Examining Quentin Tarantino's Foot Fetish

Some of the less imaginative haters of Quentin Tarantino love to point out the writer/director's foot fetish and how it leaks into damn near every single film he has made. Of course, if Tarantino was trying to hide the fact feet light a fire where it counts it would perhaps be a little more disturbing, but there it is in all its glory and don't expect this weekend's release of Inglourious Basterds to be any different.

So, I thought why not take a look back in time and see just how Tarantino has utilized the female tootsies for his own prurient interests, and has it ever managed to make you look at them any differently?

Jackie Brown

I debated starting with this one or ending with this one, because in fact this is the only time I actually thought there was anything sexy about Tarantino's little fetish. I'm not sure if it was the complete package Bridget Fonda was offering or the way the scene was shot, but it just worked. Maybe it's the toe ring. Who knows? Then again, you would have never caught me drinking out of that glass like De Niro did. So, I guess it worked only to a certain extent.

Death Proof
Okay, now this one is just creepy, but intentionally so as Stuntman Mike rubs up against Abernathy's feet.

Death Proof
Hard to argue with what Sydney Tamiia Poitier is offering.

Kill Bill
Wiggle your big toe. I know this scene did something for some people because it took me forever to find this video with all the parodies out there on YouTube. However, I think this is a more comical approach although one thing I did get from the two Kill Bill films was something of a Tarantino infatuation not just with Thurman's feet as much as with Thurman herself. For some reason that creeped me out a little, not sure why.

Pulp Fiction
Of course, couldn't leave out the famous Pulp Fiction foot massage conversation... Anyone else care to claim the title of "foot fuckin' master"? I swear, I don't be ticklin' or nothin'.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Finally, the crème de la crème. The moment Tarantino goes blank staring at the feet of one Juliette Lewis. Okay, this one's a little creepy.

From Dusk Till Dawn

As suggested by Phil in the comments I decided adding this clip only makes sense. As Phil says, "[Tarantino] should be thanking Robert Rodriguez more than once for starring in that movie."

I'm curious, do you find Tarantino's infatuation with feet fascinating, comical, creepy? Are you constantly hoping his next film will forgo an attempt to focus on a woman's dogs or do you look forward to seeing how he will do it the next time out?

  • Anonymous’ Friend

    Lol are you suggesting that he uses his movies as a platform to brainwash others in to developing foot fetishes? That would be hilarious. I think its freakin weird but hey, its his movies right? I think he uses all those foot shots and dialogue about feet because that's how he can relay one point in the story according to his own interests.

    • John

      For brainwashing, there's hardly a TV series on the air that doesn't promote gay sex. Examples: last season Desperate Housewives had 3 gay couples at one time, Law and Order had several episodes highlighting gay issues, Grey's Anatomy has it's gay couple with frequent bedroom scenes. And Will Ferrell almost every week on SNL and in most of his movies engages in long open-mouth kisses with other men. Gay is fine in Hollywood but foot fetishism is perverted in the rare times it's shown. A few years ago on Law and Order a foot fetishist cut off the feet of his victims and kept them as trophies in his apt.

      • Fireman

        Hey John hope you're doing fine sir. I would very much like to let you know that just because Hollywood approves of homosexually does not make it morally right. The Bible made it crystal clear that homosexuality is detestable to God. See Genesis 19:1-13; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27 & 1 Corinthians 6:9.

        Romans 1:26-27 teaches specifically that homosexuality is a result of denying and disobeying God. When people continue in sin and unbelief, God “gives them over” to even more wicked and depraved sin in order to show them the futility and hopelessness of life apart from God. 1 Corinthians 6:9 proclaims that homosexual “offenders” will not inherit the kingdom of God.

        God does not create a person with homosexual desires. The Bible tells us that people become homosexuals because of sin (Romans 1:24-27) and ultimately because of their own choice. A person may be born with a greater susceptibility to homosexuality, just as some people are born with a tendency to violence and other sins. That does not excuse the person’s choosing to sin by giving in to sinful desires. If a person is born with a greater susceptibility to anger/rage, does that make it right for him to give into those desires? Of course not! The same is true with homosexuality.

        Moreover, there is nothing wrong with someone who has an attraction for the feet of the opposite sex because a woman's beauty is from head to toes and there are many woman who have beautiful feet. The only thing they must avoid is idolatry and sexual immorality. It would be very unfair for people to accept those who like breasts or buttocks or legs but treat those who like feet as some sort of mental outcast.

