Check Out This 'Black Swan' Visual Effects Reel

Not nominated for an Oscar, but nonetheless impressive

Natalie Portman in Black Swan
Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures / Look Effects

Black Swan was not nominated for a Visual Effects Oscar on Tuesday morning. It didn't even make the Oscar shortlist. Actually, it wasn't even listed on the Academy's shortlist of 15.

Black Swan did earn an effects nomination from the Visual Effects Society for Supporting Visual Effects, which may explain why it wasn't considered for an Oscar if the effects are only considered "supporting". Although I'm not necessarily sure what that means.

Everything said, I don't think it really matters if it gets recognized for an award as long as we realize it was pretty impressive work. If you're not convinced, I think the following visual effects featurette from Look Effects may convince you otherwise.

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  • m1

    It's a shame the visuals weren't shortlisted. They were astonishing.

  • Feedback

    I wrote in the "which surprises would you like" article that I wished Black Swan was up for visual effects. Definitely the best of the year next to Inception.

  • Melissa

    Well, it's only "supportive" cos they were totally unnecessary. And cheesy, to be honest. This visual in-yer-face transformation was the only hint that something HAD changed for her. In any other way, there was no development visible.

  • Tom

    Meh. Over-rated.

  • Pablo

    the vfx are outstanding but I don't know if they should have been nominated 'cos most of the things I saw in the video have to be made fore every footage, thus there aren't many exclusive effects made for Black Swan. There are movies with more astonishing visual effects like Tron that aren't nominated either.