Critics' Choice Awards: What are the Best Action Movies of 2012?

2013 Critics Choice Awards

After yesterday's fantastic discussion of the year's best comedies as I begin to fill out my nomination ballot for the 2013 Critics Choice Movie Awards, which are due on Sunday, December 9, today we move to the Action category.

Like the Comedy category, I need to nominate not only the year's Best Action Movie, but also the Best Actor and Actress in an Action Movie and this category is actually proving even harder than Comedy as there just don't seem to be enough options.

Here are the categories we're discussing in this post:

  • Best Action Movie
  • Best Actor in an Action Movie
  • Best Actress in an Action Movie

I have listed below 36 films I am currently considering at the bottom of this post, though after seeing Zero Dark Thirty last night (which is fantastic!) I don't think of it as an action movie. The only real action in it takes place in the final 20 minutes or so and, like the entire film, it is far more procedural than it is all-out action. Of course, my feelings on this may change come nomination time, but for now I have left it off my "best" list.

Unlike the Comedy category, I wasn't even able to come up with a top ten, instead only able to offer seven I would consider to be among the "best" of the year in this category. I know many of you love The Raid, but unfortunately I did not like that film at all and at this point I have still yet to see Django Unchained (that will be taken care of in less than 48 hours), Dredd 3D, The Expendables 2 (hoping to watch that in the next couple days), Men in Black III, Jack Reacher (I won't see this before nominations are due) or Safe (I may try and watch this soon as well).

So there are at least a couple of movies I can see before nominations are due that may make the list, but for now here's how my take on the situation breaks down at the moment:

Best Action Movie

  1. End of Watch
  2. Looper
  3. Prometheus
  4. The Dark Knight Rises
  5. Skyfall
  6. Haywire
  7. The Avengers

As for the actor and actress categories my current picks would look like this, and they include supporting actors since I have to assume that's allowed since there is no separate category.

Best Actor in an Action Movie

My current top five and four additional contenders

  1. Michael Pena (End of Watch)
  2. Jake Gyllenhaal (End of Watch)
  3. Liam Neeson (The Grey)
  4. Tom Hardy (Lawless)
  5. Michael Caine (The Dark Knight Rises)
  6. ------------

  7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper)
  8. Javier Bardem (Skyfall)
  9. Michael Fassbender (Prometheus)
  10. Dane DeHaan (Chronicle)

Best Actress in an Action Movie

  1. Emily Blunt (Looper)
  2. Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)
  3. Gina Carano (Haywire)
  4. Judi Dench (Skyfall)
  5. Noomi Rapace (Prometheus)

Now check out the list below and if you believe I've missed any let me know and let me know what your favorites are.

The Action Contenders

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  • Act of Valor
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • The Bourne Legacy
  • Chronicle
  • Contraband
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Django Unchained**
  • Dragon
  • Dredd 3D*
  • End of Watch
  • The Expendables 2*
  • The Grey
  • Haywire
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  • The Hunger Games
  • Jack Reacher*
  • John Carter
  • Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
  • Lawless
  • Lockout
  • Looper
  • Marvel's The Avengers
  • Men in Black III*
  • Premium Rush
  • Prometheus
  • The Raid: Redemption
  • Safe*
  • Safe House
  • Savages
  • Skyfall
  • Taken 2
  • Total Recall
  • Underworld Awakening
  • Wrath of the Titans
  • Zero Dark Thirty***


* Didn't see it yet
** Seeing it this week
*** I don't consider it an action movie

If you missed yesterday's Comedy discussion click here.

  • Unknown/Anonymous

    To be frank, I think Looper has this pretty much covered. But I guess we shall just have to wait and see...

  • Susan

    I'd consider adding Jennifer Lawrence to your actress list for sure. She's the reason The Hunger Games holds together; she sells the fear wonderfully.

