Exclusive R-Rated 'Welcome to the Rileys' Clip Features a Vulgar Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys
Photo: Samuel Goldwyn Films

It's frustrating to say the very least there has not been a Seattle press screening of Welcome to the Rileys as it is set to open in New York, Los Angeles and Boston theaters tomorrow, October 29. I've read a smattering of opinions on the film, both good and bad, and of all things it seems like it is a bit of an emotional ride. However, I'd love to have an opinion of my own to share with you, but while I don't have that, at least I have something to share...

The film stars Kristen Stewart, in a massive departure from the Twilight franchise, as Mallory, a 17-year-old prostitute who forms a platonic bond with Doug (James Gandolfini) during his business trip to New Orleans. Doug and his wife Lois (Melissa Leo) have a marriage that's on the rocks and as he extends his stay to help Mallory, it may end up being the one thing that brings he and his wife back together.

Just below is an exclusive, 92-second red band (definitely not safe for work) clip from the film featuring Mallory and Doug having an argument after one of Mallory's tricks goes bad and she is left empty-handed on the side of the road.

For more on the film you can click here.

  • tam

    She's so bad. :):)

  • johnny

    I saw this movie earlier this year and i was very impressed with Stewart. Good job, girl.

    • Alex

      Kristen look awful

      • Dani

        ...She's playing a prostitute, what do you expect?
        Sorry kids, this ain't Twilight.

  • Ady

    Kristen is a great actress

  • jacky

    Stunning performance

  • Irf

    She looks like she's 'acting' too hard. It boarders on to fake.

  • Anna

    i dont think she is trying too hard to act i thought she played the role perfect and she is very believable. well done !


    She doesn't look like she's 'acting too hard'. On the contrary... it's very natural. The make up artist did a fantastic job of making up Kristen to look like a typical teenager with acne and blemishes on her face.

    • matt

      Natural? Where do you see people acting so over the top?

      • Anna

        ....hormonal teenage girls....hormonal teenage girls that happen to be prostitutes...have you ever seen people in this situation i have and its tragic.

      • matt

        And they look so crazy when they try to be angry? And they change their feelings every second because they can't concentrate on having one feeling?

      • Anna

        lol i dont want to argue here but look ive met alot of troubled young girls in my profession and to be honest the answer is yes...im seeing that you dont understand what it is to be in such an unfortunate situation. being in a rock bottom situation at such a young age often causes this type of erratic behavior.

      • matt

        Dramatic over the top behaviour that looks so fake that you think that she's acting in a bad soap opera?

  • http://N/A jam

    like wrangling a thousand cats! Intense! Electric! Good job Ms. Stewart!

  • Joan

    Wow i can't wait to finally see the movie ;))
    great great acting Stew :D

  • Anna

    your just hating so do as you will. bottom line the girl is an awesome actress and i enjoy her films

    • matt

      I'm not hating. I liked her in The Runaways. It was interesting to see her as Joan Jett and she wasn't exaggerating. In this clip we see good parts of Kristen but they're destroyed by her 'angry' outburst. I already saw it in other movies. She isn't good in portraying being angry.

      • Anna

        ok well you are entitled to your opinion. and i respect it. maybe your a stricter critiquer than me lol but i really think she potrayed it just fine. nothing about it stood out as awkward to me. but yea thanks for makin th eday go a bit faster ;) i was like ooooo another message haha :P cheers

      • Roxy

        So Matt, you mean to say you wouldn't be very angry if someone kept on trying to stick it up your ass, then stole 900bucks from you?

      • Anna

        LOL good point i missed earlier Roxy haha

      • Alicia

        She's a prostitute and just lost $900.
        I dont think anyone would handle that shit with their indoor voices.

      • Michelle

        Kristen did an amazing job. I think most of her bad critics can't get over Twilight and that may be what's going on with you and that's a shame, because this girl has been around since she was 11 years old and has always been respected and praised by her elders. Now under the twilight shadow, it will be hard for people to praise her without having all these negative comments in the back of their minds, but this scene proved to me that girl from Panic Room, Speak, and Into The Wild is still amazing and honest with her work. I would be f***ing full of rage if someone took all I had. $900 was all she had.

      • Anna

        this is an excellent point as well!

      • matt


        I can't believe that. I say that she isn't good in portraying being angry and then I get comments from people who are saying that she's angry. I know that she's angry but I said that Kristen isn't good in portraying that emotion. In this clip we see only parts of her looking angry. For example when she throws the shoes at the guy. That's really angry but she doesn't stay that way.

        Nobody is saying that you have to stay quite because someone took your money away but there is a BIG diffrence between looking angry and just faking it very obviously.

      • Syd

        but see, you don't realize, by saying that she's not consistent with her emotions, that her character is LIKE that. she's manic and erratic.

        and you said you liked her in The Runaways, yet she's not good at 'playing angry'? she was great in The Runaways band break up scene. she can 'play angry'. she is a great actress.

  • http://thekingbulletin.com Danny King

    I really want to see this.

  • sham22

    I honestly think she did an awesome job in this scene. i've never seen her act that was and it was great. Now i'm even more excited to see this movie. i cant wait she's bad lol

  • Tony

    Tony Soprano enters the pimping business.
    Really if Kristen Stewart was a real prostitute she could make 900 dollars back easily in a day (an hour if she cleans up and goes high class).

    • Chrissie

      fuck yeah she would, she's sexy as shit.

  • Abi

    I want to see this film so badly - God knows how long it'll be before it gets a UK release (it might though with all this Oscar buzz). I love Kristen Stewart and this shows she's so much more than the girl from Twilight - her acting is amazing.

    • Syd

      agreed, 100%

  • http://okinawaassault.wordpress.com/ Paolo

    Whoa that gives me flashbacks of girls I know in high school (don't ask). That clip was better than all of The Runaways.