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December 7, 1987

Tampa, FL

Aaron Carter


The tale of this talented pop singer, dancer and now accomplished film and television actor, has only just begun. Aaron recently finished filming three motion pictures, including the soon to be released movie, "Fat Albert."

At the mature age of sixteen, Aaron Carter still has all the innocence and excitement of a boy following a dream. He began chasing this star, unknowingly perhaps, when he began singing and dancing at the age of eight. It was not long before his sweet charm and energy won crowds over in Europe and further throughout United States. These days, this fresh young artist is known the world over and has accumulated more fans than he can count just by doing what comes naturally.

The truth be known, music always surrounded Aaron and you could say it was in his blood. His older brother Nick, of the Backstreet Boys, proves that musical talent runs in the family. The siblings (there are seven in total) were constantly listening to and singing along with heaping doses of pop and rock. This young pop phenomenon credits Journey's Steve Perry as one of his greatest influences (though he was born after the band's heyday). He enjoys music probably more than anything, and feels privileged to be able to perform and share his music with millions of people.

"Touring is one of the best parts of it," Aaron says adding, "it is so much fun to be out there on stage. The energy that the crowd gives back to you is unbelievable. Music is something that always lifts my spirits and makes me happy, and when I make music I always hope it will have the same effect on whoever listens to it."

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