        I would also like to draw the conclusion that in the Bible, God did not send two angels who were disguised as humans to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of people who had attraction for feet, but because of homosexuality.

        • kbrown2225

          Oh for god's sake please keep your Bible thumping nonsense to yourself. The parts of the old testament that say homosexuality is detestible to god also say that eating lobster, mixing types of cloth, bacon, and your wife when she is having her period is "detestable to god." Also what the hell would some moron writing 4,000 years ago know about human psychology? I didn't "chose" to be heterosexual, what makes you think a homosexual "choses" his sexuality when heterosexuals don't?

          If you want to believe in a magic book that is fine but please don't expect the rest of us to believe in Judaic and Christian mthology.

          • L.A.R.

            please don't misinterpret the Bible, like SO many people do. the diet rules set forth in (Leviticus if im not mistaken?) were not meant to be applied by everyone forever. again if Im not mistaken, i want to say those were rules for certain tribes in Bible times? Bible writers (one of whom you called 'moron') were smart men, they put in writing some scientific facts that were ahead of their time (ex. earth hangs from nothing, refuting prevalent thought that earth was held in place by something else)

            this is not mythology, this is factual history and factual prophecy

            "And just as they did not approve of holding God in accurate knowledge, God gave them up to a disapproved mental state, to do the things not fitting... strife...haters of God, insolent, haughty, self-assuming, inventors of injurious things" - Romans 1:28-30

          • kevin

            Okay first, I am a historian and the old testament is Judaic mythology with very little history in it (it is about as histroically correct as the King Arthur tales).

            Also how can the dietary restrictions be intended as temporary but the nonsense about homsexuality being a sin you keep applying? It doesn't say anything of the sort in the bible.

            I love it how you bible folks pick and chose what you want to apply from your magic book and what you want to ignore. Sorry if homosexuality is an "abomination" in the eyes of the lord, then so is eating lobster, because that's what your book says.

        • L.A.R.

          WELL SAID fireman. I took note of your cited Romans verses.

          I did come to this post because I am into feet. Ive had this foot fetish since,,, i was 14 or so. the bad part is I've only handled ONE female's feet and this was in 09' . I do cherish that memory :)

          • Lord Boofhead

            Hey Weirdo you do get that as its no procreational sex Your God considers your weird foot thing the same as to Gay men having rumpy pumpy?

        • dude

          We all know that 'God' hates gay people, but there are human rights to consider, you can't help how you feel, and if this 'god' guy did create everything then he obviously created homosexuals too right? Get with the times, 'God' loves everyone and so should you. Chill out with all the 'God' talk, if people took an interest then they would do it on their own accord. I have nothing against religious people, until they start trying to press the 'thoughts' imaginary people on me! It is a fairytale which people should grow out of by 10 years of age.

        • kaykay Jones

          You are joking right? Why is it that bible thumpers one cite this particular sin when there are so many to choose from, some they are guilty of themselves (but fail to include that). Hypocrite much?

        • Grommie

          You suck Fireman, the bible is nothing more than outdated, glorified Aasop's fables my friend. "God" should not be vindictive , nor should "God" employ subterfuge. Being a good human being is all that matters.

        • GaySexLover

          Why should they care about what the bible calls right?

      • Thomas

        Oh, Fireman - come on!
        See it the way you want, but keep it to yourself. Saying that God disapproves of homosexuality, is merely a way that some of you homophobes choose to translate the bible.

        "I would also like to draw the conclusion that in the Bible, God did not send two angels who were disguised as humans to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of people who had attraction for feet, but because of homosexuality."

        Your conclusions are based on your homophobia and nothing else. Get over it, seriously.

        • MamacitaLupita

          I don't know if you're trolling or just grossly misinformed. Clearly you didn't bother to look up the actual verses Fireman cited. If you had, you'd have learned that The Bible clearly states that "for a man to lie with another man is a sin in the eyes of the Lord. They have both committed an abomination before the eyes of the Lord." I don't know how much more clarifying can be done from there without it just flat out saying God hates gays.

          • kevin

            Like I have stated before, in the same section the Bible says that eating pork or shellfish is an "abomination." But I bet you still eat bacon and lobster. How come you chose to listen to the "homosexual" part and ignore the others? How can one conveniently ignore one section (eating pork and shellfish is an abomination) in the modern world, but pretend that the other one (homosexuality is an abomination) is still the vladi "word of god."

