Elder Engineer from 'Prometheus' Deleted Scenes Revealed

Concept art from Prometheus: The Art of the Film
Concept art from "Prometheus: The Art of the Film"

If you read my lengthy exploratory piece examining my theories with regards to Ridley Scott's Prometheus you'll remember on the first page where I mention in the opening scene there originally were two Engineers seen, not just one. Well, instead of just the concept art from "Prometheus: The Art of the Film" as seen above, now courtesy of a Facebook page belonging to Connor O'Sullivan (via Prometheus Forum) we have the following image that shows what the Elder Engineer (played by Matthew Rook) actually looked like.

Scott has already said there will be upwards of 28 minutes of deleted scenes on the Prometheus Blu-ray (pre-order it here) and Darwin Shaw, who plays one of the Engineers seen later in the film, commented on Twitter saying, "You'll have to wait for the Directors cut for the full opening scene!"

Personally, I can't wait to see how the full scene plays out and would love to see an extended cut with all the additional footage added back in, but at this time the comments from Scott lead me to believe they'll only be available as deleted scenes... probably so they can put out an extended cut in a year or so and take even more of our money.

So check out the new pic below and browse a TON more right here. Also, if you haven't yet added your Prometheus theory to our lengthy discussion of the film, do so right here.

Elder Engineer Prometheus
Matthew Rook and Daniel Twiss in Prometheus
Photo: Conor O'Sullivan's Facebook / 20th Century Fox
  • AS

    Is it just me or does that first image look like a deleted scene from Eyes Wide Shut?

    • http://thebioscopist.wordpress.com the bioscopist

      Tom Cruise was never that tall though

    • Criterion10

      I think it's the cloaks that give that feel...Great movie by the way

      • AS

        I know, right? I don't get why people love to piss on it.

        • David

          Because people aren't happy unless they have something to complain about. We live in a society of instant gratification and want instant answers to everything.Its become apparent in our choices of popular TV shows that are designed to make us feel smarter than we really are and feel good.Just like fast food for our brains. Prometheus is an easy movie to target for all this reason. It doesn't spoon feed you or have to shock you with a xenomorph popping out at you every minute. So some people hate it because they can't go back and tell their friends they know where the xenomorph's come from and how they came about.

  • http://thebioscopist.wordpress.com the bioscopist

    Looking through all of Conor's pictures you can see a marked difference in the necks of the engineers in the beginning ritual scene with that of the final scene, where they have gill like features etched into the skin. I'm wondering if the final scene engineers are just android/cyborg versions of the original engineers, in much the same way that David shares our human resemblance.

  • http://hypable.com Jeremy Baril

    This has me thinking..We never actually see female engineers, do we? Were they in that scene David conjures up showing their downfall?

    • AS

      Nope, they weren't. In fact, you could make a pretty good case that Prometheus is slightly misogynistic (i.e. all the "god's" are male). Which is ironic since many consider Alien (1979) to be a feminist horror film (a theory I've never bought btw).

      • Gabriel

        To be fair, we don't even know the whole story when it concerns the Engineers. There could be female Engineers. Just Sayin

  • Aakash

    Brad please stop posting spoilerish images from the film..some of us are still waiting to see it!

  • Arjuna

    Hey Brad, which movie made you think about life and the cosmos more, Prometheus or Tree of Life?

  • Scott

    Looking at the Engineer at the waterfall from a Darwinist perspective, why was he so built? Big muscles imply a need for muscles, e.g., heavy manual labor. The more advanced a civilization would become, the more machines (like their spaceship) would do the heavy lifting for them. Spindly aliens like in Close Encounters would make more sense. Or really fat, couch-potato aliens. Like the people in Wall-E who are above manual labor by that point.

    • zyzygy

      Genetic manipulation? it doesn't mean they can't pump iron once in a while, if you see his purpose as a seeder of planets he has to be a perfect specimen or the imperfections will be passed along once dissolved by the galactic prune juice!

    • http://www.turtleshellprod.com Will

      I think that the "gills" were part of the Bio-suit worn by the spaceship crew, while the opening scene Engineer was au-natural.

      Also explains the morphic nature of the end-scene alien, since the features of the bio-suit were probably included in the alien's genesis.

  • Roo Roo

    In Alien 4 Resurrection, Winona Rider is a female Cyborg.

  • Ansible

    By the way, I just watched all of the deleted scenes and there was nothing extra with the elder engineer or anything with the waterfall at the beginning, for that matter.