Cannes 2010: 'Narnia,' 'Kane and Lynch,' 'A-Team,' 'Robin Hood' and More on the Croisette

Photo: Brad Brevet /

Today (or however many days it has been) has been crazy. I left Seattle at 6:50 AM on Monday morning and my flight to Nice out of JFK in New York was delayed nearly five hours, which had me arriving in Nice at 1:30 PM on Tuesday as opposed to my original 8:20 AM arrival. Obviously the cause for the delays was the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, so instead of complaining I'm just happy I got here safely as the ash cloud caused us to take about an hour detour in the air.

However, I'm here, and here with the RopeofSilicon Box-Office Oracle Laremy Legel, who is covering the 63rd Cannes Film Festival for Today was all about picking up press credentials and getting situated. Part of that meant getting myself vaguely familiar with my surroundings and on the way decided to take several snapshots of the movie marketing presence here on the Boulevard de la Croisette.

Films on display obviously include Cannes opening night feature Robin Hood, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (director Oliver Stone was also on my flight to Nice), Rachid Bouchareb's Outside the Law, La Princesse de Montpensier and Olivier Assayas's Carlos, but some of the other films may surprise you.

I've got a first look bit of art from Overture's videogame adaptation Kane and Lynch starring Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx, artwork for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The A-Team, The Last Airbender, Salt and Eat, Pray, Love along with a couple others.

So, check out one of the favorite pics I snapped just below and hit "Next Page" to check out the rest over the next few pages and stay tuned as actual film coverage will begin tomorrow as I hope to fit Robin Hood and Mathieu Amalric's Tournee under my belt. Fingers crossed, seeing how I am green to this festival I have no idea what kind of priorities are in place and how screenings are run. I have been told my blue badge will get me into everything I want to see and have heard others around the internet getting better badges and some... not so much. Here's to hoping.

Photo: Brad Brevet /
  • NASH


    • Jessica

      ME TOO!!!!!!!

  • Liathach

    I enjoyed these. Keep snapping.

  • Beautifulm

    Cool, hope you are having fun.

  • AbrahimM

    Great stuff, looks like your having a blast. I am most definitley "jellin".
    Is it just me though, or does Jolie's nose look like its gone through some major rhinoplasty in the Salt poster?
    Kane and Lynch looks like it could be some good fun. Didn't even know they were making a movie of it.

  • jfelt08

    I must say I wish I was there too. Something every film buff needs to do!

  • Braden Woodburn

    Oooo those are amazing pictures of the Narnia poster! So ready for that movie. Such a big fan!!!

  • Danny King

    Awesome pictures. Keep 'em coming!

    I feel like every flight I've been on in the past two or three years has had some type of a delay.

  • Rose

    I am getting really impatient for Voyage of the Dawn Treader to be released. Just another eternity to wait...

  • pramod brahmania

    great snaps, have my doubts about kane and lynch. Is there a trailer online?

  • Leandro Dubost

    Don't forget to take some snaps of the city as well!! =P

    I suppose half the fun of going to Cannes is because of the festival, the other half is because of Cannes itself. Looks like a great city!

    • Brad Brevet

      Yeah, trying to find time to do that as well and put together some video. I'm here for two weeks though so I better be able to find the time... otherwise shame on me.

  • Grim

    Jamie Foxx?! Really?!?! there goes that videogame movie, way to stick to the characters you morons

  • buddy

    Just saw Robin Hood tonight, must say that I enjoyed it very much. It was very entertaining, I could feel most of the audience related to the story told on the screen. It was very enjoyable.
    The acting was good, the story was okay (predictable but I think ridley scott made this film great), the cinematography was good, also the music.
    It won't be Gladiator success but this movie was definetly worth to watch.... (I even like this better than Iron Man 2, which I think not good enough to open this summer)

    Regards from Indonesia
    (twitter Budizone)

  • pathfinder

    i really can't wait to see narnia. its gonna be the best movie ever!!

  • Narniamiss

    Awesome Narnia poster, brilliant! I can't wait to see the film. Thanks for posting these!