            • kaykay Jones

              In one word, it's called hypocrisy, and it gives them a reason to be hateful, though the bible clearly forbids hatred as well,.

      • kevin

        Of course God's (so called) condemnation of male homosexuality (the Bible is silent on female homosexuality) is largely in the same section that condems pork, lobster and tells us that menstrating women are uclean. So if you ever had bacon, pork chops, lobster or had sex with your wife during her period, you are also condemned in the (so called) eyes of God.

  • scott

    I love feet. Its not weird. girls have nice feet just like the rest of their body. Quentin is a leader and it can be creepy to some people but so WHAT. so can a boob fetish. Everyone has a quirk. Lets be honest.

    • Fast Eddy

      Some men are attracted to whatever on a womens body. You've heard men say they are Leg men, or Boob men. Well it can go to whatever when it comes to women. There are tons of men that like womens feet to a degree. So its just another attraction, given the unfair Term of being called a FETISH. Absurd! I knew a guy who had an attraction for womens Lips. Its may be a rarity, but he loved womens mouths. So theres something different. Feet , like legs and butts and boobs are just a part of the over sttraction. So why it weird?

  • http://www.twitter.com/morpheerimbaud Randy

    I once gave a foot massage, which was very well received. I love Tarantino and his unorthodox approach to female beauty. Feet can definitely tell a million things - like how much does a girl look after herself. Also Uma Thurman's shoe size isn't stereotypically feminine, and yet it doesn't mean she's any less of a woman. Frankly, I can't wait for the Basterds.

    • John

      Women like foot massages but as soon as they suspect you're enjoying it too much, they run away.

  • oldskool138

    Why didn't you include the actual shot of Uma's feet from Pulp Fiction where she greets Vincent and stops the record player?

    I think QT's obsession with feet is more than a little creepy and annoying. I like his movies but every time there's a foot shot, it make me roll my eyes especially if the shot goes on a second or two more than it should.

  • Steven Kar

    Not all girls have nice feet which is what makes pretty female feet special for some guys. Or a lot of guys actually, you'd be surprised how many guys care about such things.

    Just like any other part of their body, girls' feet can be just as sexy and just as aesthetically pleasing to look at. Why do you think they're constantly taking care of their feet and getting pedicures and buying sexy shoes and almost always wearing footwear that exposes their feet or highlights them or makes them look sexy? They know it has an effect on us. I've heard so many girls being complimented on their feet.

    The foot is an interesting part of the body and has too many elements to it that have to be juuuuuuuuust right in order for it to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It's difficult to explain what they are, but when you see a beautiful foot, you just know it.

    Uma Thurman for example, does NOT have pretty feet.

    • Fireman

      I agree with you Steven Kar. Especially the part where you said that Uma Thurman does not have pretty feet.

  • Ricky B

    You left out the hottest part of 'Dusk till Dawn'. In the bar when Selma is dancing and she sticks her foot in his mouth and pours the whiskey down that gorgeous leg! Sweet jesus...

  • Anonymous’ Friend

    @scott: I didn't mean to offend. lol. To each is own. And a boob fetish is not a fetish, it's natural for a man to dream of those funbags.

    • jc

      If liking boobs is not not a fetish then neither is liking female feet!
      Personally, the sight of bare female breasts does nothing for me at all but thats because I'm not a boob man.
      To me, boobs are for babies, female feet are for men and there are really only two types of men...Immature men that prefer boobs and mature men that prefer female legs and feet.
      Thats not to say all female feet are attractive, their not, but then neither is every female face attractive.
      If you fancy a girl because you think her face is pretty you would'nt say you had a face fetish, would you! If you fancy the shape of a girls arse you would'nt say you had an arse fetish would you! Seriously, men who like female feet are completely normal so I really dont understand why this article was written in the first place?

  • Phil

    How could you forget the scene From Dusk til Dawn, where Salma HAyek pours wine down her leg off her foot into Quentin's mouth. He should be thanking Robert Rodriguez more than once for starring in that movie.

  • http://velvetmatt.blogspot.com Matt

    I don't see anything creepy about it. It's not like he's trying to hide it. Quentin Tarantino likes female feet. What exactly is wrong with that? Who does it harm? It's not like he's running up and banging random women's feet. People should just be glad he's not the Foot Stomper from John Waters' Polyester!

