Exclusive Clip from the Fantastic, Oscar Nominated Documentary 'Undefeated'

The best documentary of 2011 that I saw

Clip from the Oscar nominated documentary Undefeated
Photo: The Weinstein Co.

One Oscar prediction I'm happy I got wrong was predicting the fantastic documentary Undefeated would not get a nomination. It did and I hoped it would ever since the first saw it back in early December. Suffice to say, I was floored. Writing about it on December 6, I described it as "hands-down, without a doubt fantastic" and I stick by those words as I later declared it the Best Documentary of 2011.

With the film now set to hit theaters on February 17, the Weinstein Co. is moving forward with the marketing plan and what better time than just after the film was nominated for a Best Documentary (Feature) Oscar? And I am happy to be the one to debut a brand new, exclusive clip from the film, which I gladly jumped at the opportunity to premiere when offered.

Directed by Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin, Undefeated centers on the inner-city Memphis high school football team, the Manassas Tigers. In the following clip you'll be introduced to volunteer coach Bill Courtney who first offered his time in 2004 in an to attempt to overcome the team's consecutive years of no win seasons, but more importantly overcoming the stigma of being losers and nobodies.

As it turns out, this clip offers a perfect example of Courtney's attitude and motivational techniques while working with the kids, but once you see the film it's the kids that will work their way into your heart. I guarantee you, once you see Undefeated the names Money, Chavis and O.C. Brown are names you won't soon forget.

Yes, I am a sports fan and have played team sports all my life, but I think this film speaks to who we are as people, the goodness in others and just how important we can be to one another. It is truly a memorable piece of work. So have a look at the clip below and look for it when it hits theaters on February 17.

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  • Jake H.

    This clip made me wanna put some pads on and go hit somebody. Great Stuff.

  • Danny

    Hey Brad. What sports did you play? I believe, I heard you say you were a tar heel fan on one of your podcasts recently.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      When I was younger I played pretty much everything, but through high school and college I stuck with basketball.

  • J.

    I need information on show-times and locations for this. Been waiting a while to see this. But I need to know where and when!

    • Undefeated

      The film will open in NYC and LA on Feb 17th. It will then expand to other major markets on March 2nd

  • Lolis

    I was lucky enough to see this film at SXSW in March 2011. There was an all night bidding war to buy the film after it aired. It got a standing ovation and was brilliant. I can't wait for my friends to get to see it.