  • G-Man

    Althought TDKR is the top of my list, I like how you're given credit to End of Watch. I think my list would be: 1) TDKR, 2) End of Watch, 3) Avengers, 4) Looper, 5) Skyfall. Thinking about it now - this was a fantastic year for action, since I've left out of my top five Prometheus, which I quite enjoyed as well. For me, Bardem would be much higher in the actors list. Hathaway for TDKR would be my number one choice for actress.

    Obviously I haven't yet seen The Hobbit, Django, Zero Dark Thirty, or Jack Reacher, the latter of which I'm surprised you weren't sent a screener for.

    Earlier titles I still want to see before the end of the year (the list keeps growing): Dredd (not gonna happen though), Lawless, Premium Rush, and Safe.

    • maja

      I wouldn't waste my time on Premium Rush if i were you. It's by in large the definition of an average B-movie.

      • G-Man

        Thanks for the heads up, maja. It doesn't hit blu-ray until 12/21, so doubt I would have gotten to it anyways.

  • GothamCity151

    Best Action Film:
    1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. The Raid: Redemption
    3. Lawless
    4. Haywire
    5. The Amazing Spider-Man
    6. The Grey
    7. Looper
    8. Skyfall

    Best Actor:
    1. Tom Hardy - The Dark Knight Rises
    2. Christian Bale - The Dark Knight Rises
    3. Tom Hardy - Lawless
    4. Michael Caine - The Dark Knight Rises
    5. Andrew Garfield - The Amazing Spider-Man

    Best Actress:
    1. Anne Hathaway - The Dark Knight Rises
    2. Jessica Chastain - Lawless
    3. Gina Carano - Haywire
    4. Emily Blunt - Looper
    5. Emma Stone - The Amazing Spider-Man

    *Though all of this will probably change once I see Django Unchained

    • Alex Thomas

      Liking your top 2 there! Ahhh, The Dark Knight Rises, still surprised more people don't love it.

  • Anthony

    I'm happy PROMETHEUS is registering high on your list - it is a film that deserves some recognition this awards season.

    My only recommendation/plea is to place Michael Fassbender higher up on the acting category. His performance of a conflicted android who must be subservient but at the same time deals with all the impulses/desires of a human in an almost Pinocchio like state was one of the most interesting portrayals of artificial intelligence to ever grace the cinema screen. Unless, you place him in the Best Supporting Actor category.

  • Michael

    Best Action Movie:

    1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. Chronicle
    3. Prometheus
    4. Looper
    5. Marvel's The Avengers
    6. The Amazing Spider-Man
    7. Lawless
    8. The Grey
    9. The Hunger Games
    10. Haywire

    Honorable Mentions:

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
    Safe House
    Underworld 4

    Last 3 are guilty pleasures especially Underworld 4, those movies are some of my guilty pleasures, I love Kate Beckinsale. I still have to see ZD30 (can't wait), Skyfall, MIB3, The Hobbit, Django Unchained, Jack Reacher, The Bourne Legacy (will see this very soon once I get it on DVD), Dredd 3D, Premium Rush, Savages (same with Bourne though I already have it on DVD), Taken 2, Total Recall, The Raid: Redemption, End of Watch & The Expendables 2 (which is my next movie on Netflix que).

    • Michael

      Again my list can change with a lot of movies I have yet to see.

      Best Actor (as of today):

      1. Dane DeHaan (Chronicle)
      2. Liam Neeson (The Grey)
      3. Tom Hardy (Lawless)
      4. Michael Fassbender (Prometheus)
      5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper)

      6. Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises)
      7. Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle)
      8. Alex Russell (Chronicle)
      9. Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man)
      10. Dominic Cooper (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)

      Best Actress (as of today):

      1. Emily Blunt (Looper)
      2. Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)
      3. Noomi Rapace (Prometheus)
      4. Gina Carano (Haywire)
      5. Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games)

      6. Gina Carano (Haywire)
      7. Kate Beckinsale (Underworld: Awakening)

    • AlisonRose

      Thanks for including "Chronicle." I've been encouraging my friends to check it out on Blu-ray, though I really believe seeing it in a theater was the best way to go. Best use of the "found footage" format I can recall--special effects wonderfully integrated.