    I like female feet, too. Someone please explain to me what is wrong with that.

    • John

      On talk shows, Tarantino always denies it. That's too bad - I wish it was as commendable to be "out" as a foot lover than as a gay person.

      • Luis Ramos

        I wish it was commendable too. Im 19 and I have had a hardcore foot fetish since I was about 15. to this day I have only told 3 people about my fetish.. I guess the reason why I am not open about my love of sexy female's sexy feet is because, it will be ridiculed. And people will surely find it to be odder for a man to love female feet than it would be for him to love other men.. what kind of world is this?
        . I have to say it - I have had only ONE precious non-sexual encounter with gorgeous feet, and I cherish those 4 minutes so much! I wait for a chance.... I hate my virginity !

  • Phil

    I like to have a bowl of feet with milk every morning.

  • http://velvetmatt.blogspot.com Matt

    @Phil: Hahahaha. I'm not sure why, but that actually made me laugh out loud. Well played, sir.

  • Deaner

    This guy is in league with the great masters of directing, a real treasure. He is the only director I find myself want to see more of a soon as i see his most current work.
    As a fellow foot lover, he has my undying respect for managing to get a hold of Selma Hayek's priceless peds!

  • Luis

    I have a foot fetish too. All you haters out there will never understand what attracts us to a fine set of beautiful female feet. I cant even come to a conclusion myself as why I have a foot fetish. Actually I think it is safe to say that a foot fetishist just has a special capability to admire the traits in a fine foot that others without the fetish do not have. We can just admire something others cant. And YES 'Inglorious Basterds' does have hmm.... TWO shots of the Melanie Laurent's fine feet. One quick one of her foot in a cast and another longer one of her foot on a lap, I saw the glorious movie yesterday. Quentin is showing the world what a foot fetish is, he is not afraid to show it either which is commendable.

    • Tony J. Tarquinio

      The foot in the cast in "Inglorious Basterds" belongs to Diane Kruger, who played the character of Frau Von Hammarsmark.

  • joejanx

    Fellow foot lover checking in. Just saw Inglorious Basterds and yes, foot bros, you won't be disappointed.

    As for the foot haters, I'm sorry to break it to you, but yes...men liking tits (or ANY part of a woman's body) can be considered fetishistic. Think about it: what do most of us suck on when we're tots? No need to stretch the imagination why most men like tits: we associate our very first feelings of arousal w/ that body part.

    For others of us, it was the foot, not the boob, that got hardwired into our libidos. Not that all of us foot lovers were going around sucking toes when we were 2, it's just the way we're wired...wired in the very same way that boob/ass/leg/whateverthehell men are.

    tbh, 'fetish' is a little misleading. Paraphilias (like getting off to shoes) is more like a fetish. I think feet, being that they're parts of the body, would be better classified as 'preference.'

    • kevin

      Parahilia's can be objects or body parts. We commonly refer to a paraphilia as a fetish but in reality it would be a paraphilia if you were only turned on my a woman's feet and not sexually attracted to her otherwise. Most people who claim to have a foot "fetish" are still attracted to the woman's vagina and other body parts.

  • Alice

    I pretty much agree with everyone who said its no big deal. I mean, its his sexual quirk if he wants to share with the universe what harm does it do.

    Kind of makes me laugh, affectionatley though.

  • Josh

    i don't find it creepy its just not me...i for one am not obsessive over feet but i had one girl with extraordinarily beautiful feet and it really turned me on. my point is everyone has their things...and its his damn movies so let the man show what he wants lol

  • Steve

    I don't find Tarantino's fascination with feet fascinating. what I do find fascinating is the mainstream media's fascination with Tarantino's fascination with feet. Inglorious Basterds came out last week and I have yet to see anyone talking about whether or not the movie's actually any *good*, just falling all over themselves to point out that OMG, there's another ten-second shot of a *foot* somewhere therein.

    You guys ever think that he does this just so people like the author of this article will give him free publicity?

    I also fall squarely into the "what's the big deal?" camp.

  • Mike

    Wow, such light is being shed in this forum!

