Diane Kruger Gets a 'Host' Poster, Plus a Seeker Featurette

The Seeker is out to getcha

Diane Kruger stars as The Seeker in The Host, which is based on the novel by "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer. From what I understand, The Seeker is one of the film's invading souls and one of the more irritable types at that.

The story involves said invading souls and one in particular, Wanderer (Saoirse Ronan), is having a hard time fully taking over the body and spirit of Melanie (also Ronan). As it turns out, while The Seeker mocks Wanderer given her predicament, the two have more in common than is initially revealed.

Below is a new poster for Kruger's character along with a featurette that discusses The Seeker further.

The film hits theaters on March 29.

The Host : Poster (Diane Kruger)
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  • AJ

    I really enjoyed the Korean monster flick of the same name... Any news on the sequel to that?