  • maja

    Glad you enjoyed ZDT Brad. It will be interesting to see if Bigelow has a shot at winning the Best director Oscar or if she will have the same problem that Hooper has - having won very recently will the Academy reward them again so soon after? Personally I think that Speilberg has the Oscar locked down.

    As for the best action movies of the year...for some reason I don't consider Prometheus to be an action movie (I consider it a straight sci-fi) whilst I do consider Looper to be an action movie. Perhaps that's because Prometheus may or may not be set in a different world whilst Looper, although set in a different time, is set in a very familiar territory.

    Here are my top 3 (don't think i could drag it down to five let alone ten):

    1. Looper
    2. Skyfall
    3. Dark Knight Rises

    I honestly thought End of Watch was one of the most overrated movies I've seen this year. Sure, the acting was very good but it had serious narrative and script issues. Also, having seen all of David Ayer's movies you could see the ending coming from a mile away.

  • C.J.

    Best Action Movie:
    The Dark Knight Rises
    End of Watch
    The Grey

    Best Actor:
    Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man
    Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch
    Michael Pena in End of Watch
    Liam Neeson in The Grey
    Daniel Craig in Skyfall

  • Movie Fan

    Glad to see End of Watch get some spotlight, in my opinion Micchael Pena stole the show

  • Good Grief

    "End of Watch" is one of the my favourites of the year but am I the only person who doesn't consider it an action film? I felt it was more of a drama with a few action set-pieces like "Training Day."

    My list would go...

    1.) The Raid: Redemption
    2.) Looper
    3.) Dragon
    4.) The Avengers
    5.) The Dark Knight Rises
    6.) Skyfall
    7.) The Grey
    8.) Total Recall (I actually really enjoyed it)
    9.) Lawless
    10.) The Expendables 2

    Best actor:

    1.) Tom Hardy - The Dark Knight Rises
    2.) Tom Hardy - Lawless
    3.) Takeshi Kaneshiro - Dragon
    4.) Javier Bardem - Skyfall
    5.) Liam Neeson - The Grey

    Best actress:

    1.) Noomi Rapace - Prometheus
    2.) Emily Blunt - Looper
    3.) Jennifer Lawrence - The Hunger Games
    4.) Olivia Thirlby - Dredd 3D
    5.) Kara Hui - Dragon

  • John

    Action movie of the year:
    1. The Avengers
    2. Skyfall
    3. The Hunger Games
    4. Dredd
    5. The Grey

    1. Liam Neeson
    2. Daniel Craig
    3. Karl Urban (Dredd)
    4. Guy Pearce (Lockout)--who knew this guy was the next Bruce Willis, but I loved him!
    5. Ben Walker (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter)

    1. Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games)
    2. Scarlet Johansen (The Avengers)
    3. Elizabeth Banks (Man on a Ledge)--OK, her scene waking up in bed looking totally hung over didn;t really fly, but for the rest of the movie, she was a smart straightman to all the craziness flying around her
    4. Gina Carano (Haywire)
    5. Emily Blunt (Looper)

  • Jack

    1. Dark Knight Rises
    2. Skyfall
    3. The Avengers

    1. Javier Bardem- Skyfall
    2. Christian Bale- Dark Knight Rises
    3. Daniel Craig- Dark Knight Rises
    4. Michael Fassbender- Prometheus
    5. Chuck Norris- Expendables 2

    1. Anne Hathaway- Dark Knight Rises
    2. Jennifer Lawrence- Hunger Games
    3. Scarlett Johansson- Avengers
    4. Gina Carano- Haywire
    5. Emma Stone- Amazing Spider-Man

    • Jack

      I meant Daniel Craig in Skyfall! My bad!

  • Winchester

    For best action movie I would probably go with the likes of The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, Prometheus (I would dispute it was heavy on action but if we're counting then neither was Looper really) and Skyfall out of what I've seen.