    I have always had, as someone said earlier, a "preference" for female feet, though I am turned on by the rest of a woman's body too. I think that Tarantino's acceptance and expression of his passion for feet is healthy and quite possibly necessary to de-stigmatize (if that's a word) the so called "foot fetish". I think the scenes displaying female feet in his movies only add to his own style and distinction as a director. He is taking a taboo and showing it in a perspective that is classy, theatrical, and artistic. The main point I am trying to make is that female feet hold a lot of sexual potency in men like myself, and to see it on the big-screen is really refreshing!

  • marty


    I think you're oversimplifying it, there is way more to a foot fetish / any fetish than we can not understand and trying to analyze / figure it out only makes it less exciting. I'm also willing to make a large bet that most of the people who downplay it and act puzzled by whats so special about it are just acting like that because they are scared of the overwhelming chemical processes something like this can stir up in your brain !

  • http://BAREFEET dallas dan hessler


  • eric

    For Christs sake, foot fetishism is not a crime, it is a perfectly normal human sexual preference. Men like boobs, legs, a perfect backside, a womans eyes, mouth, hair, even the way she walks; all these things arouse a man's sexual desire. So why is it that when a man's penchant for womens feet is mentioned it gets all "creepy" ?
    For God's sake, grow up people. When a man gets aroused by cutting a womans throat etc. then it's time to call the Police; otherwise, live and let live.........

  • http://idleprimate.blogspot.com/ idle

    I have always appreciated tarantino's depiction/elucidation of women's feet in his films. I'm a hot blooded man who appreciates everything to do with women, and i have my own share of taboo fantasies, and it gets tiring to think that simply liking womens feet is some strange thing. I'm about the same age as tarantino and also brought up on film, and i found, the only time men were depicted likin womens feet it was shown in a really derogatory angle. like perverts or geeks. and i have to say, that contributed much shame to a fairly harmless desire. most women i have been with, as long as you are paying attention to tyhe rest of them, in and out of bed, are delighted to have their feet desired. like someone else said, there is a reason for all the shoes, stockings, and nail polish.

    that being said, tarantino has awful taste in womens feet, lol.

  • salmafan

    These latina feet are just delicious! Here is Salma Hayek's ultimate feet gallery:


  • Deepelmdesciple

    I actually figured out he had a foot fetish just by watching the movies. So I googled it and here I am reading about it. I like how he gets it into every movie, because we see it from a different perspective, and he's turned some of the scenes into great art. Also, as far as I can see, there's nothing else that reoccurs in all of his movies but this, so technically, its his signature. So I think it will be pretty cool to see how he puts it into all of his movies to come.

    • BrieBelle00

      He also does trunk shots, mexican stand offs, puts himself in the movie in some way, close ups of food/ beverages being cut/poured, conversations that circle around a group of people in a long single shot... just saying, there are several things he does in all his movies that are a ” signature”. So glad I was born and lived during his career :-D

  • David

    To each his (or her I suppose) own. Its less fetish and more preference, I mean, for example I like to see a girl who has nice legs, is that really any different from bosom or feet?

    Think the only different between boob and feet 'fetish', is one is widely accepted as being common while the other is not. Not yet anyway...

    But yes, I'm a foot lover too, just find that part of the body appealing, so who am I to say its different if you get turned on by a girl with massive funbags while I prefer the gal wearing nice heel?
    Down to opinion...

    So now let's sitback and enjoy the movie!

  • Anonymous

    There is one that doesn't have any shots like those above mentioned: Reservoir Dogs. Good movie, no feet.

    • kevin

      I think the reason there werer no foot fetish scenes in Reservior Dogs is because there are really no women in the movie to speak of.

  • omer

    hey....take it easy all brothers (lovers & non-lovers)..... we soon gonna know what actually a foot-fetish is.... just gimme some time man...... we all gonna be having one affair with some feet every half an hour (Sophie Ellis Bextor.....oh you can feel the excitement) ...... (Amen).......

  • Justin

    The reason people don't like feet is because they have a strong odor. It's viewed as smelly/gross in mainstream culture so people talk about them as if they're nasty or something to stay away from.

    I'll venture out and say that foot guys like the smell though... At least I do! :)

  • navhip

    Ban the term: "Foot-fetish"

    I agree with many of the comments here; men can be attracted to so many parts of a woman's body, so in all fairness why not boob-fetish, ass-fetish, leg-fetish, etc..? By being so interested in the physical aspects of woman's bodies, all men are fetishists, by this definition.

    Or simply don't use the term fetish at all.

