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CBS Picks Up Coens' 'Inside Llewyn Davis' and Drops Two New Pictures

Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis
Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis
Photo: CBS Films

CBS Films announced today they had acquired Joel and Ethan Coen's Inside Llewyn Davis, their latest film starring Oscar Isaac (Drive) as the central character in a story that follows an aspiring singer-songwriter as he navigates the 1960s folk-music scene in New York City's Greenwich Village.

Isaac stars alongside Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, Alex Karpovsky, Adam Driver, Justin Timberlake and F. Murray Abraham and the film features musical contributions from Isaac and Timberlake along with Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons, the latter of which served as associate music producer.

There wasn't an official release date announced, but the studio did accompany the press release with the two new images you see in this post. Above is Isaac and below is a pic of Mulligan and Timberlake.

Also, if you missed it earlier, a brief teaser was released, which you can watch right here.

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  • theJackal

    Thank the Maker. I thought this film had already been picked up (I guess the lack of a release date should have tipped me off), but I'm glad that it finally has. The trailer really intrigued me and ever since, I've been eagerly anticipating this film's release. The Coen's haven't let me down recently, so I'm expecting big things.

    Thems the facts

  • Criterion10

    Hmm, odd that CBS picked this up, but as long as it gets a good release platform, I'll be happy.

  • Jake17

    I'm very happy to see this news. Hopefully we'll get a release date soon.