    For Best Actor I guess you could involve Daniel Craig, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt (for Looper not TDKR), Robert Downey Jnr, Micheal Fassbender.................I'm running low based on the films I've seen. I would not include Micheal Caine personally as he clearly had insufficient screentime to count and would be supporting and I wasn't as impressed by Bardem in Skyfall as others but would put him in support anyway.

    Best Actress I'd look at Noomi Rapace, Judi Dench, Emily Blunt.............not Gina Carano (she was a lot less effective in Haywire when required to act)..........I'm coming up a bit short here as well. Kate Beckinsale clearly had fun in Total Recall but a nomination could be a push too far.

    • Winchester

      How is Lawless an action movie? I mean as much as I would question Prometheus and Looper being here (and to an extent The Grey even though it has a better argument) I'm really a little lost on Lawless.

      • maja

        Totally agreed regarding Lawless. However how would you categorise it? I wouldn't say it's a western (even if it is it's highly doubtful there is a 'best western' category in the Critics Choice Awards). I mean it has some action scenes in it but for a lot of movies, especially indepedent ones, it's very difficult to place into one category.

        Sometimes it seems like calling a film an 'action' film is actually a bit of a derogatory term since it seems like you are saying 'it has nice muscles but no brain'. This seems to make it even harder to actually place things into the 'action films' category.

        • Winchester

          I'd probably call it a period drama more than an action movie myself.

  • Fox

    A little confused at both Fassbender and Bardem falling outside of your top 5, Brad. I thought both carried their films (which slowed down when they weren't on screen), maybe that's just me though. Forget action, these two would be high on my all-category list.

  • Jesse514

    I would consider Christian Bale for The Dark Knight Rises. I think most can agree that this was by far his best performance as Bruce Wayne and he really carried the movie. I also thought both Tom Hardy and Michael Caine were excellent. I would put Anne Hathaway at number one because I honestly didn't think it was a good choice at first glance and she proved me wrong. I would also consider Daniel Craig in Skyfall as this was the first Bond movie to really focus on character and he nailed it. I wouldn't really consider End of Watch an action movie more of a drama but good to see it get attention.

    • Fox

      Disagree. Begins was by far and away his best performance (probably because it was the only movie where he was asked to do much) and in my opinion the best of the three films.

  • Movie Fan

    My picks

    - TDKR
    - Skyfall
    - The Avengers
    - Looper
    - End of Watch
    - The Expendables 2
    - The Hunger Games
    - Prometheus
    - The Amazing Spider Man
    - Django Unchained

    Best Actor:
    - Michael Pena - End Of Watch
    - Joseph Gorden Levitt - Looper
    - Liam Neeson - The Grey
    - Jamie Foxx - Django Unchained
    - Tom Hardy - The Darl Knight Rises

    Best Actress
    - Jennifer Lawrene - The Hunger Games
    - Gina Carano - Haywire
    - Anne Hathway - The Dark Knight Rises
    - Judi Dench - Skyfall
    - Emily Blunt - Looper

  • AS

    Django Unchained an "action movie"? Come on....

    It's Skyfall by a mile. Nothing comes even remotely close.

    • Brad Brevet

      What did you think of End of Watch and Looper?

      • AS

        You mean quality wise? I thought End of Watch was entertaining and very well-made. A little racist perhaps. Nothing special.

        I didn't care for Looper, though. I thought the first 20 minutes (when Johnson is establishing his futuristic world) was very interesting, but before long my interest waned and it began to drag. By the time he got to the farm, the movie just hit the brakes and just sat there on the screen for the final hour. The "emotion" felt really forced to me. And that kid.... man was he annoying.

  • SmartFilm

    1. End of Watch
    2. Looper
    3. The Avengers
    4. The Dark Knight Rises
    5.The Grey
    6. Skyfall
    7. Prometheus
    9. The Hunger Games
    10. The Amazing Spiderman

    Agree that Pena and Gyllenhaal should be leading best actor nods here, they absolutely killed it in End of Watch.

  • Jimmy Diamies

    I really like John throwing Guy Pearce in there for Lockout. He made that one enjoyable. Having missed End of Watch I'm not sure my opinion matters much, as that seems to be popular, but otherwise I'd say Looper, The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall. They all seem to be popular as well and for good reason. That goes for acting as well.

