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Check Out This Kick Ass 'Quantum of Solace' Fan Made Poster

It has nothing to do with the movie, but damn...

UPDATE: As Dominaz points out in the comments below something I didn't see, the credits say "Directed by Martin Campbell"... Considering the film is directed by Marc Forster we can now say this is a fan poster. Nevertheless, I still like it.

I was touring IMPAwards for a little bit and came across this fantastic poster for Quantum Of Solace and I am shocked I had not seen it before. It has nothing to do with the movie in terms of duplicating a real scene, but visually it is effing cool.

Check it out below, and IMPAwards has an even larger version right here.

Photo: Sony Pictures
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  • Tobe

    it looks kinda unreal and fake. i think it's a fan poster

  • Dominaz

    OMFG, It's a fan poster! Directed by Martin Campbell? LOL.

  • Kevin

    "Directed by Martin Campbell" If only that were true.