. that actually had me going for a minute...brad pit as lion-o...i hope this never happens!

  • The_Prophecional

    Ummmm, I think I spotted some scenes from... Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Power Rangers: The Movie, Spy Kids, Galaxy Quest, That one Sci-Fi channel show (don't know the name), and I think I saw a scene or two from Indy 3: The Last Crusade. That's all I got. Pretty cool trailer. Kudos to the f*cker who had the time to create it!!!

  • JD92

    That was freakin awsome for a fan made trailer, accually made me wanna see that if it was a real movie.

  • ormac

    Panthro is Vin Diesel of course.

    And a think there are some scenes from Armageddon.

  • Esco

    Farscape, Pitch Black, Stargate, great fake trailer

  • http://www.eyecrave.net Shane

    The opening scene is Masters of the Universe, followed by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The others I recognized in no particular order Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Riddick, Pitch Black, Troy, Garfield, Farscape, Stargate, Spy Kids, The Mummy, Galaxy Quest, Planet of the Apes (Burton), Aliens, X-Men 1, 2, 3, and Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome.

    A few more views might turn out more that I missed.

  • rook

    Add in
    Star Trek VI (the planet blowing up)
    and I think a shot from Aliens with the APC

  • Dave

    Also, when the planet explodes, that's from Star Trek VI.
    It was a nice fake trailer.

    Is a Thundercats movie actually being made?

  • http://www.eyecrave.net Shane

    @rook: I thought that was the praxis explosion. Wasn't sure though. It was the APC from Aliens.

  • http://www.eyecrave.net Shane

    Brad - It apparently took this uber Thundercats fan 1.5 years to make it. Although, I must admit I do like the casting ;)

  • boon

    i see the apc from aliens, the templar knight from last crusade, x-men, troy, pitch black, garfield, planet of the apes, underworld, sauron's eye from LOR, galaxy quest, farscape all over the place, thunderdome, spy kids, riddick, Stargate and the explosion form ST6:TUDC

  • Rob

    About the clips ... the creator of this trailer ... "chose wisely". LOL Had to say it.

  • Pufferbuzz

    who's playing that cheetara girl?

  • Penni

    that's gigi edgley from farscape playing cheeta girl

  • adu

    That was a great fan trailer!

    I also liked the casting. I think they could make a decent action flick out this franchise now.

  • tom

    i,m sorry but when i fisrt sore it i was praying that it wasn't real. that make up is just all wrong. nice try though. something i could never do.