Christopher Nolan In Talks to Direct 'Interstellar'

Christopher NolanWell folks, it looks like Christopher Nolan may have found his follow-up to The Dark Knight Rises in the form of the sci-fi film Interstellar, a script written by his brother Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight, The Prestige).

Steven Spielberg was previously attached to direct and ironically enough the news comes the same day it is being reported Spielberg has postponed his own sci-fi project, Robopocalypse, indefinitely.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news and says Interstellar involves time travel and alternate dimensions in a story that sees a group of explorers travel through a wormhole. The script is based on scientific theories developed by a Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist, a gravitational physicist and astrophysicist at Caltech. Like Inception, the story is said to be "complex and multi-layered".

Thorne was quoted in April 2010 talking with Caltech newspaper The California Tech about the project when he discussed his general relativity research that inspired the story and said, "I like to call it 'The Warped Side of the Universe,' which are objects and phenomenon that are made largely warped space and time such as black holes, wormholes, and so on."

The same article goes on to discuss the plot further saying it "centers on the discovery of an energy source from the Hawking radiation from a nearby blackhole. Extra-dimensional beings that control the blackhole may also exist in the plot. Several plot points are allusions to general relativity and parts of Thorne's research, including the gravitational red shift that occurs when the character is close to the vicinity of the black hole."

Nolan would produce and the project is looking to be a co-production at Paramount and Warner Bros. There is no word, yet, on when production would begin.

Featured below is an interview with Thorne discussing black holes, gravitational waves, cosmic strings and wormholes.

  • Alex Thomas

    Wow that's exciting.

    Loved The Prestige from Nolan's films the most so good to see his brother has written this one as well.

  • jinjuriki187

    this sounds perfect for him, definitely one of my most anticipated movies now, nolan is my favorite director of all time so i cant wait!!!!!

  • SmartFilm

    Sci-Fi seems like a good genre for him and it'll be nice to see him focusing on an original project again.

  • Harry Fuertes

    I'm excited already. This could be his first true masterpiece after a mildly disappointing Dark Knight Rises.

  • Aleonardis

    Let's see if he can re-invent the wheel like he did with Inception and no just tread the same water.

    • Aleonardis

      Let me also just predict an early Best Director snub that the world gets upset over.

      • Hamza Zain

        Does it just become a running gag with the Academy? Like when they announce Best Director nominations they are like "Christopher Nolan... JUST KIDDING!"

    • Criterion10

      You do make a good point. I hope this isn't "Inception: Part Deux", but rather a very different film that is excellent in its own regard. I'm personally excited for this.

  • carrie

    i see Michael Caine in the movie

  • navaneethks

    This is exciting news. Can't wait to hear news when its finally confirmed and production has started.

    • carrie

      after Pfister's movie (i guess)

  • carrie

    who will be his DP since Pfister stopped to be DP?

    • Justin

      I'm in for that!

  • Kessler

    While I'm a little sad to see Spielberg's Robopocalypse postponed, this news definitely makes up for it. This looks like a good move for Nolan.

  • Criterion10

    Sounds interesting. Glad to see Nolan isn't going with the franchise route, but rather an original idea, a la Inception (even if I wasn't crazy about Inception...). I'm in for it.

  • mattm17

    Sounds like a really exciting project. As Criterion10 has said earlier I hope it goes beyond Inception not only in scope but also present fresh, challenging ideas as the 2010 film did when it first came out.

  • AS


  • Gautam

    Nolan and Time Travel. It couldn't have been more exciting. But would love if he goes Memento and Inception route instead of high rise action.

  • kyle coley

    uh wut

  • Chris138

    Sounds interesting. I feel pretty confident that Michael Caine will be in this one, but I'm curious to see how the rest of the cast will shape up.

  • Viral

    I was hoping for some more news on his forever gestating Howard Hughes biopic with Jim Carrey in the lead - while i will continue holding on to the hope that it will materialize soon this is excellent news - but does it actually mention him directing it ? all I read was he is looking to co-produce. also a small part of me still hopes that there is more to the batman tale to come i mean the world needs more Anne Hathaway in a bodysuit ;)

    • Patrick

      Agree with everything you said haha (especially about Anne). I've read the book that Nolan took inspiration from for his screenplay "Citizen Hughes" I would recommend checking it out!

      Didn't know Jim was being considered for the lead for it. Interesting.

      • Viral

        thanks for the suggestion will pick it up! I'd read it somewhere that when ppl were suggesting Jim for the villain Riddler in TDKR that Nolan's been meaning to collaborate with him on the Hughes project.

    • Chris138

      Last I heard Nolan was scrapping the Howard Hughes film after Warren Beatty announced he was also working on a film about the man.

      • Viral

        I'd hope that is not true - I mean Prestige and The Illusionist came out at the same time and while both were quite good The prestige stood out - so I hope its a challenge to him to one up Beatty and do a better Hughes biopic

    • Travis

      He cancelled the Howard Hughes film, unfortunately

  • G-Man

    Nolan = My God. I trust.

  • Badge

    Ahhhh, I'd been waiting for years for Spielberg to commit to Interstellar - thought it was going to be his chance to do a full-on sci-fi blowout - but if he's never going to pin himself down to it then Nolan should take over. Can't say I care about Robocalypse being canned, that just sounded like a silly idea (and title) from the get-go.

  • Gautam

    How many betting on Richard Parker getting Best Supporting Actor. lol.

    And imagine if he shows up at the oscar ceremony.

    • Gautam

      uhh.. wrong article to write this comment on.

  • Cory

    I just bought my ticket!

  • Alexi D

    In Nolan We Trust.

  • JN Films

    Nolanites rejoice!

  • Travis

    Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams as leads, I bet

  • Mike W

    Who else read this humming...BWWAAAAA...BWWAAAA....BWWAAAAA??


    "FOR YOU "


  • ummm.ok

    sounds good... Inception was very VERY overrated but none the less he's a fine director.