    I myself am a head to toe guy. I find everything in a women's body sexy: for example, deep wide eyes, supple breasts, softness of the neck & back, curves of waist to hip and waist to ass, soft navel, long legs, supple thighs, cute feet and so on. Why discriminate against any body part, when it seems that men are wired to appreciate it all?

    Attaching "fetish" to feet only just shows that people in society, including psychologists and researchers, are not be used to feet getting such wide-spread attention. It simply represents an unscientific bias against a particular body part. Maybe it even represents some sort of moral conservatism against the final frontiers of the human body...again why against feet? Why not against a body part like the ass-hole (kidding) ?

  • John

    Not all girls have nice feet. I love footjobs id rather fuck the shit out of feet than get titty fucked

  • chris

    Selma Heyik (or however you spell her name) was in From Dusk til Dawn dancing with a snake around her neck. Tarantino had her foot all in his face. Selma was SO sexy in that scene. I wish her foot was in my mouth,lol

  • d.jones

    I think we agree QT likes ladies feet.Deathproof especially is full of lovely foot shots so I think he made it for all the foot preferists out there. Also Stanley Donen, Arabesque with Sophia Loren, full on preferist at work there and again in Charade with Audrey Hepburn, stocking feet prefered centre screen being touched. Found one called Up at the Villa director Philip Haas it with a big long preferist type shot of kistin scott thomas lovely feet in vintage stockings - haven't checked his other work.
    There's a lot of them out there - High Society , Grace Kelly - how the camera seems to linger on her perfect feet in more than one scene for that few extra seconds, just like you do when you see something tasty enter the room.
    The trouble is you can never have what you want, can you, because it horifies them,the object of desire, because they know it could be anyones feet you want and your eyes betray you all the time.
    It is not normal and we all know it's not. We are damned.

  • kevin

    You know I have no problem with Tarentino's foot fetish (hell I have been known to suck on the occasional pretty girl's toes myself) but he could show us a boob shot every once in a while, hell even a naked butt would be cool. Also he seems to kinda like girls peeing, he has worked in that reference more than once, which again is cool with me.

  • kevin

    I don't know about you guys but I think Una Thurman has some really ugly feet. On the other hand I would suck Salma Hayeks feet all night long.

  • John

    Given the high proportion of gays in Hollywood, on TV especially, you see a lot more of male feet than female ones. In a typical shot of a guy and gal sitting on a couch or on a bed, the guy will have his soles sticking out towards the camera and the gal will have hers tucked under her. In a particularly disgusting scene (almost all guys who like female feet are totally turned off by male ones, and visa versa) on Criminal Minds, the killers inject a poison between the toes (holding them open so you see all the toe jam) of a 60 year old guy in a long lingering stomach turning closeup. A cliche shot on any of the CSI shows is a male body on the dissecting table shot from under the soles so they take up the whole screen.

    I wish there was a QT directing a TV show!

    • kevin

      So it is your theory that the "high proportion of gays in Hollywood" are subjecting the rest of us to "male foot scenes" as part of some homosexual plot?

      • John

        I wouldn't call it a plot. It's no secret that there are a lot of gays working in Hollywood and they are becoming bolder about showing romantic scenes and plots of all kinds (foot and non-foot) that they like to see.

  • kevin

    and gay necrophiliac foot scenes at that?

  • the way foward

    so here's the rule in stone: no more foot "fetish", but instead "prefernce".

    • kevin

      The term "fetish" simply refers to some object that has power. A magic wand is a fetish, a witch's broom, Gandolf staff, etc. We use the term fetish in the sexual sense to denote that some object or body part has a sort of sexual power to an individual. There is not necessarily a negative connotation involved with the term. If a guy is turned on by a girls feet or watching a girl pee, etc. we generally term it a fetish.

      As I mentioned before there is the psychological term "paraphilia" but that usually refers to the object or body part being the "only" thing that will get a person aroused. A true foot paraphilia would have no sexual interest in a woman except for her feet.

      Hey lots of things about women turn me on and that includes the feet, so as far as I am concerned I have a bit of a foot fetish and usually work a little foot play into my sexual activities with women. It is really no big deal.

  • gerardam68

    There is a scientific explanation for people who have a foot fetish. It was featured on Discovery health some time ago. The video is on YouTube. So for people like myself who always wondered where this profound love for the female foot came from, it was well explained there. Basically the nerve endings for the foot and the penis are in the same area of the brain, and sometimes the signals get crossed....see the video, and draw your own conclusion.