  • Kai Sacco

    My list (which is ranked in order of the said film's particular strength in the action department):

    1) The Raid Redemption
    2) The Avengers
    3) Skyfall
    4) The Dark Knight Rises
    5) John Carter

  • Andrew13

    I'm not sure if I'd consider End of Watch or The Grey action films, but, if those qualify, here are my top action films and performances of the year:

    1. Skyfall
    2. Looper
    3. End of Watch
    4. Prometheus
    5. The Grey
    6. The Dark Knight Rises
    7. Haywire
    8. Lawless
    9. The Avengers
    10. The Hunger Games

    Top Male Performances

    1. Jake Gyllenhaal - End of Watch
    2. Michael Pena - End of Watch
    3. Liam Neeson - The Grey
    4. Michael Fassbender - Prometheus
    5. Javier Bardem - Skyfall

    Top Female Performances

    1. Emily Blunt - Looper
    2. Gina Carano - Haywire
    3. Anne Hathaway - The Dark Knight Rises
    4. Judi Dench - Skyfall
    5. Jennifer Lawrence - The Hunger Games

  • Driver

    1) Skyfall
    2) Looper (Not actually an action movie, but it could pass as one)
    3) The Dark Knight Rises
    4) The Avengers
    5) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Im surprised about how much I liked this)
    6-7) 'Dredd' or 'The Raid' - I love to see an action movie with more than just explosions and guns, those are the best, but sometimes just action and a thin plot is all I need, as long is done with quality.This are just good action movies, nothing too special, just good fun without other genres in the mix)
    8) The Hunger Games
    9) Haywire
    10) Chronicle

    I haven't seen Lawless, The Grey or End of Watch yet.
    As for the rest, much of it just goes from bad to terrible with some mehs in the way, and there are some that aren't even action movies so I just dont count those. For example, Prometheus, which I really enjoyed, isn't an action movie at all, its a straight up science fiction blockbuster nothing else, I will say though there isn't any other place to put it, unless there's a science fiction category, so I can understand putting it in there.

  • Connor420

    1. Looper (also my favorite movie of the year so far)
    2. Skyfall
    3. Lawless
    4. The Dark Knight Rises
    5. Prometheus

    I still need to see End of Watch. I thought The Avengers was a little bit overrated. I hated The Amazing Spider Man. Battleship was definitely the worst action flick of the year and the worst movie of the year. I hope Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty will be up in my top movies

  • Randall P McMurphy

    My picks:
    2.End of Watch
    3.The Raid
    5.The Avengers

    1.Joseph-Gordon Levitt (Looper)
    2.Michael Pena (End of Watch)
    3.Michael Fassbender (Prometheus)
    4.Tom Hardy (TDKR)

    Emliy Blunt (Looper)

  • Jordan B.

    Having not seen Django or Zero Dark, and not knowing how to classify them, here are my votes. Oh, and I also haven't seen End of Watch, unfortunately.

    Best Action Films
    1. Skyfall
    2. Looper
    3. The Dark Knight Rises
    4. The Avengers
    5. Prometheus

    Best Actor in an Action Film
    1. Michael Fassbender (Prometheus)
    2. Javier Bardem (Skyfall)
    3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper or The Dark Knight Rises)
    4. Michael Caine (The Dark Knight Rises)
    5. Daniel Craig (Skyfall)

    Best Actress in an Action Films
    1. Emily Blunt (Looper)
    2. Noomi Rapace (Prometheus)
    3. Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)
    4. Judi Dench (Skyfall)
    5. Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games)


    I felt that Prometheus went balls out on a narrative stand point, which was risky. It didn't accomplish everything I wanted out of it, but considering how awful those 2 AVP spinoffs were, I applaud Prometheus for taking those chances.

