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Chastain's Mystery Woman Somewhat Revealed in New 'Zero Dark Thirty' Poster

We'll probably never know her real identity

A new poster for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty gives away a whole lot more about the film and Jessica Chastain's character than you may previously know with a tagline reading "For ten years one woman never stopped searching for the most wanted man in history." Just who exactly is this woman?

Well, to the best of anyone's knowledge she is being referred to only as "Jen", an unnamed female CIA analyst according to ex-SEAL and "No Easy Day" author Mark Owen (not his real name) in an interview piece with "60 Minutes" (via Yahoo). Host of the piece, Scott Pelley, says, "One of the passengers on their plane was a CIA analyst who had spent five years on bin Laden's trail."

It was her intel and confidence that led SEAL Team Six to bin Laden's Abbottabad compound in Pakistan. Owen adds in the "60 Minutes" interview, "I can't give her enough credit. In my opinion, she kind of teed up this whole thing and is just wicked smart, kind of feisty... We'd always talk back and forth, you know, what do you think the odds of this are? What do you think? And she was always like, '100 percent, he's there.'"

"SEAL Team Six just took care of the last 40 minutes," Owen added.

Check out the poster below.

Zero Dark Thirty : Poster
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  • Cordia

    i'm confident about this movie and Chastain as an actress, one of the best actresses working at the moment in my opinion. hope she wins the oscar

  • SP1234

    I truely think Chastain is this generation's Meryl Streep. I use that comparasion a lot with some really terrific actresses, but Chastain really has "it" for me. In terms of range, to go from Tree of Life to The Help to this year in this and Lawless, and doing The Heiress on Broadway, a single person having that range and versatility is absolutely extraordinary.