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Cassandra Magrath


Cassandra comes from a long line of performers and dancers. She began acting at the age of 11 but had the desire long before. She recalls in grade four being asked by her teacher what she wanted to do when she grew up. She also remembers being laughed at by the teacher and students when she responded that her dream was to be an actress.

It was only a short time later that Cassandra encouraged her mother to register her with an acting agency. She was successful in her first television audition and played the role of Zoe in the children's program, Ocean Girl. For the role Cassandra was required to adopt a very weird, short haircut but it was a small price to pay for what was to be the beginning of her acting career. Cassandra loved it and knew acting was her destiny.

Ocean Girl 2 followed, then a part in the feature film Hotel De Love with Aden Young. Cassandra played the lead role of Charlene, Wayne's sister, in the award winning children's series, The Wayne Manifesto. She recently appeared in the TV series The Crash Zone. In addition to acting, Cassandra is a keen photographer and particularly enjoys catching unsuspecting faces and contrasts of nature versus man made structures.

Cassandra's most loved character so far is Miranda, from the hit TV series; Sea Change. She infused this character with incredible sincerity and authenticity. "Miranda is similar to me in some ways, and quite different in others, which makes her all the more interesting to portray. But we both strive to find answers," says Cassandra. Having spent her formative years performing on high profile television drama, Cassandra has been able to develop her talent and abilities as an actor, giving her a maturity, confidence and remarkable screen presence - usually only seen in veterans of dozens of films. With Wolf Creek being just her second big screen performance, it seems Cassandra is well on the way to fulfilling her dream.

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