  • Alex Thomas

    Interesting that my Top 2 films of the year so far are both action (although I am still waiting for a heap of great movies in Oz)

    1. The Dark Knight Rises
    2. The Raid: Redemption
    3. Dredd 3D
    4. Prometheus
    5. The Avengers
    6. Looper
    7. Skyfall
    8. Men in Black III
    9. The Expendables 2
    10. The Amazing Spider-Man

    Not sure I consider Prometheus action but anyway, I think it's been a fantastic year of action. Looking at movies that didn't make my Top 10 , I still enjoyed Safe House, Lockout, Act of Valor, End of Watch, The Grey, Haywire... and more!

    Best Actor:
    1. Michael Fassbender (Prometheus)
    2. Tom Hardy (Lawless)
    3. Liam Neeson (The Grey)
    4. Michael Caine (The Dark Knight Rises)
    5. JGL (Looper)

    Best Actress:
    1. Olivia Thrilby (Dredd 3D)
    2. Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)
    3. Emily Blunt (Looper)

  • Michael

    Surprised so far nobody has Chronicle at least on their lists. Really love that movie, seen it like 6 times hehe. It's not really an action movie but still, it had some action in it. Any Chronicle fans out there?

    • Alex Thomas

      I didn't mind it (C+) and can see why some would really enjoy it. 6 times is a good effort! haha

      • Michael

        Terrific replay value haha. Yeah, I just loved the idea of it and it turned out to be great. Many point out to DeHaan's performance as right they should, he was great but Alex Russell & Michael B. Jordan deserves some love too, they were very good. Bright future for all three. I'll admit it, when I first saw the trailers, I wasn't pleased but I gave it a chance and it turned out to be my (still) 2nd favorite movie of the year. I could watch it over and over if I wanted it to haha.

  • adu


  • James


  • JN Films

    Best action film:
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Best Action Actor:
    Tom Hardy TDKR
    Michael Fassbender Prometheus
    Dane DeHaan Chronicle
    Joseph Gordon Levitt Looper
    Liam Neeson The Grey
    Best Action Actress:
    Anne Hatheway TDKR
    Noomi Repace Prometheus
    Judi Dench Skyfall
    Gina Carino Haywire
    Emily Blunt Looper

  • Mikey

    The toughest thing with these genre categories is to decide whether to pick the best film that is also an action film, or the best movie that relies heavily on the action. I go back and forth. For instance, I prefer The Dark Knight Rises to Skyfall, but my love for TDKR has nothing to do with action and everything to do with my love for the character of batman and the way Nolan gave his character something the comics never truly can: a satisfying ending. However Skyfall is just behind Rises in terms of how much I liked the movie, and there's no denying (in my mind) which movie has the better action. On the flip side I ranked Moonrise Kingdom over Seven Psychopaths and the latter is definitely funnier than the former. Anyway...

    Best Action Movie:
    1) Skyfall
    2) The Dark Knight Rises
    3) Looper
    4) The Hunger Games
    5) The Avengers
    6) The Grey
    7) Chronicle
    8) Haywire
    9) The Bourne Legacy
    10) Prometheus

    Best Actor in an Action Movie:
    1) Javier Bardem (Skyfall)
    2) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper)
    3) Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games)
    4) Liam Neeson (The Grey)
    5) Dane DeHaan (Chronicle)
    Honorable Mention: I would be remiss if I didn't mention seven-year-old Pierce Gagnon's performance in Looper. Just missed my top 5.

    Best Actress in an Action Movie
    1) Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)
    2) Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games)
    3) Judi Dench (Skyfall)
    4) Noomi Rapace (Prometheus)
    5) Gina Carano (Haywire)

  • Disco Paco

    Give it all to The Grey

  • SeenSome

    On what planet are Lawless and End of Watch action movies? It sounds demeaning to call films like Looper and The Grey action movies as well but I can almost accept that so I'll have them in my top 10...

    1) Looper
    2) The Dark Knight Rises (despite it's massive plot holes)
    3) The Avengers
    4) The Grey
    5) The Hunger Games
    6) Skyfall
    7) Chronicle
    8) The Bourne Legacy
    9) Premium Rush
    10) The Raid: Redemption

    Honourable mentions to Spiderman and Dredd. If End of Warch and Lawless were action movies, they'd both be in there.