  • Disfiguredo

    I think QT is actually being abstract with his art.He knows there are many men out there who are into womens feet.I think he is looking to stimulate the viewers subconscious,by adding scenes like this.While at the same time getting his own rocks off....Hollywood hypnosis at it's finest!!!! I love that

  • kevin

    Yeah the foot scenes are fine but couldn't the guy occasionally show us a bare boob? I mean c'mon some of us like other stuff too.

  • Disfiguredo

    I can digg it.We do like more flesh than just a foot here and there!!lol But honestly it's him being selfish about his art.Most artist create what they wanna see and hope there is enough of us out there that see the world as they do.They expect and hope they can make us the veiwer rearrange our perceptions in some way,thus finding appreciation in there work

  • Rick

    Quentin is "The Man",just because someone is a movie director or a football coach or what ever. We are all human!
    Who cares about what society thinks or who is staring at you because you may be different. Honestly, i am white and my wife is african american, plus i Love womans feet!
    Just be yourself and be Happy!
    Chow, Rick

  • Hado

    Damn, a lot of these comments are creepy. Speaking as one that likes feet, most 'foot fetishists' you see on the internet..... well its creepy.

  • Corey

    This is hilarious. As a QT fan, I was quite pleased to learn that there is a new novel called THE SUICIDE GAME by a guy named Andy Rausch that is very Tarantinoesque. More important to this particular discussion, however, is the fact that one of the characters is a movie director who appears to be based directly on Tarantino himself. There are all kinds of foot fetish jokes and even a reference to that recent incident where that girl said QT pleasured himself while sucking her toes. The book is hilarious. It's too bad Tarantino probably wouldn't like it as he would be the perfect person to direct an adaptation. Weirdly enough, the book cost me $11 but I recently found it in a download version on smashwords for free. Check it out. That shit seriously cracked me up. The feet stuff is particularly hilarious.

  • J


    Each to his own I suppose but it's absolutely about mainstream representation. If a man says wow that girl is hot, I'd sure like to suck on her fine titties, the general reaction if not agreement would be, *rolls eyes, that's all men think about. Despite the well known adage that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. I'm pretty sure we're not all borderline cannibals.

    Now take an equally sexually charged statement, wow that girl is hot, I'd sure like to suck her fine toes the general reaction would usually be ew what a creep.

    The funny part is, neither one of those body parts are directly linked to sex. You don't need either to have sex, and while the pleasure response is greatly varied between women, you'd be incredibly hard pressed to find many women that can orgasm from their touch alone(if that were the case wouldn't life be so much easier).

    Yet despite this, it is not only socially acceptable but believed to be actually hardwired into every straight man to be turned on by breasts.

    There are many theories as to why, but ultimately the bottom line is it's accepted as an integral crux of femininity. And boy, do we guys sure get lusty over anything woman. Now the same could be said about women's feet. A woman's foot that's generally considered attractive to men, though with great variance usually have certain characteristics. Small petite feet, long slender elegant feet, high arches, shapely etc. For the most part all define certain feminine characteristics that make us lusty.

    The really important thing though is, that throughout life, thanks to the media and cultural influence we are fed two very different perceptions. That breasts are key, that boobs have magical healing abilities, that the showing of them for girls makes them a woman. Yet, feet are something to be taken for granted, that feet work hard and smell bad for it, that feet are dirty. If breasts are the ditzy blonde neighbour that all the guys lust after because they draw attention to themselves, then feet are the geeky girl who works hard in class and people take for granted.

    • Ashi Yubi

      @J, that was superb; insightful and intelligent.

      I wish this was a larger forum. It would be a benefit to many if they could grasp what you said here. I will definitely remember it to use for myself, in future discussions of "foot fetishism."

    • kevin

      Actually evolutionary biologists believe that the development of prominant female breasts in humans was develped as a visual sexual trigger for men. You do not need large or prominent breasts to nurse young and most mammals do not have them. However since humans tended to prefer face to face sex, it is theorized that the breasts in female humans became more pronounced to resemble the roundness of the female buttocks which was also a primary visual sexual trigger used to arouse males.

      That being said, there is nothing the matter with sucking some pretty female toes!

  • kevin

    By the way Uma Thurman has some really unattractive feet.

