Couple of Blood Stained 'True Blood' Season 2 Posters

These two new posters teasing the June return of "True Blood" to HBO for its second season sort of caught my eye and I felt I would share. HBO reps were kind enough to recently shoot over screeners of the eight first season episodes I hadn't yet seen in preparation of what I hope will be a weekly episodic recap for the second season. Yeah, this is pretty much a movie-exclusive website, but every now and again I like to mix it up a smidge.

The first episode from Season Two will air on HBO on June 14 and the first season hits DVD and Blu-ray on May 19. Outside of the two posters below, you can also check out ten early images from the series right here, but watch out, there is a long line of people quite upset at the short hair sported by head vamp Eric Northam (Alexander Skarsgard) in the comment section.

Photo: HBO

Photo: HBO
  • Brandon

    Wow, it took me longer than it should have to see the faces in the stains.

  • Eric

    Smart use of negative space

  • Rachel

    amazing pictures

  • Hanna

    i don't see any faces in the stains :S Am I blind or just stupid? hah.

  • Heather

    lol I didn't see a blood stain the first few times I looked at it...just saw the faces

  • shannon

    i saw the blood not the faces...tilt your head to the right slightly...see the faces now???