Did Evan Rachel Wood Drop Off Snyder's 'Sucker Punch' To Sip on 'True Blood' Instead?

Entertainment Weekly is reporting Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler) has signed on to play the pivotal role of Sophie-Anne, the vampire Queen of Louisiana, in HBO's "True Blood." This comes on the heels of recent news saying Wood had been replaced by Jamie Chung in Zack Snyder's "Alice in Wonderland" with machine-guns feature Sucker Punch.

EW gives the scoop saying Sophie-Anne is a 500-year-old vampire from France who is charming, wily, ruthless and wise. She's a consummate diplomat who has (or had) many of history's most famous people on speed dial.

Wood has been cast for two episodes, which will air toward the end of the second season, which begins showing on HBO on June 14.

As for the question in the headline, it is more catchy than fact-based, since shooting two episodes of a TV show is hardly reason enough to drop out of an entire feature film. At least... I would think so...?

  • M

    It goes to show, how terrible the script was or something that she would prefer to guess star on 2 episodes than to star in the film.

  • Anne

    I believe Sucker Punch conflicts with the Broadway show she is doing.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/blog/brad_brevet/ Brad Brevet

    @Anne: Hmmmmm, I guess changes in the Sucker Punch sked messed up her opportunities then if that's the case because she was tapped for "Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark" back in December.

  • Anne

    All I know is, Sucker Punch is an eight month commitment, and the studio is being cheap about paying actors.
    I'm surprised Abbie Cornish is still in, frankly. She has a shot at an Oscar nom this year. She should not being playing second fiddle to Emily Browning. Nor should Wood for that matter.

    But, it would knock Wood out of Spiderman, so...I'm still hoping she does the Broadway show!

  • Trevor

    I like the idea for Sucker Punch, but half of the appeal for me was seeing that they were getting really top notch actresses like Wood and Amanda Seyfried for the film. Now that it's all kinda dissolving it's becoming a ho-hum deal for me.

    I really like Zack Snyder and I believe I'm the one guy that will stand by my statement that I honest to god LOVED Watchmen so I'm still holding out hope, but it feels less promising for some reason.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/blog/brad_brevet/ Brad Brevet

    @Trevor: Right there with you Trevor, the idea behind Sucker Punch is fun, but the fact Wood and Seyfried were involved made it sound so much cooler. Now it is just starting to sound like just another B-movie.

    Sure, Cornish is in there and Browning is something of an up-and-comer, but compared to the other two they just don't hold up when it comes to name and face recognition for general audiences. I know that was my original appeal to the project.

  • True Blood

    It is going to be very interesting to see how Alan Ball is going to write up the Queen in True Blood. I hope he DOES NOT follow the books and keeps Bill and Sookie together because they are the heart of the show! Can't wait for season 2!

  • M


    i am just curious, why is Sucker punch an 8 month committment?

    i thought people just shoot the movie for a couple months and that's that.

    I agree studio must be a bit cheap, Snyder is getting 100 mil for this film, does he really need that much, he can pay the actresses.

  • Man

    Where did you get the 8 months from? Stunt and fight training would alone be at least 2 months in length, they may also need to be available after principal shooting has ended due the cgi and post processing needed. I think it was the money and time commitment. And I don't know why everyone is whinging, in all his movies he has had only ONE high profile actor working for him, and that would be Sarah Polley, who isn't even american.