Criterion Sale! Black Friday Deals on Tons of Criterion Blu-rays

Black Friday deals on Criterion Collection Blu-rays at

PLEASE NOTE: I highly appreciate any purchases made using the links below, as each one helps support this website. Now go save some money!

Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore deals this year Amazon goes and lowers their prices on several of their Criterion Blu-ray titles, many of which are priced at $17.99 including personal must owns such as Seven Samurai, Stagecoach, 12 Angry Men, Diabolique, The Thin Red Line, The Wages Of Fear, The Great Dictator, The Night of the Hunter, Rashomon, 8 1/2, Last Year at Marienbad and a major favorite of mine... Breathless.

There are even some titles available for preorder such as Terry Gilliam's Brazil and Christopher Nolan's Following along with recently released titles such as Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon, David Fincher's The Game and Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby.

I have broken the titles up into a few categories below based on my personal taste so sort through and give 'em a look and see if you can save a little money on some titles you've been wanting to add to your collection.

Must Owns


For Your Consideration

The Rest

  • Randall P McMurphy

    I'm in between Brazil and Seven Samurai...

  • G-Man

    Thanks for the heads up, Brad. Of your Must Owns (and I own both), I've only seen Diabolique (sent by you and Laremy) and Benjamin Button. Really need to get onto watching some of these.

  • IngmarTheBergman

    Still, it's almost as cheap to order off Criterion, which is what I'm doing.

  • AS

    I still maintain that $20 is not a "sale."

    • Criterion10

      For a Criterion Blu-Ray, it surely is. Beautiful restorations plus comprehensive special features. Can't go wrong...

      • AS

        When the average year-round price is $25? Meh, not really.

        • Criterion10

          But, that isn't the average. On Amazon, it's usually around $27, sometimes more. So, if you're like me and buy in bulk orders of sometimes close to 10 Criterions, you could potentially save around $70.

          • AS

            Well, not in my experience. For example, The Phantom Carriage is currently at $24.23 and it's not on sale.

            • Chris138

              This isn't adding to the conversation but I just wanted to mention how fantastic The Phantom Carriage is.

  • Chris138

    I didn't get much at the recent Barnes and Noble sale, but I've been wanting to get Following so I'll probably pre-order that.