    Best Actor in an Action Movie

    1) Liam Neeson - The Grey
    2) Bruce Willis - Looper
    3) Michael Fassbender - Prometheus
    4) Javier Bardem - Skyfall
    5) Tom Hardy - The Dark Knight Rises

    Michael Pena, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce and maybe Jake Gyllenhaal would have a shot.

    Best Actress in an Action Movie

    1) Emily Blunt - Looper
    2) Jennifer Lawrence - The Hunger Games
    3) Anne Hathaway - The Dark Knight Rises
    4) Judi Dench - Skyfall
    5) Emma Stone - The Amazing Spiderman

  • Scott

    I know with Skyfall, Looper, and TDKR that there are plenty of bigger fish in this sea, but Safe was one of my favorite action movies of the year.

    The plot wasn't groundbreaking, but Mei (the girl) got established equally with Statham's character (with great editing choices, by the way) in a way where you cared about both of them. The director treated her as more than just a plot device, which sets Safe apart from many other similar movies. And believe it or not, Statham truly acts in this movie.

    The pacing is excellent, too, ramping up with each scene into a wild, three-villain crescendo toward the second half. And the head-to-head fight in the end is one of my favorites, a playfully fun director's touch that makes sense given what came earlier in the movie.

    I know most would dismiss this movie, but as far as avg budget action movies go, it's one of the best.

  • ryan

    Best Action Movie:

    1) Dredd

    Best Actor:

    2) Karl Urban

    definitely the best among the lot, it's just sad that it wasn't marketed properly and came after The Raid, despite Dredd being finished nearly a year before The Raid even got started

  • asiandude

    There are many movies I havent seen yet, but here r bases on what I have seen:

    The Amazing Spider-Man
    The Bourne Legacy
    The Dark Knight Rises
    End of Watch
    Marvel's The Avengers

    Some performances that I really like
    Emily Blunt
    Daniel Craig
    Judi Dench
    Andrew Garfield
    Anne Hathaway
    Mark Ruffalo
    (to a lesser extent) Clark Gregg as Agent Phil
    Noomi Rapace

  • asiandude

    I forget Jake & Pena, they make the movie worthwile.

    Gina Carano is not a good actress, but good in the action gerne and not to mention that "Haywire" has very few dialogue, a bit style-over-substence. I really like the movie though, it gave me a cool chill, a relaxed vibe. Not every action movies need like a climax, a "hook" action scene.

    There are very few roles for women to kick-ass, TBH. Jen Lawrence gave a really good performance in The Hunger Games but it doesnt have too much action, I really dont consider it an action movie despite Hollywood labeling it so.

    And, they completely fucked up with Charlize Theron in Prometheus. We all know she can kick really GREAT ass, yet in the movie, she does NOTHING action-ish or even have an interesting story TBH. I felt disappointed in her appearance (remember that before Charlize, FOX also considered two kick-ass women Angie & Michelle Yeoh?)

  • memo

    No vote for Looper from me. A let down (IMO).

  • goro

    it is crazy! Out of all your lists only The Expendables 2 and Skyfall qualifiy as a true action movies. Dark Knight? Spider Man? Prometheus? Avengers? Really??? It's a joke.

  • MajorFilmFan

    Jennifer Lawrence NEEDS to win for her role in The Hunger Games. Her performance TOTALLY sells the fear, tension, and grittiness of her character. It's hard to find an actor in a movie like this that TRULY becomes their character. She deserves recognition

  • MajorFilmFan

    My choices

    The Hunger Games
    The Avengers


    Dane DeHaan- Chronicle
    Michael Caine- TDKR
    JGL- Looper
    Michael Fassbender- Prometheus
    Javier Bardem- Skyfall


    Jennifer Lawrence- Hunger Games
    Anne Hathaway- TDKR
    Emily Blunt- Looper
    Noomi Rapice- Prometheus
    Judy Dench- Skyfall