Chris Pratt to Lead Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Guardians of the Galaxy concept art
Guardians of the Galaxy concept art
Photo: Marvel Studios

After numerous shortlists kept the online community speculating who would eventually be cast in Marvel's next big superhero gathering, Guardians of the Galaxy, the actor cast in the lead role as Star-Lord, the Guardians leader who is the offspring of a human mother and an alien father, is none other than Chris Pratt.

Chris PrattPratt has gone from a funny man on NBC's "Parks and Recreation" to roles in Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty and his casting here makes a whole lot of sense as the Marvel universe seems attracted to witty actors with a sense of humor, but that same sense of dramatic timing. You see it in Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, which makes Pratt a good addition to the gang.

I'm not a comic reader, but from what I have read, Guardians of the Galaxy will be set in the future and feature the team fighting an evil race called the Badoom, and in the process they would supposedly travel back in time and cross paths with some of the Avengers team. Speculation says that Thanos, the giant being seen in the post-credits sequence following The Avengers would be in the film and Guardians of the Galaxy would serve as a precursor to The Avengers 2.

As for this Star Lord character, he is apparently a half-alien/half-human astronaut that eventually leads the titular Guardians, which is also made up of Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket Racoon and Gamorra.

James Gunn (Slither) is set to direct for an August 1, 2014 release.

  • lawhs89

    He's becoming a superstar while he's number 6 on the credits for Parks and Recreation.

  • kash

    well whoever this guy is...he seems to look the part of a superhero lead somehow...its good casting by marvel....risky, but smart. (and not to mention cheaper than JGL probably hehe)

  • Barrie Leach

    I really like Chris Pratt but Movie 43 combined with acting alongside this racoon thing... He's pushing his luck.

    • Art

      Same thing I'm thinking. Plus Sandler and Jim Carrey are rumored to be in talks to play that racoon to make things worst, lol. Could be Marvel as a movie studio's worst film yet.

      • V

        Jim Carrey can be awesome in such roles! Cannot wait for Kick-Ass 2.

  • sTEVE

    This is inspired casting. Not only does he have the comedic chops for this role, Zero Dark Thirty proved he could bulk up and handle the action too.

    This is going to be awesome.

  • Bzzd

    It's Badoon. I am a nerd.

  • Not Awesome… Not Awesome at all

    He is a good actor.. This isn't a good idea. Think Green Lantern & the Last 3 Star Wars films and so so many others. When Live action is centered around a too much cartoon looking cast/setting it doesn't translate well and they haven't mastered that hollow looking green screen glow that even on the biggest of budgeted films looks bad when people are standing in front of and it looks like the movie is wayyyyy behind them.. Hollywood, You're not there yet - and adding too many comedians will negatively affect this project (guaranteed) Sandler isn't going to work, Carrey could work, Coudroy Don't do it, and so on.. these people aren't Downey Jr and really can't be compared, that dramatic/comedic delivery Downey has been doing since Less Then Zero.. so it's second nature and a no brainer thought when it came to casting him as Iron Man, and nobody was truly surprized that he pulled it off... nobody I've ever talked to or worked with. This can really go either way.. spend the money making as many practical sets as possible/ use as little green screen as possible (seriously, it will look dated within months) and think outside the box when casting so far so good - this doesn't require Big Name A listers it's Marvel if done right that's enough. IF DONE RIGHT.. you'd be better off picking unknowns and the fanboys,etc would actually have to wait to see the movie beofre they go ape about this person playing that character,etc.. get some actual newbies..