Don't Watch Anymore Trailers for Steven Soderbergh's 'Side Effects'

Rooney Mara in Side Effects
Rooney Mara in Side Effects
Photo: Open Road Films

I had the good fortune of seeing Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects last night and while I can't yet give you my full review, what I will say is you need to stop reading about it and/or watching trailers for it right now and simply go see it on opening weekend, beginning February 8.

If you must, the plot centers on a husband (Channing Tatum), returning home from prison and his wife (Rooney Mara) and her dependency on anti-depressants.

The screenplay is from Scott Z. Burns who wrote Contagion for Soderbergh and it co-stars Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anne Dowd.

There, that's all you need to know. Now you can watch the trailer below against my advice. Or, you can walk into the theater blissfully unaware of what you're in for on February 8. I leave the rest up to you.

  • Hurricane

    can u give me a sneak peek of around what grade you will give it?

    • AS

      Sounds like he really liked it :)

    • Gautam

      The fact that Brad is suggesting to go and see it, suggests he has given it quite a good grade. I am guessing B+ or A-.

  • IngmarTheBergman

    I will put all my power towards resisting to watch this tempting trailer... when can we expect a review from you?

  • dre

    I saw the trailer a couple weeks ago and couldn't make heads or tails as to what was going on so I think I'm safe. :)

  • Cory


    You're killing me with that tease. I was already hyped because this is THE Soderbergh, but it's that good to the point I need to refrain from reading or watching anything about this film until it releases?!

    THE Soderbergh has done it again. Expectations through the roof. Can't wait!

  • Justin

    I'm in! Because of you guys I have stopped watching trailers for almost a year now. Love it!

  • David Gaillardetz

    Trailer free since 2003! Ok, so maybe since October, but...2003 has a better rhyme to it.

    • Fox

      Question: How do you go see movies but not see the trailers before it? Do you leave the theatre?

      • Kevin Blumeyer

        Can't speak for David, but I just mess around on my phone until all the trailers are done playing. Sure, you hear things, but it isn't really enough to put together the plot of the movie. People usually won't bother you about having your phone out during the previews.

  • AS

    I did end up buckling under curiosity and I watched the first trailer when it premiered... but that was so long ago that I don't really remember much of anything. I thought Contagion was great and this seems like it's in a similar vain. It's my No. 4 most anticipated film of the year so I'm expecting good things. Can't wait to see it!

    • Travis

      I did too. However, I also don't remember, and I want to say it was so much of a mess (not in terms of not being good, in terms of intentionally confusing so you didn't fully understand what was happening) that it really didn't matter anyway

  • Winchester

    I watched the last trailer but not this one. Hopefully it's more in the vein of Contagion and less Haywire/Magic Mike.

  • kyle coley

    brad i watched the first trailer, is it already ruin for me?

    • Brad Brevet


  • Torryz

    Thanks Brad for the heads up!

  • m1

    This looks really interesting. I heard somewhere that this might be Soderbergh's last film, and if that's true, then I hope it is really good.

  • Aleonardis

    I just saw the film and I agree with Brad's sentiments. Go in as cold as possible.

  • navaneethks

    This is why I love this website.

  • robbo500

    I agree with Brad here. I just saw the film last night as well, and it's best to go into the film knowing as little as possible. What I will say is that Soderbergh has crafted a smart, well-written, and thought-provoking psychological thriller that'll keep you guessing up until the very end, and it's probably Soderbergh's best film since joke.

    • Cory

      Best film since Traffic? Are you SERIOUS? Oh man....

      • robbo500

        At least in my preferences, yes. Either way, it's a great film.

  • Roger

    I'm in!

  • Tommy

    This is probably one of my favorite posts from you Brad, leaving it up to us. "First you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention." I will now just go see it and not glimpse at the trailer. Can't wait to see your review.

  • Joel

    I went to see it because of this post that got me curious since you wrote it. Talked about it on my radio show... And as I watched the trailer, you were right. You can't enjoy the movie if you see the trailers. Thank you.