  • marv

    Uma...stunning face and lips....ugly feet
    Juliet L....take it or leave it
    Rose..........outstanding feet...or foot, as one leg was eaten
    Juliet D......wish there was more! Beautiful toes
    I favor high arches but my man seems to be into toes alone

    It's amazing to me, but ugly feet on a pretty woman turns me off. I'm fortunate to have married a woman that loves my interest in her feet. I've got it all. I married the Home Coming Queen with beauty of head to lovely arches and toes. Eat my dust, Bitches!

  • Average Dude

    There are many ways to appreciate a Beautiful Attractive Female according to a guy's "Personal Preferences" which does not harm anyone. This is just one of them. BUT First and FOREMOST, the female has to be an ATTRACTIVE FEMALE with Admirable qualities...take note: "Beautiful" and also evidently is CLEAN and THOROUGH, and knows how to care for herself which means she is ABLE to TEND to the needs of the "LUCKY GUY" (and the kids if any). She has to be ABOVE and more VALUABLE than other females. The Best Deal you can get outta life! That is a real ideal INCENTIVE here. IN FACT, If a female is UNattractive to begin with, then who cares about any part of her or anything to do with her?!
    The first and FOREMOST question to begin with is this: Is she HOT or NOT? If she's HOT then It Is JUSTIFIED. If she's Not HOT then we got a serious problem here. Deep down we always have yearned for the IDEAL chick. The Alpha Female.

  • Average Dude

    If a female is UGLY and UNattractive to begin with then who cares about ANY PART OF HER or ANYTHING to do with her? NOBODY. No One. Count me out. Just ignore, turn cheek and walk away.

  • Michael Hsu

    If you want the public to accept a weird idea H, then you expose the public to numerous depictions of another (slightly less weird) idea F.F. - gradually wearing down the public's resistance to non-traditional ideas.

  • BrieBelle00

    Can a 29 year old woman chime in here? I just want to go on record and say I would PAY to feel that man's lips around my toes.

  • kevin

    BrieBelle00-I am surprised that you have not found an enterprising man to help you with that problem. Also an added benefit is that a man who is willing to suck your toes is probably very oral in other ways! Good luck.

    • BrieBelle00

      @kevin - it's nothing I have ever sought out in a man, though I have enjoyed it when it's been brought into play... but the thought of QT himself wrapping his tongue and lips around my toes? That alone is enough to make this girl need a minute to herself ;-)

  • kevin

    I agree he does have a lot of "signature" shots and is an incredibly talented director. He also seems to like bathroom stuff and women peeing to talk about other kinky things he seems to work in along with the foot fetish stuff.

  • kevin

    Oh so you think QT is hot, obviously you are attracted to the artistic type because he is not really a classically handsome man. But then again there is a lot more to sexual attraction then simply being "pretty."

    • briebelle00

      @Kevin - most definitely. And true, he is not a coventionally attractive man, but his intelligence, personality, and wit are far too much for me to pass up. 1000 times sexier than a squared jawline or ripped abs. He certainly doesn't "fit in" with the other guys who would round out my Top 5 (Mark Wahlberg, David Duchovny, Jason Statham, and Jason Bateman), but the others are based on pure asthetics. Classically handsome. If the coke wizard showed up at my house right now and gave me the choice of being with Mark Wahlberg for a whole year, or Quentin Tarantino for one weekend, I would pack for QT's, no question. A lot of people probably think I'd be nuts, but, quality over quantity, right?
      A perfect night with him would be laying on the floor of the room he keeps all his vinyls in and having him pick out his favorite tunes to play for me, many of which I no doubt probably have never heard but would fall in love with instantly, just like the music he chooses for his films. Having intellectual and thoughtful conversations about, well, anything. Just listening to him talk about his passion. Rounding out the early morning hours watching Blow Out or Taxi Driver, or even Pulp Fiction if he'd indulge me (it's my favorite movie of all time).
      THAT is the ideal night, in my mind. And hey, if he wants to suck on my toes a little at the end, who am I to say no? ;-)

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  • adam

    this is about his footfetish, i dont know where you guys come up with homosexuals out of all this. its whatever floats your boat. and did you know jesus was a jew

  • popgasmstreet

    bridget fonda has exceptionally cute feet.

  • Nathan Forester

    That's Salma Hayek that Tarantino is looking at.

  • DrummerDanNJ

    I think it's awesome. A woman with cute feet is a beautiful thing.