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Diesel Takes the Throne in New 'Riddick' Picture

King Riddick?

Vin Diesel in Riddick
Vin Diesel in Riddick
Photo: Universal Pictures

Vin Diesel has turned into an actor/publicist, especially when it comes to his upcoming third installment in Riddick, the third film in a franchise focused on the titular character who, this time, has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet where he must fight for survival against alien predators before ultimately having to fend against a crew of mercenaries out to kill him.

That, however, would only seem to be part of the story if this new picture tells us anything as Diesel posted the above image of Riddick sitting on a massive throne. The picture was accompanied by a message reading, "It has been 9 years since the Chronicles of Riddick was released... all along I knew I would eventually have to return to that dark place, the mind of an Alpha Furyan..."

Riddick is directed by David Twohy and co-stars Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Jordi Molla, Bokeem Woodbine, Matt Nable and Nolan Funk. The film is set for a September 6 release.

You can find several more pictures from the film by clicking here.

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  • Susan

    That second movie was crazy as shit, though not particularly good. I'm more interested in this than, say, Iron Man 3, which I'm confident will be fine and forgettable.

  • Jimmy Diamies

    He took the throne at the end of Chronicles of Riddick after he killed Lord Marshal....right? That could be a different throne, my memory doesn't serve me that well.

    • Shloggs

      He did take the Necromonger throne at the conclusion of Chronicles (You keep what you kill), but that's not the same throne or in the same room. I know because I'd never forget that jaw-dropping set.

      It's funny how not being burdened with endless entries into a franchise or multiple tie-in films can actually make one more excited for something. After 9 years away from this universe and character, returning to it and him is a much more palatable proposition.

  • Newbourne

    Am I the only one who gets Game of Thrones vibes when seeing the picture?

  • Bzzd

    I actually liked both the movies. There isn't much gothic science fiction coming from Hollywood.